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Preserving the Sneverheim by Caradac

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In Fool’s Moon PC04 we received an urgent warning that large numbers of Dymwan were moving on the Sneverheim.  Their apparent intent was to capture them for use in an undead raising ritual.  Remembering our promises to the Sneverheim, we resolved to act in their defence.  The hastily assembled team for this mission was Tornado, Vilk, Driedyn, Bill Jingle, Lowden, Quicksilver, White Crow, Ranarhk and myself.

Soon after setting out, we met with the Mistweaver Bethellim.  He informed us that numerous small groups of Dymwan were moving through the area resulting in a huge concentration of Status.  He sought instructions from the Valley in our capacity as Voice of the Mystics.  We instructed them to continue to act entirely within the Law and that we would deal with any other infractions or issues ourselves.  In doing so, we sought to demonstrate our desire to uphold the law even-handedly at all times.

We also received intelligence from contracted Shadowsfall which made clear that the Dymwan were moving against the Sneverheim to raise anew an army of ancient menaces:  VaMuGhasts. 

We passed through an area of Lava Flows as we moved towards the Darkwood.  This area is infested with Lava Elementals and travellers would be well advised to prepare themselves against magics of Fire and Earth.

Moving ever closer to the Darkwood, we were harried by the Cults of Hate and Pain who were working with Calex Wraithspawn towards some unknown purpose.  We bought passage from them with information but, before we departed, they affixed a cuff to Lowden which resisted all attempts to identify or commune and proved highly resistant to being removed.

Leaving the last of the Lava Elementals behind us, we passed into the Darkwood itself where we encountered many forest creatures including Shambling Mounds, Tree Creatures and Thorn Creatures.  We also passed through the edges of an area of Mist which affected many of the group.  In this area we were assaulted by Mist Hordelings which proved somewhat challenging in our confused state.

Leaving the Darkwood, we scaled the mountain.  During the ascent we fought our way through many groups of Dymwan.  At some point (my recollection is unclear) we made contact with a Sneverheim and the cuff fell away from Lowden.  We calmed the Sneverheim and the Storm which raged around him just in time for an unexpected assault by the Cults of Hate and Pain (led by a Master of Pain) who abducted him.

We faced one last Dymwan group including a Living Champion, a Wraith Lord and a powerful Spectre.  Prevailing after a long battle, we took counsel with the remaining Sneverheim to discuss how best to protect the few that remained. 

Two options seemed to offer good chances of success.  The first was to raise a Dragon protect the mountain and raze the slopes to quell the Dymwan army.  We felt that such a creature would inevitably become the target of those seeking to bend it to their will and might make for greater problems in the future than the one we were seeking to solve.

The second path was to close the mountain by raising a mighty storm impervious to all scrying and travel which would utterly destroy any caught within it.  This everlasting storm was the way we chose to protect the Sneverheim and many present contributed their Spirit Strength to the establishment of this barrier.

We shared one last meal with the Sneverheim to fix them in our memories and returned to the Valley, our mission completed.

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