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Mission to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead.

Report for the attention of Lady Mortifera and Duke Hanrow

Time : The latter half of Wind Moon

Aim: To investigate whether the KVA had suffered any permanent deaths on missions within the last
20 years.

Group Members : Ezekial Bramble - Humacti and group leader
Tir - Elven druid
Aruna - Elven fire mage
Tuchi Moonchild - Elven Micheliner
Narp - Elven Fighter
Slurry - Troll Ranger
Telemachus - Dark Seer
Dudge - Hunter
Fluffy - a cat
Maggot - half-orc Dark Priest (ex-cook)

After the recent celebrations for the lack of permanent KVA deaths, the Halmadonians appear to have
inspired doubts, in that they knew of a number of Valley members that had died during this period.
It was therefore decided to send a group to investigate this matter, and to attract less attention,
this group was to be of low status. I had the honour to be selected as group leader. I should
emphasise that the paramount priority of the group was the successful completion of the mission,
and the general safety of the KVA. As such, a number of actions were carried out that may not meet
the approval of various guilds. As group leader, I take the responsibility for this, but offer no
apology, deeming the general good of the KVA to be of the utmost importance.

We started from the Cerements Embrace waystation, not far from the Aldonar Tombs. Our brief was
to travel to Valhalla, via a ritual already set up for us by the Necromancers Guild.

We completed the ritual, but instead of Valhalla, we had arrived in Carthage, an abode of vampyres.
Our guide, Edward LeVoir joined us. He was on the way to becoming a Vampyre, having been bitten
twice out of the required 3 times. He strongly advised that we drink some of his blood, so that
we would appear to be vampyre thralls to the denizens of this plane.

After a number of encounters, including a local squire, it was ascertained that we needed
to go to the Villa of The Ancient One - Nosferatu. He would be able to inform us how we could get to
Valhalla. On reaching the villa, we were told that the Acient One was sleeping, and would wake

While waiting, 4 Dark Pass Dymwan arrived. They intended to use a cosmic invocation to control
the vampyre. One of their party informed us that they had a scroll for the invocation(not as
powerful as they would like us to think) and that if it came to a fight, then he would be neutral.
Peaceful dissuasion failed, so we killed the 3, as we needed nothing to endanger the success of
our quest.

After we had foiled an Agothian attack, Edward suggested that the Ancient One would be more
inclined to talk to a vampyre than a thrall, so he performed a ritual to make me appear to be
one of these creatures. Fluffy bit me on the neck to simulate the vampyre's bite.

Shortly after this, a group of Halmadonians arrived. Despite my attempts to talk to them, I was
hit by a barrage of magic and power, and everything went dark. I was revived by members of our
group, who had managed to persuade the Halmadonians to leave. However they had promised to
return later.

Some time later, the Ancient One awoke, and proceeded to feed on "my herd of thralls". Thanks
are due to the party for the patient way that they endured this trial, and their trust that we
would resolve matters satisfactorily later.

Having discussed the importance of my getting to Valhalla, the Ancient One said that we would
need to speak with the Bloodless One. To summon him we would require to obtain red "blood candles"
from his followers, who roamed the forest. We would need to light these in the cemetery next to
the villa. As they burned, blood would seep into the ground and complete the summoning.

Tia and Dudge applied themselves to deciphering some scrolls we had acquired. One of these,
originally from the Agothians, spoke of an agreement with the Ancient One to help them control
this plane. In return, he wished for half a dozen suitable vessels to sire. A number of
willing priests were found (4), but more were needed. Two others were selected, Balor and Edward
LeVoir. They succeeded with Balor, but Edward, a Dymwan high priest was not so easily trapped.
It looked as though our presence in Carthage with Edward was a plot to secure him for the third

After a cold and dismal night, we awoke to a grey, grim morning and proceeded to collect red
candles from followers of the Bloodless One.

And then, the Halmadonians reappeared. They did not appear impressed when I went forward to talk
to them. I explained our mission, and why we appeared as we did. Much to my surprise, they
believed me, although one did say, if we had wanted to make up a story, he was sure that we would
have come up with something much more plausible. Even more surprising, they agreed not to
interfere with the summoning, although they insisted that if we were to summon another vampyre,
we should kill the Ancient One, to preserve the balance. They would return later, with assistance.

More bloody skirmishes, and then we met a Humacti group. One was an ex-Valley member named Aldaran.
They provided us with names of names of valley dead, listed below.


