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New Beginnings by Ksndra

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Turning Moon PC0
Mission sponsored by Aether Town, The Library and The Six Boroughs

The Party consisted of
Khandis Greyspider (previously Greycoil… Think it’s a drow thing *shrugs*) – Grey Sorcerer and Party Leader, Darkhome
Ksndra – Red Sorceress, Darkhome
Ichabod – Blue Sorcerer, The Library
Tornado – Eminent Sorcerer of the Blue School, Aether Town
Zephyr – Blue Sorceress and Tornados daughter, The Hospital
Baku – Black Sorcerer, Aether Town (We renamed him Kurt MK2, He fell over more times than Kurt does!)
Kyle Ompak – Ranger, The Forge
Sir Verrick – Knight of the Order of St Michael, The Citadel
Driedyn – White Path Healer, The Temple
Slag – Ranger, 
Carradac – Scouty type 
And two new adventures Luna and Amazaih
We were guided by Ginny of the library.

We were a rather mixmatched group from a variety of spheres, sectors and guilds across the valley nation and I think we represented ourselves well.

We were to meet at the training grounds and travel to the Planeside Waystation between Saldorian lands and Wizards Concillium lands

We’d been travelling for a few days and being beset by green elementals along our way. My report begins from as we reached the waystation.


We’d fought plenty of elementals and the sight of the waystation was a very pleasant one.
We were hampered on our way by more green elementals and hordlings that seemed to be demanding the mists back.

Once at the waystation we made ourselves comfy and allocated ourselves our sleeping areas and awaited a representative of the Wizards Concillium to arrive.

They arrived with a retinue compromising of the Dean of the Purple College, the Dean of the Green College and a sorcerer I’d met before, Tarquin, and a few purple guard.
The Dean of the Purple College explained that there were some ructions within the Wizards Concillium due to the Grand Experiment and that the College of Hepathology had indeed left them and joined the Fortress of Pentar. He also explained that there had also been ructions between the Collegia Magicka and the Collegia Elementium and that the Collegia Magicka had been expelled. He also impressed that as we were invited guests to sort out the node that their nation’s bane would not affect us but wouldn’t give us any more information as to what their bane and boon is. I didn’t manage to get his name but he sure reminded me of someone I already know. 
I made sure to ask that if we came across any of the expelled students and they attacked us that we were more then welcome to deal with them.
He left and the Dean of the Green College Spoke up and thanked us for attending his call for help. This was a little strange as how the Dean of the Purple College came across it was almost as if it was him that had asked for our help. None of the other wizards of the Concillium seemed to have a very good opinion of the Dean of the Purple College. 

The Dean of the Green College then went on to reiterate our mission brief and then we all split off to speak to different people of the retinue.

I  went and spoke with Tarquin and it seems that the Wizards Concillium have lost a great number of people and seem to be on a recruitment drive of getting people to go and study with them. All the sorcerers in our party were extended this invitation and I believe Tornado, Baku and Khandis have taken them up on this offer to study with them in the near future. I was slightly concerned as to Tarquins behaviour. When I met him before he was somewhat of a bumbling idiot and still came across this way when other members of the Concillium were around but when speaking with me he became rather sentient. 

After they left we were beset by members of The Forgotten. It seems they are just wandering the lands trying to get revenge. Maybe there’s more to them seeing as we know Calix Wraithspawn got his grubby hands on them.

We then had a number of pathfinders join us to inform us that we were safe and they were patrolling the area. A few of them, Norl, Arthur, Ralfin, Lanrith and Alarian stayed around for a bit having a drink and chat with us before they went off to patrol the area.


We awoke and had breakfast and were attacked by some hordlings.

We went off to find the node, having had a Wizards Concillium scout come and point out the way.
We were besieged by waves and waves of green elementals, each group getting harder with greater elementals doing slows. We worked tactically for a while, taking out the Greater Elemental while dispelling their effects until it got too much to magically contain and we made the front line fight through the slows while taking them out one by one.

We approached the area of the node and came upon a Herald of the Green Elemental Prince.
He was Galaris, Lord of the tides and his prince is Prince Aqualander, who is not on our plane currently and is one the elemental plane of water. It appears that the prince is rather angry and his herald doesn’t agree with what hes doing.  It appears the Prince is summoning all these elementals to purely attack the Valley Nation. I think it’s got something to do with him assuming we had agreed to not cast green magic but we still do. 

