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New Beginnings - by Khandis Greyspider

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Mission Date: 

Turning moon, PC 0

Mission Objectives:

We were sent to investigate the strange activity at the Elemental Node of Water in the Wizard Concilium lands. 

Initial Part:

The valley’s entire contingent of primary Blue School Sorcerers:

Khandis - Party Leader
Ginny (librarian)

We were later joined by:

As a number of other issue arose during the mission I will split the report by objective rather than stick to a strict chronological order. 

Water Node:

We were met by a number of representatives from the Concilium and were formally invited into their lands thus able to avoid the bane on outsiders. We were also told that Collegium Magica were no longer part of the Concilium. They had been thrown out due to various dissagrements over the Grand Experiment and the Fortress of Pentar. Some of the ex-wizards have already joined the Fortress of Pentar and it seems likely that the remaining will head that way before the next time of reckoning. 

Our journey to the node was as full of green elementals as would be expected. Groups seemed to be made of the normal elementals and some of higher power who cast a mass identify at the start of the fight, these more powerful elements were slowing with every blow and could all cast mass slow. Thankfully we had enough sorcerers to cast the huge number of dispels and bolts required to make the fights survivable. 

We slowly fought our way through to the shrine and found it guarded by a Herald of the Elemental Prince of Water, who had enough cognisance to talk. He informed us that his Prince had taken against our nation due to our part in the Grand Experiment and was deliberately pulsing the Node to send out elementals to attack us and the Concilium. After talking to the Herald, he suggested that we try to talk to the other elemental princes as they might be more favourable towards our view and have the power to talk to the prince of water. Tornado sent a whispering wind to the elemental prince of wind and we awaited his response. 

Eventually we had a response from a herald of wind. He told us about a place called the Conflux Plane. It is an elemental plane where all elements exist in equilibrium and the plane is ruled by a lord of all elements, something like a purple elemental prince. . The suggestion was that if we travelled there we might be able to convince this lord to force the elemental prince of water to stop his actions. 

Getting to the plane was a problem for us. Even with access to the Mystic Gate we would need the correct code, which we did not have. The herald of air told us about a series of books called planar codices. These semi-legendary tomes are written by planar travellers and contain knowledge and power from the plains that they have travelled through. Of the three codices believed to be in existence one is currently on Orin Rakatha. The person carrying it was teleporting around daily to avoid being tracked, the herald of wind was able to redirect the next teleport to ensure the traveller arrived close to us. 

After some time this happened and we were somewhat surprised to find the traveller accompanied by a horde of Morgothian Uruks. These dealt with we tried to talk to him. His face was covered in strange tattoos and his time travelling had clearly left its impact on his mind. Attempts to talk to him soon resulted in a horde of undead being summoned. These dealt with and diplomacy exhausted  we tried to teleport close to the him and remove the book by force. This resulted in a horde of elementals being summoned. While dealing with these we were able to kill the traveller. After a long and exhausting fight across the afternoon we were finally in possession of a Planar Codex.

This was far from the end of our problems however as possessing such a powerful object was dangerous and in the fight we unknowingly damaged the container that was preventing others from finding the book. The powerful artifact attracted the Labyrinth who send several retrieval teams, complete with (stingy) minotaurs. The planar codex also had an effect on whoever was carrying it which caused some issues. Once the area was secure Lord Veryn Manypage, Malcolm Middleton and representatives from the Concillium arrived to discuss the future of the Codex. Eventually it was decided that it would reside in the Library until we have safely extracted the information we need to travel to the conflux plane.

Saldorian Issue:

As I said during this mission we had a number of other tasks we tackled. By far the biggest of these was assisting the pathfinders with an issue. The Saldorians had been attacking non-humans and then brainwashing them in some way. There were reports of a man in white who was talking to people and affecting their thoughts in some way. The captives were convinced that they wanted to join the Saldorian nation and in some cases fought in Saldorian colours.
We slew a number of Saldorians and rescued all of the Pathfinders we were able to. 
Whatever the man in white was doing did not appear to be spiritual in nature and the question of whether or not this is in violation of the slave laws of Orin Rakatha remains to be decided. 

Other business:


Zalfuron Nightspell 
2nd Sorcerer of House Drannath 
Has made it known that he is standing for the Drow representative in the Dark Council. 

High Priest Rainin
5th High Priest of House Drannath
Has made it known that he is standing for the Evil Sphere representative in the Dark Council. 

The Knight of Our dark lady who petitioned the Dread Lord to leave valley lands took exception to the Dreadlord’s refusal and attacked us. He and his retinue were defeated. 

High Priest Andrew of the Heights has confirmed that the Chosen, servants of the Great Lord of the Dark have been vanquished. 

The Shadowsfall are returning to their roots and once again offering their services as guards and assassins.

There were a number of hostile Forgotten in the area. 

As ever is you wish any further information or believe any detail to be incorrect please contact me. 

Khandis Greyspider
11th Sorcerer of House Drannath. 
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