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While there are many calendars in use upon Orin Rakatha, due to the multi-cultural (not to mention multi-planar) nature of its denizens, this is the larping calendar now officially adopted by the Valley people.

Days of the Week

Sunday Sun Day
Monday Moon Day
Tuesday Air Day
Wednesday Water Day
Thursday Earth Day
Friday Fire Day
Saturday Steel Day

Months of the Year

January Cold Moon
February Bone Moon
March Wind Moon
April Fools Moon
May Planting Moon
June Green Growing Moon
July High Sun
August Harvest Moon
September Hunting Moon
October Leaf Fall Moon
November Turning Moon
December Snow Moon

Heroquest Larp Festivals & days of note

Cold Moon

  • Greeting the First Moon (New Year's Day) - An ancestral service is offered before the grave of the ancestors, New Year's greetings are exchanged with family, relatives and neighbours
  • Twelfth Night - The End of the Yule Holiday

Bone Moon

  • Sphere of Love Conjunction  (Valentine's Day)  traditionally when proposals of marriage are made

Wind Moon

  • Festival of Candles - A celebration of the return of the sun (days start to get longer) - celebrated by lighting many candles. This festival marks the ending of winter's grip. It is the time of the first lambs and of new beginnings. Sacred flames are tended by Druids. This festival is one of the home and the hearth and is usually presided over by the female head of the house
  • Vernal Equinox - day & night of equal length - celebrated by priests of the Balance
  • Eostarre - A weekend of celebration commemorating the arrival of the Valley on Orin Rakatha (Obviously only celebrated by the Valley peoples). All Guild & Craftsmen are given the weekend off to celebrate. Eostarre is the coming of age celebration when everyone is 1 year older

Fool's Moon

  • All Fool's Day - The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible. Traditionally the jokes only last until noon. If you play a trick on someone after this time you are the Fool
  • Planting Eve - Evil Sphere Conjunction

Planting Moon

  • Planting Day - (May Day) marks the beginning of Summer Large bonfires are ignited. Men and women are known to leap through the flames for purification at these fire festivals.
  • St Michel's Day A day celebrating the life of the saintly king

Green Growing Moon

  • Summer Solstice - The longest day, Celebrated by those of the Light Aspect as a triumph of light over darkness

Harvest Moon

  • Gathering Day - (Harvest Festival) time of the first harvest and a time of games and competitions, associated with the trading towers as in the past they would hold trade fairs on this day - Good Sphere Conjunction

Hunting Moon

  • Wolf Moon  The full moon in Hunting Moon is also known as Wolf Moon and is the day that traditionally werewolves are "blooded" and make their first kill
  • Autumn Equinox - day & night of equal length - celebrated by priests of the Balance

Leaf Fall Moon

  • All Hallows' Eve - The night before the day of the dead - Necromantic Sphere Conjunction

Turning Moon

  • All Hallows (The Day of the Dead) All Hallows is the beginning of Winter
  • Burning Night (Guy Fawkes)- Shadow Sphere Conjunction  Ritual of Ashes

Snow Moon

  • Winter Solstice - The shortest day, Celebrated by those of the Dark Aspect as a triumph of darkness over light
  • Yule Eve  On Yule eve the best animals in the herd or flock are brought to be sacrificed. Oaths are taken or reconfirmed. Contracts created for the next year. The Kings Court meets to hear grievances and judge criminals
  • Yule- Banquets (from sacrifices on Yules eve) and celebrations, traditionally people give each other gifts and the king dispenses charity
  • Farewell to the Year Past (New Year's Eve) - Staying up all night long with all doors open to receive ancestral spirits
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