Luke Montoya - Lost (We had a healer called "Lost" join us on recent missions, could this be a

Sulieman the Hospitaller
"Death shall hold no sway here"

Orlando Furioso - Elven Warrior

Itam & Thorn - barbarians

Gutrot - Wolfhold Iron Guard

Ansell - Red Wizard

Owajar - "The Greatest Dancer"


Further candles were procured and lit. Earlier in the day, the 4th Dark Pass Dymwan had contacted the
party, and stated that he wished to use an invocation to control the Ancient One, and that he
wished our help. As he said, it would help to counterract the influence of Agoth. He was
promised a final decision later. However, in view of the fact that a number of party members had
been bitten and that Edward only needed one more bite to transform into a Greater Vampyre, we
deemed it better that the Ancient One be slain.

The Halmadonians returned and provided assistance with invocations. Some protection and some
empowering of weapons.

Our Dark Pass Dymwan friend returned. In view of the Dymwan alliance, I politely informed him that
we had decided against his controlling the Ancient One, and apologised for the inconvenience. He
said that this was not a problem, then treacherously attacked us. We prevailed eventually, but
were weakened further.

Wraiths appeared in the graveyard! We hurried to investigate. A dark, brooding presence
materialised. "Who is your leader?". "I am" I said. "Death" he said, and it all went dark,
both for me, and for poor Dudge, who had loyally backed me up. The summoning price included a
further three deaths. Once the preliminaries had been dispensed with, Charon (the dread ferryman)
passed over a scroll to detail his pact with Anubis, and promised to transport us to Valhalla,
when required.

Charon - details of pact - (Charon v Anubis)


To ensure that our passage is complete
Your dead must be held in reverence
Record the realms and worlds they have visited
And the nature of what great devices
Took them on their journeys
Then my pact with Anubis is completed
And the dead of the Kern Valley Alliance will be taken beyond


There was a desperate fight in which the Ancient One was vanquished, but we arrived at
last in Valhalla! There we were met by a guide. "My name is Luke Montoya, and I am lost"
We followed Luke, and were attacked by monstrius wolves, coming at last, to the Valkyries.

The Valkyries refused us entrance to Valhalla, and sent the party to Dalehoven. They did provide
a scroll which detailed their pact with Anubis.


To ensure that our passage is complete
Your dead must be held in reverence
Record the foes they defeated
And the manner of their demise
Once this information is held
Then my pact with Anubis is completed
And the dead of the Kern Valley Alliance will be taken beyond


Met Jarl Konrad Magnusson, and his comrade Ulrik. Nice but dim.

Spend night at Jarl's hall

As regards Valhalla, Jarl Konrad says we need to find souls of the foes he slew. He warned us
of the Soulstealer, and various raiding parties. Fought the soulstealer, the wolves, and defeated
several raiding parties.

Some members of the group are given crystals that will transform to white pawns, when party member
meets the person for whom this is intended. Balance to redress earlier actions by Lord Arrakis

Jarl informs us that we need to consume souls and fight him and his friends.

Leg broken, hacking at Jarl, who is laughing like a soul possessed. All goes dark again.

Walking, walking on to Valhalla.

Fighting, fighting. I AM NOT A HEALER!!!!!

Speaking to Luke Montoya. Anubis passed empowered scrolls to Luke to start a Book of the Dead.
Luke gives us the pages, and answers questions. Luke was resting in the Hall of Heroes, dragged
out by followers of Agoth, stripped of possessions and left in Valhalla. Spotted a number of
other valley members treated the same.


Luke Montoya - Hospitaller

Luke was a hospitaller with the KFW, led by Kal. Comrade of Ansell. Slain on a mission to assist
the Mistweavers.

He travelled to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, Jade Pass, Akari Island and Maeglor Swamp. Used
Readers Hut aqnd the World Window.

"Resting on the path after a long day of fighting. Ansell set himself on fire. Everyone laughed.
Shadowsfall attacked. Stored invocations, flurry of blows, dark, many shadows, then lost.

Luke would like to be remenbered for

Love of Life


Charon returns party to OR (near Cerements Embrace waystation) having take a toll. He marked
Aruna, and said that when she permanently dies, she will be called upon to serve him.

Met Dymwan at the waystation, and talked to Malok (a Dymwan necrologist) and received an
invitation to visit Aldonar Tombs.

Spent night at waystation

Attacked by undead next morning. Aruna seems to have some power over them.

Attacked by Kalid, because they insist we have undead with us.

Attacked by followers of Agoth, who demand the empowered scrolls given to us by
Anubis via Luke Montoya

Debrief in the field


Need to build up Book of the Dead

Beware the followers of Agoth(seem to be behind much of these troubles)

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