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One People Under One King - By Leitha Fae

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High Status Party

Lord Giles Kevralyn Soulfire
Aruna Caradac Melieth
Thumper Spingle Lucy
Quicksilver Slag

Low Status Party

Leitha Fae Uncle Rogan Uncle Istvann
Ziel Doshan Greyspire Lady Layla
Tarquin Nobby Gomeric Greyspire

I write this in case I do not survive, I have not returned to the towers yet.

My orders from the White retreat were to attend the world window way station in anticipation of the king. We were to secure the way station and complete all missions gave to us.

Day one Fire Day

To get to way station we started our intense march and were engaged by the catacombs of the Asherai and many spirits. Met an ambassador of the Ashanai working for the Dai Fah Dyne of the sultan of the northern marshes. He attacked us and was slain in self defence. We searched a building in anticipation to find nothing by the flickering candle light. We moved on to the way station, where we were to be guests at a negotiation. The guild leader of the school of green magic lady Isabella, we also got a piece of paper from the Asherai that found a defector of the dymwan fools had been experimenting with vampire elves of the evil sphere and dark magic. Something also about help could come from wizards Concellium. We got some entertainment from Lucy who turned up and also from the trader who kept trying to get high prices off us and was pretty much been stopped by the duegar who got what they wanted well done to them.

Day two steel day

The high status group were put into some big bottle and we were left on stag duty. Then we were gave a chance to prove our metal as the assistant of the surgeon asked us to gather some items so as he could make some potions. So we set off to gain some human parts, blood of bull and horn of bulls. We strolled over the land and came across the hordelings goblins and trolls who weren’t bantering with us or saying a word one was even healing them they fought as a military unit. It was quite worrying, they were organised. We pushed them back and killed all of them. We carried on and walked on and were greeted by a friendly Shadowsfall who I exchanged talk with on the hordelings behaviour. After some chatting we moved on. We then marched on and encountered a lot of labrinthe of Xenos which then made me realise the bull we had heard was around was going to be a minotaur. We moved on and we come across the Saldorians which as I had met them before and they attacked us by blinding me straight off we decided we had found human body parts so killed them. We moved on and engaged the bulls and minotaur. So we moved in and engaged them and killed them. We cut off their horns and took their blood. We then went and made our way back to the way station where we had lunch, we also gave the surgeons assistant the things he wanted and then got paid. We were then engaged by a hard core unit of Shadowsfall. We were in real trouble. I had to lie to them about the ark to save my men we wouldn’t win so I told them that we could possibly get them the ark of fire if the other party came back. Load of rubbish, but it brought us time which with the damage we just took we seriously needed help. The other party came back and then went again, we were again looking after the way station and then got asked by another member of the Dai Fah Dyne to go and destroy all Khalid in the area and we whole heartedly agreed after we talked. We encountered a circle of elementals dressed almost like Khalid, not many spells but lots of magic weapons. We killed them when they attacked us. We moved on afterwards and encountered lizard men who wanted us dead because they said we worked for the Dai Fah Dyne who took some of their precious things so they laid about trying to kill us but were killed instead, we carried on and met more of them one blinded me putting me out the fight till the end. We then carried on to meet the Khalid who stood proudly and as we tried to negotiate to make Layla’s conscience happy Kelvin came through as planned and flashed them all in one go giving the duegar time to wheel round the flank and turn into a complete melee where we split them up and picked them off one by one. Some fellow they were looking after was left out the fight and revealed he was a reader for the Dai Fah Dyne. We started on our way back and were engaged by more lizard men who we decided to kill as they wanted to kill the Dai Fah Dyne who promised to pay us back one day. We returned to the way station where we met the other group and I explained myself to Lord Giles and Lady Kevralyn Soulfire.

