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Below is the Heroquest Code of Conduct that all participants in Heroquest events are expected to abide by. If you have any questions about any of these or concerns, then you should contact Heroquest using the details contained in the “Contact Details” link.

Conduct on Events

  • Anyone who has been deemed by a Heroquest Referee to have been cheating will be officially warned; repeat offenders may be barred from future events.
  • By attending a Heroquest event you are agreeing to take part in a full contact sport.
  • No real or replica (metal) weapons may be brought to Heroquest events. Camping knives must not be used as costume or props; they must remain secured in your tent at all times.
  • No pyrotechnics may be brought to any Heroquest event without our explicit permission.
  • No animals may be brought to Heroquest events.
  • Heroquest events are adult themed and operate within an adult social environment (smoking, the consumption of alcohol and occasional swearing or sexual innuendo may be experienced).
  • Heroquest will not be held liable for any loss or damage to your person or property at an event.


  • Sorry, but we have an 18 or over policy for Heroquest events.

Rules & Regulations

  • By booking an event, the customer (also referred to as a Player or Monster) agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations made by Heroquest Referees; their decision is final in all disputes.
  • Heroquest reserve the right to refuse entry on to an event or expel any individual from an event; used if an individual is deemed to have broken any of the Codes of Conduct or are seen to be a disruptive influence. The booking fee will not be returned if you are expelled from an event.

Data Protection

  • Heroquest Admin will hold your booking and personal details.
  • We will handle all your data in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act and will not pass it to any other party.
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