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Larp Warrior Costume Inspiration

Want to play a warrior?  There's many types out there for you to get your teeth into.  Here's a selection of warrior types and costumes found within HeroQuest.


Barbarians often favour fur and leather. 

Barbarian up-close 

Barbarian with Furs

Others prefer the Scottish-inspired highlander look.

 Barbarian with Kilt and Massive Sword

Paladin and Crusader

The heart of any front line, these warriors are often attired in sturdy metal armour to deflect the many blows they face. 

 Goodly Paladin Crusader and Sergeant


 Samurai poses with sword


 Corsair in Fancy Tunic with Tankard


Half-Ogre and Half-Orc Warriors

Half-Ogre Warrior  Half-Orc Warrior


Human Warriors


Human Warrior in Chain and Tabard 

 Human Warrior with Studded Leather Armour
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