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Adventuring Report into Myth of Castle Raze - by Blackthorn

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TOP SECRET (keep within kern valley)

My adventure started out by travelling with a bunch of adventurers. Ichabon the leader, a human who managed to some how keep us alive. Think his a goody goody. Kylar 2nd in command reaper good human like his style. Wolfe, a hard warrior humacti goody goody but pretty hard his alright for a goody goody. Anebir an purple dwarf I mean what is it duergar under the guidance of fortunes keep. There was Kelvin a goody goody mage from the white school of magic. He got my respect he was hard. Fun as well. There was malignant prejudice a gentleman from the yellow school of magic who came out a retirement to give the enemy a good kicking and was alright he weren't no goody too shoes.  Talon a hard wizard from some school either black or yellow. He was a great one on the mission no goody goody. Then there was ember an imp planning wisely to come to Wolfhold. Smart and all suspicious if she were goody good though. Then the last one a strange one called black hammer who enjoyed stroking people. He was goody too shoes for total. We lost two people before we got to the castle Wolfe and Kelvin.

So now for the mission 

We went in the snow to find out about something someone ordered us to find as the pathfinders were trying to find the building they lost. So we started marching through the cold winter night and encountered these  weird things saying "you must be worthy!" we combated them and found everything we did was used by them so after beating them to death we moved on after some healing. We then got to some more who repeated what the others said. I unfortunately thought it would be funny to say yea I'm worthy haha. My laughing was a bad idea as one chased me in a circle by which point I got spelled in the back and fell asleep. 

I awoke in a cell and after much anger at been imprisoned found some of the white things stopping us getting out. After much anger, a man called the bard came in. I got repeatedly frozen and dumbness spells cast on me. But we were eventually freed. We got informed we were in raze castle. So we had to go through "tests"  so first we had to enter aqua zone. So we beat up some silly reptile lizard men, then had to go do this box challenge then answer a few riddles in which we excelled. Then faced this champion who broke his sword. Then finished the challenge and went back to base.

The next morning we had to go to the oriental zone so we went forth beat up some ninjas who were pathetic and got the snuff kicked out of them. We then went and had a challenge where we had to take things off a tree without been attacked I did mine first time and didn't get caught but the purple dwarf got hit and caught and beaten. It looked painful. We then had an archery competition with moving targets. I weren't impressed. black hammer found his talent as a thief and scout. He nicked all there swords while they weren't watching. Then when he gave them back we were attacked. shouldn't of gave there weapons back. We then came to this machine that was a death guard construct which asked a password. I had to say something as I thought its going to attack anyway lets get it over with. I decided to avoid the combat after a while as it was boring. So then after a rather funny battle.

 We moved on, we walked to this post where a woman was sitting who invited us to play draughts. It was out of three games. So the first game we lost even though we had a great laugh at some foolish death squad ninjas who then cut there own throats we laughed so hard. The second game I won even though I made it harder for myself. I lost two pieces after I made a foolish mistake in not getting the rules right. I played to stale mate but then got told I had to take all the pieces. It was a good game. We won the third game as well. We came up against some hard white opponents again, Wolfe and Kelvin decided to find us finally in this battle and saved our backsides. We had lunch and were informed we were to next go into the place on undead or unlife. So we went to a game called fetch the fetch. Which comprised of cross country running and catching an undead quarry called fetch. We did so and won and had a lot of talking as to if we had finished it got quite annoying oh well.

Then we had to hunt some vampires down, then we had to go back and get something back and take out more undead and we were attacked by a moron dymwan. Haha they went down like a sack of potatoes. We then got into the realm of magic and had to do some challenges had a beautifully cooked roast dinner, then went on to carry on and enjoy some more challenges and finished after completing all challenges at which point we were told we had passed all the challenges and were intelligent great party who did well and were given prizes for our time there and sent off home. We had a great time and I felt privileged with the stuff I got to keep. Oh I will enjoy adventuring, if its like this most the time. Lots of pain causing and lots of stuff to win.   

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