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Barud Tirgil

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This tower has previously gone by the names of the Morgothian Tower and Minas Angmar.

Tower Location: Located in the south-east corner of Orin Rakatha, in Lastgate Wood, just north of the river Misty.

Summary: Organised, warlike human soldiers of Morgoth (Aspect of the Evil Sphere) supported by orc warriors.

Note: This Tower is ruled by a Nazgul known as the Blind Sorcerer, and is linked to their home plane - Thranduil; they also have some dealings with the Dark Brethren sect in our Wolfhold tower. Members of this Tower are generally referred to as Morgothians and are extremely warlike in nature; they believe that greatness is forged through battle. Their real motivations are unclear as, despite their fondness for battle, they do not seem to seek to establish a power base, exert control or pursue any particular agenda. They and the Halmadonians are always adversaries and much animosity exists between members of these towers.
It was assumed that Barud Tirgul was in some form of alliance with the Oasis of Souls, but lately the two forces can often be seen to fight each other, so their relationship is unclear. They are in alliance with the Thissessin and are known to use them as scouts. This Tower used to be called the Morgoth Tower and underwent some form of internal power struggle, changing itís name first to Minas Angmar and then to Barud Tirgul. One of the leaders within this Tower, Baron Ulthar, used to be the head of the Dark Brethren sect within Wolfhold.

Colours: The Morgothians can easily be identified by the flaming eye symbol worn on their tabards.

Activity Level: After what is believed centuries of quiet the Tower has become increasingly active in recent years.

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