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One People under One King - by Uncle Istvaan

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One People under One King

Report by Uncle Istvaan

My brother Rogaan and I, along with our trusty bodyguard Ziel, had the pleasure of attending a gathering at the World-Window way-station with the prospect of meeting various knights of the Kern Valley peoples.  We arrived to find ourselves in a mixed group comprising heroes and many less experienced adventurers.   We were asked to accompany those of lower status, being the delightful Layla Mayfield, former waitress and barmaid; Leitha Fae, our group's leader for much of our journey; Tarquin, a gauntlet priest who struggled to find time to heal amongst his 'front line' duties; Kelvin, a white wizard of immense power; Nobby, a vulgar yet amusing Duegar scout; Gomeric Greyspire, a Duegar knight aspirant; Drokal Greyspire, a powerful and colourful Duegar warrior; and Ivak Duhm, a jolly barbarian.  We, that is, I would like to thank all of them for their dedication and courage in the face of great danger.

Our first evening involved completing our journey to the World Window waystation – we were assailed by some forces but none that troubled us unduly.  Among them were hordelings and poisonous lizard creatures. Interestingly, one of the local Dye-Fah-Dine traders was selling various types of blood, including 'dragon blood' and 'blood of kings'. Sadly, we had no way to verify the authenticity of these potions or we would surely have purchased such powerful blood.

On the next day we were tasked to patrol the area to secure it from hostile forces. We also had a mission to collect human body-parts and the 'horn of a bull' - ingredients for some potion that seemed to be required.  Of most note was the organised hordeling activity in the area – these hordelings seemed to engage with us on a most military manner, curing and fighting in two ranks, and so on.  We also fought with a herd of Minotaur, elementals in Khalid colours, Saldorians, and followers of the Labyrinth of Xenos.  We also met of group of Shadowsfall demanding the return of an artefact call called the Ark – we did not have it but it took the loss of much of our blood before they believed us.  In summary, the Minotaur gave us the horn and the Saldorians provided us with body parts!

We learned later that the high status group had been fighting a Blood Oracle. While intrigued to discover what nature of creature that might be, we did not get the opportunity to discuss the matter

That evening we were honoured to meet King Paullandiss who arrived with other Valley notables and an ambassador of the Empire.  Various heart-felt speeches, proclamations and promotions were made.  In summary: we may loose the White Retreat at next week's time of reckoning; we have signed a treaty with the Empire and in turn, King Paullandiss was made a probationary Senator of the Empire. King Paullandiss was adamant that this was necessary to avoid a war which we could not hope to win. In addition, Slag and Thumper were promoted to champions and Quicksilver was promoted to Cadet in the Order of Saint Michael. Most importantly, however, we, my brother Rogaan, Ziel and I, had the great honour to meet with a great knight and learn of his travels on the Crusade. After all these years to finally meet one of the actual heroes who inspired us on our own, minor crusade, was humbling. In the face of such destiny, and in accordance with the prophesy, we pledged our fealty to the King.

On the next day we helped secure the area against various forces, more poisonous lizards, hordelings and finally a powerful Mist Lord who blinded us all, before whisking off most of our group into the mists.  Hopefully they will be ok ....

        "Where Morigar stands, blessed is the land,
        Fair things flourish and evil fades.
        The priests of right know strength in light,
        And darkness flees from brighter days."

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