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Cold Moon – Sorting out Drakken – A report by Gravesong of the Iron Guard

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Dis was a mishun by da KFW (Kals Fighting Weasals), lead by Kal of da Order of King Mickel. Da full group was (in case youse wants to talks to dem about watsh happened). .


Kal - Priest of Michelene, OKM.
Khortaz - Priest of Humacti
Taigain - Druid Guard
Smudge - Veteran Ranger
Luke - Priest of Humacti
Dretch - Yellow Guild Wizard
Piski - Druid Priest
Weetch - Druid Priest
Alabrion - Wizard of Temple of Earth
Harry - Seeker Scout
Suliman - Priest of the Hospital
Puke - Reaper Priest
Gravesong - Iron Guard Veteran

We’s was asked to go to da Wraifs Head waystation wot was near da Darkwell as we had a number of fings to do dat Kal wanted done for one reason or anuvver. Dese fings were,


  1. Finally sort out Drakken and get him put away.
  2. Sort out da Sentinal wots guarding da way into da Darkwell
  3. Chat about getting in to say ‘ello to Ramp in Sector 7 wiv some Primus chap

Galithinal Nomass was supposed to be coming to help wiv da first one when’s we got to da Wraifs ‘ead.

Anyways we set off at a brisk pace and after several hard days fighting we’s got to da right place.

On da way we had bumped into some of da chaps from dat new place The ShadowKeep who was a bit rude so we kicked their heads in for dem, although dem shades were a pain. Dey seemed to fink Alabrion was lying when he said his name wasn’t Alabrion and wondered what he was about dunno why but we soon stopped all the talking and got to da violence.

De uvver important bit was a bunch of Dymwan who had an amulet dey was supposed to leave in or near to Drakkens tomb which was meant to let annuver group teleport dere for some reason. We fink wot Kal said was dat dey were trying to capture him again (wiv a Soultrap or we might have imagined dat) and get him working for dem again after we’s started shattering his bonds and stuff.

Eventually we got to da waystation, which didn’t have a bar despite sounding like a pub, so at da Wraifs head we stood on guard while da rest of da group chattered wiv a few people wot we didn’t get to see let alone chat wiv, namely,

Alberto Cerulean Reader Trader
Galithianal Nomass Assistant Guildleader of the Humacti Sect
Vilmius Scholar of Wizards Concillium
??????? Yellow Guild Administrator and representative of the Primus

We was told later dat Galithinal gave us lots of useful information about Drakken and stuff and we now had a plan for da morning. Also dat the representative from da Primus had left to make a decision on whether we could get in or not (to Sector 7 to see dis Ramp bloke).

So da plan for da morning was to head to Drakkens family tomb where is was doing some ritual fing wat was meant to kill him and stuff. On da way we was to have a nose about da Darkwell to see whether we could summon and identify da Sentinal which would give us an idea of how to destroy it. Good nite of planning done we all settled down for a guarded night of rest (at a bargain price).

In da morning we had a Reader runner turn up and tell us dat a group of hordlings were headed our way and dat we should be ready to expect trubble shortly. We was already up and armoured as was Smudge, Kal and Khortaz, Sulli was knocking about too. Most uvvers were in Bed so Kal did a test by shouting “INCOMING” really loud and seeing who rushed out instantly and who pulled pillows over dere heads. Results were not good.

Still we had a fair warning and most were ready when da Hordlings arrived. Dere was a couple of big Trolls and some weird knobbly ones using magic. Da group did pretty well holding togevver, Smudge reckoning he was fighting eight of dem off by himself behind a hoooge hedge wot also conveniently meant no-one saw him so he cud have been having a crafty smoke and beer really. Just kidding Smudge. Feeling nice and warm after beating dese up we’se all went back and had some breakfast ready for a long walk later.

Setting out we spotted a shade running at Luke so we’s kicked him out of da way and set on it. Harry came back to say dere were more Shades and some drow around da corner so we got ready and marched in on ‘em to see what dey were about. Turned out ‘e was da 15th Warrior of House Alzor which is 10th apparerntly. He wanted to know what we was doing on dere land and we said “meddlin” den someone from da back our our group said sumfin about “didn’t we kill dere 3rd High Priestesss a while back” and fings got ugly around den. Kal gave da order and we all set on da drow pushing dem back into a small box gully fing. After holding dem at a narrow entrance for a few moments encouragement from da back (who couldn’t see and fight) Smudge let out a battle cry and we charged in. After a few moments of wanton butchery we finished em all off and looted da corpses. A couple of people needed Heals and wot-not so we had a bit of a rest and a cast.

