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The Valley is divided into a number of Sectors based on physical location and ideological differences between those people living there.  Each adventurer and commoner will claim a sector for their home and in most cases (for adventurers) this would be the sector in which their primary guild is based however this is not always the case.

Since the events of the Time of Reckoning in year PC04 the Valleys lands have been greatly reduced and many of the sectors have been irrevocably changed as a result of the physical and political upheaval that followed.

The current sectors of the Valley are;

The Training Grounds

Sector Leader: Castellan  Lazarus Steel

The training grounds were formalised in the chaos following the shrinking of the boundaries during which time the lands of the old Forge, Ways and Groves and other border areas were lost.  As a result of this and subsequent political actions these sectors were combined with the Marketplace and the Six Boroughs in an attempt to ensure that the adventurers would have access to the training, food and equipment they would require to defend both the nation and the Laws as the Valleys duty requires.

The training grounds now cover much of the land previously housing the six boroughs, the small islands now filled with a variety tent encampments and make-shift forges.


Sector Leader: Lord Khandis Greyspider

Lord Khandis Greyspider rules Darkhome. The Drow of the Valley are concentrated in Darkhome, although they have a much reduced population, with most having returned to Murandir. Lord Khandis has recently changed the official colours of Darkhome to Black and Red.

Darkhome's inhabitants must observe a very strict blackout during night time; they are allowed lights but lights are not allowed to show outside. The Lampblacks, are responsible for enforcing the blackout curfew and law and order within the Sector. Darkhome also produces "night blooms" (mushrooms).

Darkhome Values

The three most common values that members of Darkhome are expected to share are to demonstrate:

  • strength, through power or force of arms
  • respect and deference for your superiors
  • adherence to Law.

Generally people of a darker disposition tend to suit this Sector: "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". These individuals are prepared to do anything to maintain the strength and standing of the Valley and Darkhome, whilst adhering to its laws. Khandis is a staunch supporter of the Valley and demands the same from members of his Sector, expecting them to be active participants of adventuring groups, many of them assuming leadership roles within any group dynamics.

The Dark Council

A Dark Council oversees the running of the Sector and advises Khandis. The Dark Council consist of a number of Barons: one each to represent the Warriors, Scouts, Evil Sects and the Drow. These Barons are selected from the Adventurers, to signify their importance and contribution to Sector life.

Drow representative

Nerak Soulblade


Evil Sphere representative

Baron Silas Von Greenback


Warrior representative

Vilk Bloodmoon


Scout representative

Lancorrin Bloodcall


Sorcerer representative



Anyone wishing to be elevated to the Dark Council should publicly announce their desire to become a Baron to a gathering of people from all Sectors. Once communicated, this individual will be required to demonstrate their worth by passing three tests, by demonstrating their loyalty to Darkhome and strength of purpose/arms by performing a task of suitable significance.

It is possible to challenge for an existing position if you wish, in which you case you would have to complete all of the tests, and then personally challenge the current incumbent.

The Hospital

Sector Leader: Lord Volminor

The Hospital is the only sector you are likely to see members of other nations in.

The Hospital cares for the poor, sick & injured within its main treatment rooms for usual injuries, it also has a number of quarantine stations to contain any unknown diseases, laboratories for the investigation of illnesses and diseases, and also houses the Mortuary of Fortunes Keep. In the immediate vicinity of the Hospital are a number of Physik gardens, where healing herbs are grown

There are several Gardens of Convalescence where patients with various disorders are taken for a little peace, and for those recovering from serious illness as well as an Asylum for those who have lost their sanity.

Treatment in the Hospital is for free although people who are successfully cured are asked to make a donation or perhaps perform a small service on behalf of the Hospital. Members of the Hospital attend the Training camps teaching all new recruits the art of Discerning Wounds (Basic Diagnosis) and Binding Wounds (Basic First Aid)

The Archives

Sector Leader: Lord Veryn Manypage

Every book, every scroll, every note written by anyone in the Valley makes its way here. The Librarians are tasked to make a copy of every written word encountered by the Valley people and also to keep copies of all the books owned by the Valley peoples.

The Sector includes a few buildings around the library itself which include the Scriptorium (where many Librarians faithfully make their copies) a Paper Mill and a Dye works. The Archives gardens are used to grow many plants (and animals) used to create the various papers, dyes and inks used in creating books and scrolls. All the Candles used in Fortunes Keep come from here.

