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KFW Mission. – High Sun

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Who was dere?

Kal – Paladin of Order of King Michael
Khortaz – Humacti Priest
Piski – Druid Priestess
Suliman – Hospittaler Priest
Luke – Priest of White Path
Puke – High Priest of the Reapers
Mandrake – Veteran of Crusaders
Aldred – Veteran of Crusaders
Taigan – Druid Guard
Gravesong – Veteran of Iron Guard Crusaders
Ansell – Wizard of the Red School
Alabrion – Temple of Earth Wizard Sorcerer
Caradac – Seeker
Erf – Druid Priest


Fireday Evening -

We was back on annuver mishun with Kal and da Fighting Weasals. Dis time we woz going down to da World Window on our ways to da Lastgate wood where we had some Saldorians to give a kicking too.

As we got near to a waystation what we was looking for we met up wiv a large group of Saldorians. Just before we got da tea and cakes out dey remembered dey didn’t like us so started giving us a kicking. Da fight was a bit scrappy as we’d bin quiet all day and out of practice, still once we’d got da hang of charging behind da lines at da same time instead of one by one we gave their healers a jobbing and soon mopped up da rest.

Finding da station we settled in for a beer or two expectin’ guests. Dey soon showed up. Some Important Wolfhold types including Black Rod, Paladin Tarot Mindfire and da Guild Administrator of a Iron Guard. We’s had a few chats and talked business. A bit later a nice lady from da temple of Earth showed up and promoted Alabrion, which is good news. Den da White Retreat retinue arrived with Sir Arren Hardewicke, Galnin and some uvvers. Apparently Suliman got a telling off from some important Hospittaler about being a bit keen in combat and so he was a bit down following dat. Kal got promoted to Paladin for sterlin’ work in da field and we had to fight Tarot ‘cause we wanted out of Wolfhold, Arren said we was now a crusader and Galnin gave us a new top which was great.

Importantly we discussed what was goin’ on wiv da mists. Apparently dere is a Mistweaver called Shadish Potlick or summit on Saldor which ain’t good. Dere was talk about what dere Saldorians could be up to which ranged from invading to nicking da mists and uvver stuff. It was decided dat we carry on wiv our plan and find dere labs and notes and put a stop to da trubbles.

Da Valley big-wigs left us too it and we broke out a couple of beers (except for Kal ‘cause apparently he still can’t drink as a Paladin).

Wiv a funny smell and no noise at all a Melnibonean turned up wiv some gribblies wot we assumed was Hepaths knowing da way dem Melnies work. Turns out dis was da Manky Hand Melnibonean wot had swapped Kal and Khortazs hands for magic ones wot would kill em if dey didn’t doo what he wanted. Turns out he wanted us to go get a pot from da Fairlund forest which would make us all fall asleep except his Hepath wud protect us. . . . yeah right. Well it was late and we went anyway rarver dan let him kill da boss and his bruv.

We all got fondled by a hepath and den got smellyported into da woods. We wandered on down a paf for a bit looking for a likely place to find a pot (a Cauldron actually but when it comes down to it it makes soup rite?). Suddenly we was beset on all sides by weird creatures bit like green leafy undead plus some uvver fings. We had a big scrap and pummelled up into da ground. Den it all got a bit draining and everywun started to drop off . . . . which was odd.

Steelday -

We all woke up in da morning in nout but our smalls which was very disconcerting. Dere didn’t seem to be a single weapon around, and all our armour had gone. All we had was sum shields and a cupple of sticks wot our druids had, oh and two bones daggers. We had some breakfast and talked about wot we cud do in dis sitchooation.

While eating a cupple of friendly types wandering in to eat and stuff too which was fine. Dey all had funny accents and rough clothes. Dey reckoned dey had champions and wanted to fight in exchange we might win som weapons. So off dey went and fetched dere mates and we had some scraps. Aldred ‘ad a top effort against a really quick chap who ‘e was within one blow of beating I am sure. So he got a spear for his effort and apparenrtly makes a nice breakfast. Caradac had a scrap with one of them demonstrating how quick he is on his feet, he wun a sword. Taigan (wots a girls name apparently) took on Taigan (a girl!) and won too so we had a cupple of weapons.

We chatted wiv dese chaps a bit more and dey said we was in da Woods and dat we was at “da inn at da end of da world”. We mentioned looking for a pot and dey told us dat da three-in-one ‘ad one and dey was over dere in da woods. Turns out da fairies had pinched all our stuff, gits.

So Khortaz got friendly wiv one of dere guides rolling around on the floor and such and won somewun to show us da way. So off we trotted feeling a bit unarmoured and short of weapons. .

Just around a corner we met some Formorians wot was from da sea and were trouble. So we kicked dere heads in and nicked their weapons.

