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Mission to Murandir

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The Party:

  • Irwin
  • Minging Rose
  • Sutnac
  • Anthrax
  • Nob (the cabin boy
  • Scissor
  • Zug
  • Flint
  • Niamh
  • Myrtle
  • (Jimmy The Stoat & Cally (Seeker scouts)


Rednow Ffuts asked us to investigate the area with a view to possible future trading and general info gathering.

Getting there:

The Northern Waystation - near the world window - was surrounded by Kalid Steelwind keen to fight. No problem using WW once we got to it.


Within a few miles of the original Village in Murandir


  • Smugglers - now the Empire have moved out of the area at the request of King Paullandiss, many smugglers use the area. Some had kidnapped local villagers and demanded food from them. They like to demand money - local currency is Gold.
  • Locals - mostly farmers who work for the Empire
  • Dissidents - people who were left behind at the battle of the Portal and didn't want to work with the Empire - these people are very bitter and are not pleased to see KVA people but with the right diplomacy could be perhaps turned around
  • Deep Wood Elves - not seen much
  • Empire - the Empire Garrison have moved out but Captain K'Frai of the Axiom guard and his Sergeant were left to handover to an important KVA member (unknown). Captain K'Frai is now deceased (killed by his own traitorous Sergeant Aposteth)
  • Renegade Empire - ex-empire soldiers wearing mostly black led by traitorous Sergeant Aposteth (now deceased).
  • John and Betty - owners of the World's End, a nearby Inn, (Jon was a Grey Gauntlet High Priest and Betty a highly adept scout) who were left behind at the battle of the Portal and decided to work with the Empire but clearly have empathy for the Dissidents. Very useful contacts and a nice place to stay - Sun Day is quiz night!!
  • Freepeople - when a person has worked for the Empire for a significant amount of time they earn their freedom. We met Freewoman Frith who looked very rich, had a maid and was touring the countryside on holiday.
  • Druid Gaddamor - A local Druid who is very caring about not only the forest but its inhabitants (i.e. goblins and trolls). We did him a favour by killing a Necromantic Wolf for him.
  • Amran - Herald for Sir Degas Starglade - unknown whether this Elf is from Murandir or not but has made a deal with Wolf Hold High Priest Maston - Necromancer.>
  • Necromancer (Follower of Monk) - we found a necromancer with the smugglers in their cave who bore the mark of Monk on his cheek (now deceased). The smugglers said he had only been there a couple of weeks - how did he get there? Did he use the plane of sleepless dead?

Report by Myrtle

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