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Dangerous Times - Theran

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Mission report; Dangerous Times

There were a great many fights and encounters during this mission, to save time I’ll just cover those now:
Shadowsfall: Two, alive but very badly insulted.
Melnobs: Four alive, the rest dead.
Kalid: Four, dead.
Riverfolk: Numerous, alive.
Undead: Lots, dead (again)
Labyrinth of Xenos: One alive (technically), the rest dead.
Dymwan: Dead.
Wizards Concillium: One, alive.
College of hepathology: Two, angry, annoying, not dead (damn it).
Hordelings: Lots and lots and lots and a few more.
And more and more and more and more.
And more.
And their friends.
And a shaman.
And the ones who didn’t like the fact that we killed a shaman.

Right, basically I could leave it there but I suppose some people will want a few more details.
We were sent out to investigate the Vanishing Tower that we fired the dimensional cannon at a few months ago. Logic would suggest that if you fire a lot of magic and power at something through a cannon there’s not going to be much left but we wanted to check.
It turned out that logic was right. The Tower was, in essence, obliterated. There were remnants of the ‘spirit’ of the Tower, places where the effects of the Tower still existed (like debris) but there was no sign of an actual Tower. We did, fortunately, find a couple of Waystations. One had a strange power that kicked us out of the building whenever hostilities erupted (not that we’re ever hostile, everyone else started it). We did find the Riverfolk there and they told us that if we collected the Song of the Tower from the remains they might be able to reconstruct the Tower in the future. The concept of the song led Drokel to come up with a theory, which led to singing, which complicated the theory. If you want to know his theory ask him, I’m still trying to repress the memory of the singing.
The disaster attracted quite a few other interested parties, most of which we had to kill. In between the bloodshed we collected the Song.
Another mission that cropped up came from the druid Gorse who wanted us to help him collect various specimens of plants and animals for an Ark being stocked by a Tower with a very hard name to say or remember. Since he was already bloody and beaten we decided, due to the lack of recent carnage, to help him out. The bears were fairly easy, as was the rat thingy and the other creature. The plants were a lot more vicious and deadly. In my mind this is yet another indication that Orin Rakatha is a very silly and insane place but keep that to yourselves. Anyway we got the specimens and he left.
Last but not least there were the Dimwan. If you have to ask what they were up to then you really haven’t been paying attention. Dimwan, rituals, attempted undead army raising and power gathering, please remember for the future so I don’t have to repeat myself.
There were three ritual sites, baby ritual site, mummy ritual site and big, bad daddy ritual site. We smashed through the guards at baby ritual site and found a guy in a ward invoking.
He thought he was safe.
We had an elemental.
Nuff said.
Mummy ritual site had an actual mummy and quite a few other undead. By the time we were finished they’d all lost their un.
Big, bad daddy ritual site had a lot of nasty Dimwan and a Wight. The Dimwan were probably very irritated that they missed their second go around on Orin Rakatha but I’m not sure about the wight, maybe it’s still out there hoping that third time’s the charm.
So, mayhem, carnage, success and a few people bitching about us interfering (you’d think they’d get tired of that one of these days and just learn to live with it (or ask us to interfere on their behalf like the smart ones do)).
All told a very satisfactory mission.

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