A bit furver on we met a very odd fing walking around chopping da trees. It was a Forest Zombie according to da priests. We followed it for a bit, until we got bored and started kicking it. It was nails and our guide said dat one of dere heroes fort one for 12 days and nights and didn’t kill it. Well we did better dan dat an wivin da hour it was bits on the floor but at least we didn’t see anymore! Yeesh.

Turned out dat we’d been lead not to an ambush but a chat wiv a King. We’d been appointed chief Bard so we had to go chat to him. It was very interesting. Turns out he won a fight to be king got three wives and a stab wound wot won’t heal, sounds like a raw deal to us. Anyway he was da ruler of dis place and had a head what talked on a rock wiv no body, apparently he had been bad and tried to nick stuff. Anyway turned out he did have a magic pot and dat we was a bit late cause Squidboy (Master Lore) ‘ad already been along meddled wiv some heads and nicked it.

Kal leapt forward to pledge to rescue it but was cut off just in time. We did offer to help but said we needed to borrow it first or two of ours would get jobbed. Da king and his missus’s said fair enough and offered to put some Visions about the place for da good sphere casters in particular.

The rest of us went down to a path and got severely kicked in by some Hepaths wot we fink Squidboy sent to keep us busy. Dey beat seven shade of poo out of all of us until da rest of da group turned up and sorted dem out.

We den listened to some lurvely music and some people had visions (Kal got kissed in his) and stuff and den we all fell asleep again.

We woke up slit up and separated. But soon found eachother. We still had no stuff, just a cupple of fings we’d brought fru wiv us. An Ansell was running short of spells.

A large group of Drow (dunno which house, Stars woz it?) wandered past with a strange Ratty/Catty thing in the middle wot was a prisoner, it asked for help and we all stood helpfully off da path and let them go. We just were not up for scrap at dat point. We did some casting and carried on.

A bit up da path we met some Kalid Children of da Brood who we kicked in wiv wot we had and den stole dere stuff too. Dere was a larger group a bit further up holding a waystation. We decided it looked like it had beer in so kicked the guards in and stole their food.

Dere was a big tribal creature in da waystation who was pissed at da Valley from doing summit in his woods. Kal’s got a full story on dat one.

While we were eating some weird rat creatures wandered in nicking anyfing wot wasn’t nailed down. We shooed em off but dey just kept cumin back.

Some locals wandered in and told us where we were (just near Annach Morraninnal apparently) which was really odd. Dey also volunteered to go and get our kit from da woods which was great, well wurth da money we paid em.

A few sphincters opened up rapidly a little while later when Master Lore turned up for a private chat. We was outside so it wasn’t too bad. Turns out dat he wanted rid of da free heroes but needed a couple of favours. One was dat someone climbed into da magic pot and give him dere Spirit Strength, da uvver was to kick da Free Heroes in. We agreed cause he was giving us da Cantlicles and da Magic pot back. Taigan bravely stepping up to be stewed.

Wiv Taigan back we set off for da free heroes. We ran as expected into big group of Hepaths that we saw off in what was a fairly stiff fight.

Den da trubble really started. We was making ready to take down da heroes casting an invoking and wot not when dey came at us obviously having seen our lights. we'd lost a big advantage but we pulled togevver. Kaleef dere leader did some weird transformation thing and turned into a Salamander which made him nailz and da rest were pretty hard too. Da fight raged on for over an hour back and forth wiv neiver side really breaking da opposing shield wall. Den all at once our Healers ran out of power, Alabrion dove out da bushes with an Earthquake and Puke Touch of deathed one and we wurged forward to attack da now splintered heroes. Kaleef legged in at some point while we finished da rest off. In da end no-one died but it was damn close.

Sunday -

We woke up under attack by sum Saldorians. Da ones sleeping downstairs was clearly on da ball do as we just managed to finish off a little scout and it was all over. So we had breakfast.

Da Kings three birds showed up a bit later and put Erf in daa magic pot so dat Hunter in his not magic bucket could be reborn. Erf was Ress’ed.

Da Manky Hand Moanly Balony and his hepath mates turned up next wanting da magic pot as agreed Kal handed it over and got De-Gaesed den Puke TOD'ed Melny who vanished with his pet Hepath. We kicked sum Hepaths in but Mandrake died in da fight.

Den a Dyfedyne showed up to tell us some Saldorians were in da area so we set off to get em and hopefully da notes we was after. It took us a while to find em but in da end we did. It was a tough fite wiv dere evil priest keepinh out frontline ragged wiv fears but we put em down in da end only to find Aldred dead and dere leader fled. bugger.

So we set off back for da towers plannin for our next move.

Veteran Crusader


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