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A Tale of Despair, Death and Drow...

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Gelithinal Nommas, Assistant head of the Humacti, had requested a group of medium status travel to the Wraiths Head – a waystation just on the edge of the Ikarthian triangle (this turned out to be the ex-Valdemar waystation)

The group was; Ansell, Mouse, Puke, Kal, Kortaz, Ozriel, Piskie, Walks-with-Spirits, Run-with-Wolf, Taigen 5 Moons, Tsika, Lupus and myself, Luke

To summarise, we had to try and break the ‘bonds’ of Drakken, the Unranked Spirit of Despair. This was a powerful undead capable of raising Rank 4 Spirits of Spite, which were moderately powerful lay-ranked undead that rose again as another undead after being slain (although Banishment stopped this, Dismiss had no effect upon them if they had not already ‘reincarnated’) Drakken could also raise powerful ritual undead at night, which caused us some trouble.

Whilst learning from Gelithinal Nommas how to break the ‘bonds’ of Drakken (Love, Loyalty and what we believe is Vengeance) we were shown visions of the past, which are documented at the end of this brief report so that they may be easily perused. We learned – from these visions – that Drakken had been created by Otion Wraith-child after his failure in guarding the Darkwell from a Valley attack led by Amethyst. This was some time after a group led by Ariel Steelriver had tried to gain entry but were repulsed. This allowed Otions lieutenant (the recently resurrected Malvineous) to be killed and the Darkwell to fall into the hands of Drow from House Alzor.

To be frank, there is a lot of minor information that led us to be able to work out how to break Drakken’s bonds – if anyone wishes to know of this, please contact me privately. Also, some things happened that I do not wish made public, for I was shamed to be a part of actions taken by the group as a whole, though it was for the ‘greater good’ of the Valley Alliance as a whole. I would also like to state that Walks-with-Spirits did a brave thing, and though he may not think well of me or my colleagues within the Humact, I WAS one of only two people who DID try to get to him whilst he was in torment. A screen of apparently un-killable undead stopped us from reaching him.

In the end, we did break 2 fetters that anchored Drakken to the Ikarthian triangle and he now roams free, but with some task still to complete. Also we travelled to the Darkwell, and on into Maeglor – albeit briefly - where we were assaulted (and 2 of us slain) by Kalid Drow Shadowlords, then we met Otion Wraithchild and we were forced into striking a despicable agreement with him to satve off his wrath. My apologies to Run-with-Wolf and Tsika, whom I was unable to save, perhaps if I had but tried harder… I am sorry.

The Visions

1) A Valdemar female secured purchase of the Wraiths Head waystation from an adjudicator of the Shadowsfell

2) The Lo-shal, the Kar’sal, the Devereaux (?) and the Gawfus Valdemar families were invited to join the Kalid 4th Legion by Resutu, 3rd born Ne’hem-sen who was acting on the behalf of the senate. Duke Rantal of the Gawfus family refused to join and probably went on to become the Host of Gawfus Kalid Legion.

3) Otion Wraithchild met with Malvineous and left him to take over the Darkwell from House Alzor, whilst he (Otion) went to meet his father – it appears Lord Cardinaris/Cranium Doomwraith may well be his father…

4) Drakken, of House Lo-shal, failed to keep the Darkwell safe after failing to capture an enemy scout, and lost the Darkwell to Valley forces. It seems this was planned so that Malvineous would be slain and Drakken could attempt to court Anya, whom he coveted. Otion was to punish him and Drakken pleaded on behalf of his House. Otion then began his plan for creating the Spirit of Despair at this point, using Drakken to complete this.

5) A member of the Red school was having a one-sided conversation with unseen ‘interrogators’. This coincided with Lightfoot flame taking over/about to take over the Ritual of Ashes and becoming the head of the red school.

Other Points of Interest

The Valley Hero, Alaric, was slain by an undead female called Zareet-anita during the time of the Messengers visit to OR. This was near/around the Darkwell.

The Darkwell is a sub-plane accessible from OR which then leads TO Maeglor, which in itself, is a demi-plane.

Otion and the Dymwan used the Darkwell to bind black and or Shadow magic to Shades and Wraiths during the war. Otion has – currently – got at least 5 Rank 7 Shadow-wraiths at his disposal, which appear to be able to cast level 5 magic or higher due to Otions tampering.

The Wizards Concillium are on good terms with us now – compared to when we arrived on OR – and wish it to stay this way. They therefore would like the Cabal to do something about the Melnibonean grey sorcerer residing within Wolfhold who currently only teaches to members of Wolfhold. This appears to be in contradiction with an agreement made by the Cabal and the WC some time ago.

Drakken was a Taranor before he was Valdemar, before he was Dywan. He still has great personal ties to the Valdemar, or so it seems.

Malvineous appears to have been a Saldorian with the Free Thought Society, then joined the Dymwan not long before the war.

I do not feel I need to relate the story told to us by the Pax-Silvani from Halmadons Heights, though – again – I can relate it to anyone who wishes to contact me privately.

May Humact light your way and shine like a beacon upon the path ahead

Cool-hand Luke

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