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One People under One King - by Uncle Rogaan

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One People under One King

Report by Uncle Rogaan

My brother Istvann and I, along with our trusty bodyguard Ziel, had the pleasure of attending another gathering of the Valley peoples, learning more of your ways, and with the prospect of meeting King Paullandiss, whom we have travelled for many years to meet. 

We arrived to find ourselves in a mixed group of heroes and less experienced adventurers.   We were asked to accompany those of lower status, spending much of our time in the spirited company of Layla Mayfield, a bright young warrior; Leitha Fae, our most experienced warrior; Tarquin, a steadfast grey gauntlet priest; Kelvin, a wizard of power; Nobby, a rough edged Duegar scout; Gomeric and Drokal Greyspire – two powerful Duegar; and Ivak Duhm, a most boisterous barbarian. 

I would like to thank all of them for their patience with us, and for teaching us more of your ways – not the least the correct way to respond to a group of powerful Shadowsfall demanding the return of a mighty artefact (yes – you know who are Nobby).

Our first evening involved completing our journey to the World Window waystation – we were assailed by some forces but none troubled us unduly. Most noteworthy was the Shadowsfall announcement that the time of reckoning was about to happen. 

Our next day was very busy – culminating in a wonderful opportunity to meet the King.  We set off in the morning on a patrol to secure the area around the world window.  Of most note was the organised hordeling activity in the area – these hordelings seemed to engage with us on a most military manner, casting curing, fighting in two ranks, and so on.  We also fought with a herd of Minotaurs, what appeared to be elementals in Khalid colours but who had warrior powers, Saldorians, and followers of the Labyrinth of Xenos.  We met of group of Shadowsfall demanding the return of an artefact call called the Ark of Fire – we did not have it but it took the loss of much of our blood before they were convinced of this.

That evening King Paullandiss spent time with us, and we had a great opportunity to meet with a great knight and learn of his travels on the Crusade. What an honour to meet of the knights who actually conducted that task – it has taken so long to reach here that it seems unreal  to have finally met one of the actual heroes.  Of interest to many of those gathered was the news of the new treaty with the Empire, and the possible loss of the White retreat at the forthcoming time of reckoning.
On the next day we helped secure the area against various forces, culminating in a powerful Mist Lord who blinded us all, before taking off all our statused members in the mists – hopefully they will be OK ....

May Morigar's blessing be upon you all.


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