Harry scouted ahead and came back wiv word of a host of Dyman atop a small rise backed by a wood. Dretch cast up a Radial Static and we swiftly moved on. Da Dymwan let us get up da hill wiv only a couple of undead barring da way which we smashed mercilessly. Den a load more undead and a couple of Priests came hairing out of da treeline and a serious fight was on. Da group formed up a loose shield wall and tried to hold togevver but wiv so much paralysis and stuff going on it was tough, wiv a couple of da undead down Luke was paralysed and floored by a Zombie, as was Puke, we saw da same Ghast coming at us and got done too, a few blows from the Skeletal Warrior put me to the floor, den Suliman dove on us removed da paralysis seconds before one of da Dyman Priests touched me and us and we fell over. When we came around it transpired we’d had out power sucked out but dat de rest of da group and driven off or killed the remainder of the Dymwan. We got healed up and da casters went down to do some Heals on da wounded while Taigan, Puke and Us stood guard.

We’d spotted a small group across a large field during the fight wiv da Dymwan so we tried to keep an eye on dem. But lost dem in the woods.

A little later two shades were seen loping across the field from a different corner. Dis caused a bit of a stir and got half the group up and ready while some more finished casting and resting. The from the treeline appeared a half score of undead, Ghasts, Skeleton Warriors, Zombie Warriors and a Spirit of Wounding. Dis got everyone up and since it was a big field a number went right back down to invoke. As the undead shambled toward out newly acquired position atop the wooded hill a dozen or so Drow well dressed and in House Alzor colours followed them at a distance implying they would be in as soon as da cannon fodder had softened us up.

So a huge ruck kicked off lead by da Spirit of Wounding gibbering it’s way up da hill. Suliman had obviously spotted dis and leapt on it with a couple of good Mortals followed by a Heal which had it really shivering.

Den we woz rushed by da Drow and undead togevver and Kal and Khortaz got separated and somhow ended up on da floor. Da KFW rallied and formed up again. Da groop held toogevver pretty well wiv a nice shield wall forming up good job ‘cause we woz outnumbered nearly two ta one. Da fight was really getting serioush when Puke dived out of da line wiv ‘is attentshun focused on a tall drow in a prettier dress dan de rest (apparently he’d been ordered to job ‘im by Kal and Suliman) dere was a cry from Puke and a dark cloud type fing kinda flew off Pukes hands, into da Drow den back again to engulf Puke who promptly dropped to da floor where dis geezer beat him a few times wiv a dagger wot had sparks flying off it each time he waved it about.

We pushed up and stood over Puke until somwun dragged ‘im off. And got into a bit of a face off situation. We exchanged a few blows wiv a short warrior and deflected a priestess type into a bush wiv our shield. Da same priestess was fearing everyone eshpecshially Smudge who was running back and forth like a mad fing. We’se fort for a bit longer, killing one of deres but still not really getting’ near Kal and Khortaz.

Dere was a bit of a lull as everywun took stock of our situation, tah best dressed fella offered a truce but since Kal was down we didn’t fancy it, den sumwun reminded us dat Suliman was in charge so we had a natter. . While people chatted Harry ran in from behind and grabbed Khortaz, not wanting to leave Kal alone we walked up and picked him over our shoulder and scuttled back to da line but no-one seemed to care. We frew back dere body to make fings even. Kal got sorted out so e cud talk and dere Hoighty-Toighty Priestess was very proud to announce that we was having our heads kicked in by da Patriach of House Alzor, which explained a few fings. He explained day Alzor wanted to keep da Darkwell thingy and dat lackies kept losing it so da boss had come to sort it himself. Smudge got a bit arsey about something at this point and a minor scuffle broke out, da Priestess bird musta climbed on summons shoulders ‘cause next fing we know we feel her staff wots was burning wiv Eeeeevil power whacked us in da head a couple of times and it all went dark.

We woke up next ta Puke who wasn’t as dead as we first thought. Turned out a deal was done where dey went about dere business and us ours, perhaps we’d help ‘em wiv summit later, perhaps not, talk to Kal he does da deals.

By dis point we needed some rest, lots a heals and some mnemonicing. So we sat down. About ten minutes later a small group of undead wandered over and kicked us for a bit. Dese had Dymwan tabards on some of dem and used a lot of magic and stuff, making us slow, weak and sticking us to da florr. Not good. It turns out dat most of da readers and medders were browken out at dis point which cut down on faffing time emmensely.

