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Broken Arrow - a report by Agent M

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Broken Arrow – A report by agent M

(also known as “Randy Agent R takes a big cock for the team”)

Present: Some agents.

The mission was to recover the stolen master cock from Murandir including arming rods and pins. We was provided with a cock ring for controlling the cock, various unreliable gadgets and the usual disguises.

Stuff what ‘appened when we got to Murandir:

  • Local peasants was turning into undead. Weird.
  • We kicked a lot of Empire faces in including a bunch of groups with silly names like “Olive, Citron, Cyan, Kohl” in order to get the stuff back.
  • Wizards Concillium and Morgothians also seemed interested in it.
  • Some weird tree geezer showed up and said the cock being there had tainted the place with fire and darkness and we should remove it. Well duh…
  • After killing bucket loads of Empire nobs and finding all the bits and pieces the Balrog Lungorfin (we’s ‘ad a few moshes with him before) showed up to swipe it off us so we jobbed ‘im after getting’ quite a kicking. During the fight, agent R sacrificed himself foolishly bravely by activating the huge cock and running into the enemy and exploding, vaporising ‘imself and half the enemy.


Another glorious success for the members of the Brown Operatives section.

Oh, and Agent R ‘as since showed up again but a bit more sparkly than wot ‘e used to be. But then he’s always been a bit funny like that.

Agent M.

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