He informed us that the only way to stop him would be to get another elemental prince involved and Tornado agreed to contact the Blue elemental prince and try and speak with him. (I believe I've met the blue elemental prince before. By met, I mean stood at the top of the hill and stayed out of his way as he certainly doesn’t like casters. And that’s pretty much all I do, cast stuff, so I was really hoping if he came to us he came to us at a very far distance, I’ve grown kind of attached to my life)
The herald suggested we made our way back via a path in front of us and looped back round and he’d keep that path clear for us.

As we moseyed on we came upon more elementals. However this time there was a range of colours in them and all needed different things to kill them. There was a red one but I stayed away from that. I still have some kind of left over empathy for them from that hepath.
We dispatched of them and carried on our way and came across some Wizards Concillium. Before we could ask which college they were from they attacked us making it obvious that they were of the expelled Collegia Magicka so I didn’t feel bad about destroying them. However I think Baku got a bit carried away as as the dust settled and we moved their dead bodies out the way we found Baku underneath them. 

We were then set on by more Forgotten. I think this is going to be a regular thing these days.
We were on the stretch back to the waystation when we spotted some Labyrinth of Xenos and a Minotaur ahead of us. We dispatched them and tore open his body and got a few items out of him.

We returned and were sat catching our breath when a herald of Lord Oris the Blue Elemental Prince appeared. I was rather relieved it wasn’t the prince himself.

He informed us that the Prince will not get involved but we need to get the help of the 9th Elemental Prince. He is the one that settles disputes between the other 8. We classed him in our terms as the Purple Elemental Prince. To do so we have to go to the elemental plane of Conflux. However getting there is rather tricky but that there was a blue sorcerer that had a planar codex, a book that allowed travel between all the planes. He teleported around Orin Rakatha every day and the herald was going to interrupt his next teleport to a location near us so we could go and talk to him and try and get his help.

The herald also informed us that Baku’s elemental prince is actually female but wouldn’t tell us her name as apparently it isn’t to be spoken outside her plane. I did ask if he could write it down but I got told off.

He also informed us that Tornado reminded him of someone and that he believed tornado had part of someone called Lord Hurricanos in him, who was the heralds brother and that one day maybe Tornado would become Lord Hurricanos. Zephyr made a few comments about Tornado having another mans essence in him which then had us all rolling.

After he departed and we had gathered ourselves the Wizards Concillium turned up again, this time without the dean of the Purple College. They wanted an update on how we were doing with the node so we filled them in and they then started asking about joining them again. 

I pulled Tarquin off to one side, as when he left last night, he hugged me and whispered to me, “There are things I urgently need to discuss with you” in my ear. I asked him about this and he impressed upon me that in his new role as administrator that there were several books and scrolls that would be worth a representative of the valley going and looking at quite urgently. Again, around the others he was the bumbling idiot I’ve grown to know but on his own was quite clear in what he was saying.

To be honest in my mind there is a lot going off within the Wizards Concillium that they are trying to brush under the carpet so to say when it comes to people outside their nation.

We then had a member of the Shadows Fall offering up contracts for sale. He also informed us that all contracts that were taken out before the cataclysm are now void. This means my contract for permanent death has gone as far as Im aware. Yay!
We were then set upon by more hordlings. These ones seemed to be Ragamuffins Hordlings and were just up to mischief.

While we were milling around, someone from the Empire came to speak to Ichabod. This seemed to be on a personal point so I left them to it.

We then had dinner and as that was settling the Knights of Our Dark Lady that had been camped on the edges of our land having seen the Dreadlord arrived. Their Knight, Jacque de Noir, was not happy that they didn’t get the answer they wanted from the Dreadlord, (starting the think they’ve realised we utterly screwed them over a bit now) and seemed to want to make his point known. He agreed to a duel with Verrick which we were all banned from getting involved in. No offence Sir Verrick but that one was aaalllllll yours! As Verrick and the knight duelled, we took on the rest of his retinue which included a Knight Adjutant. Myself and Ichabod generally kept the knifemen busy and watched everyone else’s back. And I FINALLY got off one of my larger bolts and the Knight Adjutant resisted it. DAMN IT! 

Half way through the fight, Slag turned up and by some unfortunate turn of events got snotted as he joined the fight. 

We defeated almost all the Knights of Our Dark Lady when the Knight and His Adjutant both conceded in the field.

I really don’t like the Knights of Our Dark Lady.  

After that little scuffle, we got word that some other valley members had been taken captive by Saldorian and we were the nearest group to go and recover them.


