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Renewing ties in Murandir

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Khadeeja – Dark Path Acolyte -Group Leader
Dudge – Scout – valuable resource of information
Baron Silas von Greenback – Priest of the Reapers – negotiator
Yarp – Aspirant Humacti – source of noise
Narp – Aspirant crusader – consumer of beer
Jack – Scout – not a captain, very good at taking out enemy by surprise
Ezekiel Bramble – Aspirant Humacti – information gatherer
Sasha – Priestess of the white path – healer
Yewbee – Aspirant Druid – Squogre hearder
Grum – Warrior – Very Strong
Samurai – Monk - proficient fighter
Wincy – Pathfinder – Guide
Known as Lost – a found person with no recollection of who is was – healer and worrier

Our objectives were set to us by Duke Hanrow. We were asked to return to Murandir and to set up an agreement for representatives of the Valley to return to the home plane and to pick up where the empire had left, as it were. We were to secure the Worlds End Tavern as a safe place for Valley people to meet and clear the area of a disruption causing the World Window to scatter people.

On our way to the waystation to meet Duke Hanrow we found a man in grey wandering, he had no memory of who is is and where he should be. As it was All Hallows and we had no way of knowing if he was towerless or a lost tower member, we brought him with us.

We had been told by Dudge and the Baron that on previous travels the World Window had been disrupted, so we took an alternative route through, to the home plane.

We arrived at the edge of a woodland in Murandir where a peasant woman said she had lost her husband. We agreed to look for him on our way through.

We met some tribal creatures on their hunting ground. We distinguished ourselves from prey and passed through into a field owned by an Ogre.

We were attacked by some creatures who we discovered were things called Ettercaps, those who were grabbed by them lost their mind. The peasants husband, Bob, seemed to have met with these and lost his mind too. A Dryad appeared and gave us the remedy, in return we were to slay the ogre of the field, who had caused her problems.

I have never seen a frost Ogre before and never wish to see one again.

We passed through a glade of dreams and had to complete a task given to us by a small child with a painted face. If we failed we would be her puppets for eternity. We fought our way out and she had to let us free.

We met with some locals and they escorted us to the World's end Tavern. We discovered Bob had gone back to the Inn and praised our efforts in helping. We felt this was a positive step in endearing us to the locals, a way of proving our intentions.

Dudge, Silas and I spoke with Jon, the Tavern owner, The head of the Farmers and the head of the Tailors. We stated the Valley's intentions and explained how it would be a prosperous agreement for all involved.

We ate and drank with the locals, which included some elves from the deep woods. Jon said this was very unusual to see them away from their woods. There was also a Khalid with skills in old water magic.

After dinner I went to meditate, when I returned the Khalid had gone and he had made Grum vanish for some time, Jack levitate and there was confusion. I am still unclear as to what happened then.

The Elves approached us and said by leaving the Glade of dreams we unleashed an evil presence. And they transported us to a place away from the tavern and we were attacked by many creatures. We were attacked by large dog beasts, mounds of leaves and twigs, and a very proficient archer. We fought with them for a long time as they thought this the best way for us to learn the error of our ways.

We were told by the Headsman of the Farmers that he had met with the other headsman and they had decided that the Valley was not wanted. They were happy to wait for the next force to arrive and take over. These people I do not understand, we come to say the Valley will come and work with them to protect them and ensure law and order are restored with their input and they decide that they would rather someone fight over it.

The head of the Tailors was found to have poisoned the squogres. Jon, the headsman of the Farmers, Dudge and the Baron took him to one side and he told them he had been pushed into making arrangements between the Axians and wild creatures to meet and take over the Inn. After this he took his own life.

The location of the meeting had been discovered and we would intercept them in the morning before the meeting could take place.

We were awoken by some rat creatures. Once we had fed we went to the meeting place. A group of weirdlings and feral drow had gathered, we removed them.

A large force of Axians arrived shortly after and we removed them.

We arrived back at the tavern to find a Kingsman had arrived. Jon and the headsman where grateful for our efforts and sent us home with an agreement to set up a meeting at the Tavern to discuss the terms of the arrangement.

With our objectives complete and back at the towers I congratulate everyone involved for their efforts and I look forward to traveling out of the Towers with you again.

Acolyte of the Dark Path

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