Suddenly after a while the leader of the Guild of pathfinders turned up and locked us up to hear a loud bang on the door of Lord Arakis. They came in and some important announcements were made about a shake up in the pathfinders they were to return to the tower at once and no longer allowed to use their mission names. We then all stood up and gave respect to the king saluting him. Then came in some senator amedeus fellow who had something to announce. We sat down to hear the stunning and shocking revelations of the fate of our beloved towers and freedom. To start with Spingle was asked to give the details of the goblin Kings status. Then the announcements were made, as I understand it, our king is now subject to the empire and swore all of our fealty to them, spheres forgive us. The king is a “probationary senator”. we may lose the white retreat because of the status been taken from the tower by those returning to Murandir. The fortunes keep will be ruled by sir calvados. The wolf hold by lord arakis. Then even better the people will have the right to swear allegiance to whoever they want which will subsequently go back to the king and then to the *spit on paper* empire. We were informed the mist lord was coming after destroying the half way house and astral bridge to destroy the world window. He had many hordes at his disposal and were going to come to destroy us. In other good news slag of the iron guard is promoted champion of guild, Kevralyn Soulfire is now controller of Wolfhold Ambassadors. Thumper is champion of same as slag. Cadet Quicksilver was demoted from Captain. The comedy that happened when the announcement wolf hold would be the home of the grey school of magic’s. the comical bickering between Lord Giles and the king also. We ate heartily for there was a long fight ahead. Were then invited on a very dangerous mission that could be described as suicidal as usual to go meet a member of the free thought society of the Saldorian faction to receive a potion intended for Veltain. So we marched off to war and first met an annoying bird with a load of Axions. So after trying to talk it out with them to keep the peace in the party we were attacked and decided to slay them. We then carried on marching to find the Saldorians and met up with those annoying Shadowsfall told them that we didn’t have it the ark is with someone else and told them we don’t know anything else. Yet I did. I thought I was a rubbish actor but after my team helped me out a tricky situation they moved off just as Nobby had to tell them to suck his purple well we can tell what, I’m sure they’d of loved to. The leader came back and asked what his name and Tarquin’s name was. The mission scout with us replied “Don’t tell them your name Nobby or you Tarquin. I believe at which point my sanity came to crisis point. We moved on and encountered some undead and a friend of there’s. they were from the tombs of the Asherai. Then swiftly moving on we found the Saldorians. We engaged them and slew all but one. He gave us the potion and was rewarded with a punching from Nobby. We then went back to base. We then heard a battle far off and decided we couldn’t do much to influence it and would become a hindrance. So under advice from the others I decided to go with the time honoured tradition of sit down with a drink, a cake and a mind numbing horrific worry. They came back and we all took it easy and listened to Giles comedy show. Very entertaining.

Day 3 Sun day

We woke in the morning and attended the way station. We were ordered to move to a position to block the path of the Mist Weaver and the Mist lord, we were to stand in front of all oncoming hordelings and stop them. The word “nuts” comes to mind. So we moved into position while the others held the World Window. We first held off a horde of hordelings who fought us the same as yesterday when they fought as a military style unit but were destroyed. We stood too on sentry till a bunch of damn Labrithe of Xenos folks turned up with a drone with lots of power hammers shooting us at long range. We took them down and after taking a lot of hurt they were defeated we were hurt badly and had to tend to Nobby and we brought him back. The Shadowsfall turned up and quizzed us like they had the high status party. Eventually they moved off. They walked off and we took it easy until one last time a bunch of hordelings came out this time with a Mist Weaver, they fought hard and so did we. I decided it was time to make them regret their decision to attack by charging the mist weaver by drinking a potion of Shocking grasp and charging head long I then decided to retrieve my weapon and received a broken bone and a couple of attacks for my trouble. The people in the group rallied round me after I had been blinded.

This is my report for what happened while we were on Orin Rakatha before been whisked away by the Mysts

This is for the Librarians at the kern valley library and in the vein hope that I return alive I wish to thank my party for the heroic valour and extreme courage shown in face of the enemy. They performed their duties admirably.

For the Valley and the Crusaders

Leitha Fae
Crusader Veteran
Son of Talid of Wolfhold and Earwen of the Wood elves
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