So we’se moved on again, following a narrow line of trees to a big clump. We heards from boding squeaking followed by a view of some hordlings, followed by a scrap, followed by a cleaning of weapons and an applauding of Smudge wot musta fort dey had niecked his beer cause he chased up up a massive hill before murdering them all by imself. . .well Harry nad Weech were following but ended up getting stuck in da mud by a spell (it weren’t cause dey was tired from da running honest guv).

Feeling nice and warm we carried on looking for da tomb and a place to rest. We ended up finding a bolt hole and getting some warm grub which was nice. An after sitting around for a bit decided to get moving again.

First fing wot happens is dat a Meldinibonean fella T’ian summit or uvver arrives wiv an onterage including a Hepath of Deaf. He said he had been chatting wiv da Spirit of Despair but he’d finished and doubted he’d (da spirit) would talk to us. He might have been looking for some help wiv summit but we weren’t da guys to help him apparently (he fort we might be but then he met us). Turns out dat de Spirits was trying to do da ritual to murder himself good and proper which is wot we fort so we decided to stick to our original plan of helping him kill himself.

Dragging some slackers wiv us we finally managed to get moving toward da tomb. Tripping over a bunch of weird “guardins of da tombs” wot had funny markings on dere faces on da way.

Den we met a stonking hooge group of da same guardians fings wiv an equally mahoosive boss in full chain wiv a really big sword. Turns out dey was guarding da tomb (shocking given dere name) on behalf of somwun (Show-an-Abi?) an dere boss was a tentacled faced geezer called Master Lore (as Dretch about im cause she is da expert apparently on all fings tentaclely).

Kal went an had a chat about stuff with Master Lore to learn about da ceremeony whot Drakken was up to ta kill himself. Den he came back wiv his mind completely intact we are sure. Lore den said he was done wiv da Valley for something he owed em or summit.

We’se mooched on and made a base camp wivin site of da tomb. We made preparations casting and wot-not but it weren’t working cause we kept being attaked by grobbly undead about 3 minutes into it everytime. . after a few rucks we finished and moved off to enter da tomb.

Everyone shuffled inside, it was a bti musty but no as windy as outside which was a plus. Drakken was in da middle moaning and lighting fires and smokey incense, around him were his four indestructible family members. Da mouthy sword wielding one ordered usout of da tomb and dey were not convinved we was dere to help and started on us. We scragged em for a bit and dey eventually all reappared in dere oringal spots, leaving us pretty beaten. We did some quick sorting and curing when dere was a massive bang.

Da door (which sealed behind us) was kicked in an a bunch of Dymwan charged in to get Draakken on dere side again, dis is wot we was here for (to stop dem). The fight was dead tough, lots of kicking each side. Luke dived on us wiv a HEAL right on time and saved us from a thorough killing. Everything went quite well really after sumwun found da amulet to get our blindness dispelled.

Once we’d kicked dis lot we looked the bodies actually getting quite desperate for well labelled healing potions, dere was nun. We gave Kal our flute as hee really needed a good cuddle from Queenie-Babes and we set ourselves ready . . which was pretty good really since a minute later annuver bunch of Dymwan teleported in dis time (show-offs) and started giving us gyp.

Da big Priest wiv em said “surrender and let us take Drakken”, to which we replied “naff off”, to which he responded wiv a mass Curse on everyone which was a bit nasty. Luke removed our curse wiv da last of his power which proved once again to be a life saver (cheers Luke, sorry you died for it), as I scrapped wiv dere warriors up and down for ages. Fings got frantic again and den da big Priest released annuver mass invocation, Cause Mortal this time which saw three or four of our people hit da floor. Suliman, Luke and Khortaz were dead, Taigan had also been killed and resurrected in the middle of the scrap and our group was in sore trouble. We all chased down da last of da Priests while somwun ress’d Suliman who woke up funny, we’ll have to keep an eye on him, and we set about sorted ourselves out for da next attack.

Luckily for us dere wasn’t one, wiv a scream Drakken finished what he was doing and him and his family got sucked off (fnar fnar) into a dark portally think where he defeinately, absolutely, positively got splatted. Huazzah for da Valley an’ all dat.

Feeling tip top physically cause all our healers got dere power back, we limped back to a nearby waystation pretty beat up emotionally what wiv four of da goup being depleted of spirit, and Harry being a further 3 “hits” down his everygrowing path to elixir-addiction.

We arrived and got some beer (hurrah!) and had a bit of a chat with Vilmius Scholar bloke, We finally got to meet Galithinal Nomass after guarding all da night before and some Reader chaps. All good stuff. We drank for a bit den went ta bed.

In da morning some Seekers turned up wiv a bird from Saldorians towers (well one of da two anyway) who was going to da White Retreat for some reason. We sorted out da loot and went home.

Iron Guard Veteran.


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