I awoke to find Carradac had found his way to us and making morning tea.
Raphin, one of the path finders arrived to give us directions to where a number of people seemed to be being held by more Saldorians.
As we fought more and more Saldorians (don’t really like these guys either), we discovered one wearing a distinctive red tabard with a gold circle. On the circle was a white arrow pointing up and inside the arrow a black sword, pointing downwards.

We then came upon a wizard and his cronies outside a hut. The wizard was hiding inside the hut, and popping out the door to cast spells. This was entertaining till Slag wielded in and “had ‘im” that was very entertaining.

We got to the captives and, once again, freed them, and lead them back to the waystation.

This is where my memory gets a little bit hazy.

We were sat chatting around the waystation when a bloke appeared carrying a case. I assumed this was the bloke we were waiting for and legged it towards him, shortly followed by Zephyr and Ichabod trying to talk to him. He didn’t seem to want to chat as he got out a book and started reading from it and the next thing I knew a SHIT TON of Morgothian Uruks were in front of us charging at us. I turned as quick as possible and ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, and im not ashamed to say, screaming my head off. Ichabod slowed them for a while with a very well placed thunderclap while the rest of the party stood and giggled at the fact the soft underbelly of the party were the closest to these horrible things!

We fought them off, and tried to speak to him again, but he ran off with his book reading from it again but left his case, which I retrieved. As I picked it up I got loads of flashes of images that were really rather weird.

All of a sudden we were set upon by hordes of undead.
I some how ended up being bitten by a vampire and I woke up a while later next to Bakus prone body with Zephyr shouting at me for trying to set fire to her repeatedly. Oops.

After I came round and tried to make sense of what had happened we followed the sorcerer bloke (for more info on him, ask Ichabod, think he managed to have a bit of a chat with him while I was, erm, otherwise indisposed) to a copse of trees after id retrieved the case from where I’d left it and were attacked by elementals. We finally killed al them, and then we killed the sorcerer.
Once he was dead, we collected the book and put it back in its case (which I managed to keep shut with a hair pin, it looked like someone had previously used it to sit on) we returned to the way station.

Now, my memory gets really really hazy after that.
I remember the book was mine! All mine! No one else’s! And that party weren’t really happy about that. Some others turned up trying to take the book off me, such as shadowsfall, LoX, and someone else.

But it was mine! (or so I believed) I seemed to get more and more attached to this book the more it was in my possession and everyone thought I was being a little bit crazier than usual and I had to have an escort everywhere, event to the toilet, and slag even forcibly removed me from the waystation at one point.

It seems that the rest of the party decided I needed to be separated from the book and because I wouldn’t part with it willing decided to take it by force.

I would like, right now, to apologise to certain people.
Malcolm Middleton (Yes I’m apologising to you for what I may have shouted at you while under the influence of the blasted thing)

So Ichabod came into temporary possession of the book, I believe this was because he was deemed to be the least likely to blow something up or take someone’s head off.
He managed to identify that the box was more broken than just the physical side of things (someone sitting on it) and needed a spell of each colour put into it to fix it and contain the book and its effects.
He also identified that the book had knowledge of planar travel. Why is it me and Ichabod are there when ever we find a new way off plane at the moment?

The effects slowly wore off us, but seemed to take a LONG time. I think it was because I’d had it for longer than Ichabod.

Then Zalphuron Nightspell and Rananin arrived to speak with us.
Zalphuron announced that he was standing for Baronship of Darkhome for the Drow and Rananin announced he was standing for the Baronship of the Evil Sphere of Darkhome.

Zalphuron nicked off with Khandis for a “drow chat” while I had a quick chat with Rananin.

They left and two of the Wizards Concillium Sorcerers arrived, wanting the book.
Now, I’ve been here before with an interplanar travel item that’s appeared on a mission and the Wizards Concillium have gone “We’ll have it please!”. Didn’t want that to happen this time.

Malcolm Middleton and Lord Manypage then turned up and put in their offers for it.

Each put forward their arguments for taking it to their own sectors, often interrupted by my loud, nonsensical rantings, for which I once again apologise. We decided that the best place would be in the restricted section of the library.
Of which Ichabod got promoted to Guardian of the Archive and I promised to not call him ickysnot again.

They left with the book and I finally came to my senses and apologised again to everyone and proceeded to get rather drunk.

Well, we didn’t sort out the node, the green elemental prince is still pissed at us, I’ve gotta go get vampire infection out of my system and I shouted at a lot of people I didn’t want to shout at.
And I was doing so well too.
But we saved some people and got a better idea of what is going off with the Saldorian and got a new, if head screwy, way of interplanar travel.

Red Sorcerer and Acolyte of the Dark Seers
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