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Azad-An Auxiliaries II - by Verrick

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(June 2002)

Note: Before publication this report was submitted to my guild for editing due to contractual restraints.

This is a brief report of the events that occurred on the twenty-eight day of the six-month.

Adventurers attending the mission.
Zephyr Starlight – Air Sprite, Kevralyn – Drow Mage, Beyker - Crusader, Dudge – Assassin, Conner Kane – Seeker, Ko Suyama, Puke - 1/2Orc Dark Acolyte, Nym the Nymph, Piskey Pixie, Faerielle Fairy, Weech – Druid, Flint an Imp, Bok a Faun, Gog – 1/2Orc Ranger and Verrick – Acolyte of the White Path.

This mission was once again as auxiliaries for the Azad-An. We had to sign the standard agreement as accepted by our guilds but this time there was an extra clause that forbade us from discussing the details of the client whom we were to protect.

We were initially informed to gather outside of our Towers where we would be met by a Wizards Concillium representative and teleported to a Waystation in the Gilden Hills. This Waystation also happens to be very close to the Dymwan tower in that area.

The teleport was done into the Waystation itself and we spent the first few moments acquainting ourselves with the layout and finding out who exactly was here, as people has been sent in twos and threes. Inside there were 3 Azad-An, Captains Thomas, Bartholomew, and Morgan with whom we had worked before. They immediately informed us that the Halmadonians owned this Waystation. They also pointed out that the vicinity to Dymwan lands meant that there was a bit of an Undead problem, though there was a power ward that prevented the creatures from entering.

There were three Halmadonians present High Priest Cerradan, Priest Merris and Acolyte Questor all of whom were members of a group who called themselves the Watchers Sect, it seems that this group devote themselves to guarding items of evil or chaos that cannot be destroyed. They spoke little of what they could do or guarded here.

The three Captains informed us that they were here to compete for the contract of guarding this Waystaion. A Commander Tariq of the Azad-An would arrive tomorrow to judge who would win. The assembled valley group went on to be tested that evening, as the Captains would have to select people for this test tomorrow. These tests involved various questions and sorties out into the darkness to destroy undead.

We were also informed that to facilitate this contest tomorrow a group from the Wizards Concillium would arrive and cast a ritual that would temporarily create a demi-plane that should prevent death within its boundaries. We were also informed that our guilds had granted permission for our group to ‘fight’ each other during this contest.

The wards upon the Waystation were weakening due to the presence of a Necromantic Shrine close by. Every so often one of the Halmadonians would go there and cast an invocation over it to lessen it's power. We were asked to accompany Priest Merris to do this but discovered that this shrine could create a seemingly unlimited supply of Skeletal and Zombie warriors of a Ritual power level. It should be noted that our client wanted this shrine/Waystation brought to the attention of the Humacti’s guild and specifically Gelithian Nommass though the exact reasons why were not given.

The next day we made our way to the Necromantic Shrine, escorting Priest Merris and battling various undead including a Spirit of Evil, that could do Lay Evil invocations and was only destroyed by a rank4 bless. Once there we found that bound within the shrine was an unranked spirit of despair. A commune by Priest Merris gave him a vision of a black robed Dymwan and he heard a voice saying, “join us”, our scout Dudge who was guarding the area also heard this voice before passing out.

Due to the presence of so many undead Merris was unable to complete his ritual so we made a hasty retreat in order to regain our strength vowing to try again the next day.

Upon our return we met with the Wizards Concillium members, Tempestero, Wizard of the Red School, Aerestos, Wizard of the Blue School and Hestacles, Wizard of the Brown School who would be creating the demi-plane for the test. Commander Tariq then turned up and informed us of the tests that the Captains would peform. We were split up into teams, with each Captain choosing people that he thought were suitable from observations on the previous night. The tasks, teams and captains were thus.

Captain Morgan, to defend a small red gem, preventing its removal from a room. Verrick, Bok, Weech, Keveral, Gog.
Captain Thomas, to retrieve the small red gem. Beykr, Faeriell, Flint, Puke, Connor.
Captain Bartholomew, stop the other two from the succeeding. Dudge, Ko Su-Yama, Zephyr, Piskey, Nym.

After a long struggle with elementals that had been summoned and let loose to complicate matters Captain Thomas won and got the contract. Captain Morgan did mention that his pay would have been better by gaining this contract, but at least he would not get tied to one place for a year. It should also be noted that as we had agreed on the previous night, Conner collected the money the winning team were given and shared it between all.

After the tests were complete we encountered members of the Kalid 4th Legion, who were looking for their scout that we had encountered earlier that day. A man called Keltos chosen of Ne’hem’Sen, they said that they were True Kalid unlike others like the Crimson Feast, Valdemar, Earth Warp. From what I understood he implied that the True Kalid were of pure blood presumably from the Kalid home plane. I also assumed that from the conversation that there is one true Legion per Tower, thus making at least four Kalid towers. After further discussion and refreshments to calm the tension between our two groups they left in peace.

On the final day we went again to try and assist the Halmadonians with the Shrine but about half way Acolyte Questor came running to inform us that the Dymwan had attacked the Waystation. We returned and defeated them, though this fight was to probably be the hardest of my career.

Verrick, Acolyte of the white Path

May the Light of the Good Sphere always light your way.
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