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Like other LARP systems, Heroquest has its own rules that we've developed and play-tested for over thirty years. We have now updated updated our rules, but haven't had the time to update the whole website, so now you can download a copy of the rules document, and a new Battleboard that compliments it.

**Rulebook v2024.0 is here - March 2024**

Changes in new editions v2024.0

    To try and help you understand the rules updates, the updates have been split into groupings for which section of the rules they come under. Additionally, they are tagged by one of the following categories. These categories will be listed in each grouping in the same order as below, as that represents the importance of the rules change.

    There were a very large number of layout and wording changes (over 250), but since most of these are grammar and spelling errors, you can download an explanation of the major ones here.

Download a .pdf copy of the Heroquest Rulebook v 2024.0 Here

**Battleboard v2021.1 is here - June 2021**

Changes in new edition

  • Include updated HQ Abilities.

Download an Excel copy of the Battle Board v 2020.1 here

**New list of standard HQ Abilities v2.0 - June 2021**

Download an Excel copy of the HQ abilities v2.0 here 

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