Will the event have catering?

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All Heroquest events are fully catered.  You can be assured of:

  • a hot breakfast
  • a packed lunch
  • a hot evening meal (there will be a vegetarian option)

If you have extra dietary requirements you should let Heroquest know when you’re making your booking. We always endeavour to accommodate all-comers.


There is no meal on the 1st night or on the last morning however all other days you get breakfast lunch and dinner. 

You should always bring your own snacks and drink (including any alcohol) for the entire event.

Players food is already incorporated into their event payment.

If monsters wish to have food,

£40 for a Special Event, and £60 for a HeroQuest. If you are only attending a portion of the event, and still wish  catering, pleas email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the cost

Some feedback...

Although I'm probably what you could call a 'fussy vegan', I've been delighted with the catering on the Heroquest events throughout 2009.  The cooks have gone to extra lengths to ensure that there's always food there I can eat, despite my awkward diet.  Even on a 6-day quest, the evening meals in particular were warm and delicious and varied every day - much better (and healthier) than I'd cook for myself at home, and it's great not spending ages trying to prepare something myself when I could be role-playing instead!
- Sarah

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