Aether Town

Sector Leader: Quicksilver

In the Sector surrounding Aether Town large "Mana Accumulators" are dotted around the countryside and these spark & crackle with Magic. The very air feels thick and alive. Sometimes from those Sparks Sprites are born - of a variety of colours. Also present are many waterwheels, aqueducts and other more outlandish devices and the locals are encouraged to use ingenuity & inventiveness in their everyday tasks

In Aether Town itself there are many inventors, machinists and purveyors of novelty devices.

The Temple of 4 Winds

Sector Leader: Changes by Season (Dreidyn, Delta)

The For Winds were tools of the Mystics that through misuse became unbalanced and corrupt. Via a long series of events the adventurers of Fortunes keep rebalanced the Winds and promised to create a Temple to perform the necessary rites and ceremonies to keep the Four Winds in balance. The Lord of this Sector changes according to which Wind is in ascendancy which is dependent upon the seasons. The Four Winds are North (Ice - Dreidyn) called Boreas, East (Blood - Delta) called Lavanter and West (Dark - Kiara) called Coromel.

The fourth wind is South called Sirocco, the wind of fire, and is currently held by Judge Braes of the Shadowsfall who, as a member of another nation, may not take the position of Lord of the Sector and has only entered Valley lands a single time to announce his naming as Oracle.  He has stated his intentions to sit as Oracle outside of the Valley during his season. 

Since the last Cataclysm the Temple of Four Winds has now become the official "voice of the Mystics" and interprets their will - this is something that has been recognised by the majority of nations upon Orin Rakatha. Now that the Masters of Judgement (Mystics) have ascended their respective Oracles are able to commune with the Mystics and interpret their dreams in order to ensure that Orin Rakatha continues to be run safely.

The Warrens

Sector Leader: His Highness, the Goblin King (currently missing)
Acting Sector Leader:  Broil Firebrew

A Sector that hugs the Valley's eastern borders with the mountains of the Spine, within which many of the Sector's inhabitants dwell, comprising much rougher land which also holds a complex maze of caves and is home to the many of the Valleys goblinoids. The Sector is ruled by the Goblin King who has set up a Senate to aid him. His subjects are divided into tribal holdings living in fortified palisades and caves as they did on Murandir. Although the goblinoids are more hunter gatherer than agrarian many of the tribes do keep flocks of sheep or herds of cattle for which there is plenty of pasture-land.

Since the borders moved during the time of reckoning almost all of the warrens now sit outside the Valley borders.  The cattle herders manage by moving their flocks between caves and tunnel entrances during those times the mists are clear.  Hordling attacks on the gates and many of the entrances are not an uncommon occurrence.

More recently a new comer by the name of Broil Firebrew has taken position as acting sector leader with the support of the new Guildleaders of the Archers and Brown school of magic.

The Citadel

Sector Leader: Sir Clavados

Modelled on the old White retreat on Murandir, the Citadel is a large fort surrounded by neatly parcelled-out farmlands. The fort itself houses the Knightly Orders of Fortunes Keep as well as a Chapel of contemplation. The Citadel has a standing force of militia and generally has a militaristic feel.

The Menagerie

Sector Leader: Master Alchemist Railin

This Sector was something of a zoo. There are botanical and zoological gardens here where Vetzlar bred various animals and plants. It provided many of the ingredients needed by the Academy of Alchemy to make potions and items.

Now almost all of the Sector lies beyond the borders of the Valley and the mists have rolled over the old land many times and often hang heavy over the remains of the laboratories, gardens and breeding pits of the old menagerie.  All that remain inside the borders are a number of barracks and make-shift labs where overworked alchemists and herbalist teams try to keep up with the Valleys demand for their supplies.

There is rumoured to be a great deal of wealth and information lost to the mists in the remains of the old sector.  Many groups are sent, or choose to go, out into the dangerous lands just beyond the borders seeking these lost treasures.

The Warlugs and remaining Ash-Gnazi are known to make their home in this Sector. There are a number of old men who did work for Vetzlar who are generally dressed in stained leather and appear to be blind, he also has an army of children who he has acquired via debts that their parents have owed to him, these are termed Tithe-Children only these trusted servants (the old blind men and the tithe-children) were allowed into some of the numbered buildings.

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