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Report on the Easterlings and the Slave Trade

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Mission A.

In Fools Moon this year, Sir Onyx, Captain of the Order of King Michel, approached our group and asked us to investigate:

(a) the illegitimate enslavement of a high-status White Retreat group by the Easterlings four years’ ago;
(b) the legality of slavery on Orin Rakatha.

The Wolfhold contingent spoke with a representative from the Shadowsfall who explained that slaving can have many meanings, and not all of these go against the Laws of Orin Rakatha. As he said:


  • “The taking and trading of towerless, what is wrong with this? The Easterlings and Dai-fah-Dyne of the Eastern Marches carry this out within the bounds of what is right.” Towerless have no rights under the Laws of Orin Rakatha;
  • if the individuals are towered, then as captives they may be ransomed off, and kept outside of the Towers;
  • (in fact there is nothing strictly against destroying other Towers on Orin Rakatha);
  • the most relevant Law here is that “You must not take members of other Towers into your own by force.”

As members of the afore-mentioned White Retreat group have ended up in the Labyrinth of Xenos Tower as constructs, this last Law must therefore have been breached.

While on this mission (in Maegnor Swamp territory, near the Open Gauntlet waystation) we met and spoke with Osama o-Jaffa of the Scouring Wind, Chieftain of the Hammas Tribe. He did not at that time have access to the details and thus suggested we should visit the Great Desert (also known as the Oasis of Souls) where we could question those who would. As outsiders are not permitted in the Desert, we could only enter under his employ. We came to an arrangement whereby we would perform a task for him and provision him with “suitable goods” (slaves), and in return he would invite senior representatives from other tribes who we could question on the matter. As he had already hired another group for this task (a psionicist Mini-saka and entourage) we were first required to prove that we were the more worthy group through combat.


Mission B.

On the mission sponsored by Lord Vetzlar and House Tumdurgul two weeks’ later, we encountered an Easterling of the Ordos Tribe, who was also a member of the Scouring Wind. He and his slaves were causing some disruption for potion manufacture within the Alliance, as they were killing the Dai-fah-Dyne herb gatherers who picked one of the components. We therefore killed him.

We were subsequently visited by the Lifebearer of the Omar Tribe, who indicated that he was most impressed that even a group of us were able to take down a member of the Scouring Wind. It transpires that these are a collection of the elite warriors from the different tribes of the Easterlings. He granted us a boon, that should we (members of the Alliance) find ourselves lost within the Desert at some point, the Omar Tribe would provision us with food, water and shelter for the period of a day.


Mission C.

We travelled to the Great Desert, a journey that took many days. We wore red head attire to indicate our employ, in accordance with instructions received earlier from the Hammas Tribe. The Wolfhold Ambassadors had generously provided a slave, with whom the Hammas Chieftain Osama o-Jaffa was suitably pleased and he therefore granted us three days’ stay within the Well of Peace.

Osama o-Jaffa tasked us with retrieving an “heirloom” that was “taken from his tent” by “bandits”. This object, the Eye of the Beast, was now residing at the Well of the Beast. We did so, killing guardians of the Well (Priests from the Denier Tribe) who we later found re-animated as undead warriors. The Eye was in the possession of some followers of Ungoliant, who were all slain. We discovered that one of its properties was to summon forth nightmare forms from the minds of those who approached.

The group leader became possessed by this Eye and was apprehended and restrained. While he was recovering, we gave the object to the Hammas Chieftain as agreed. In return, representatives from different tribes arrived soon after:


  • Olafi ak-Mosala, Champion of the Scouring Wind, Chieftain of the Ordos Tribe.
  • Mustapha al-Huma, Elder of the Quahib Tribe.
  • Ashanti, of the Hashi-Shan, “Right Hand of Khamul”.
  • A Vizier “of the One Mind”, from the Denier Tribe.
  • Ashtari o-Undash, Chieftain of the Omar Tribe.
From their accounts, and that of the Dai-fah-Dyne (Eastern Marches) who later visited us at High Priest Melkeron’s request, we gathered that:

The Ordos Tribe had taken the eight non-Priests and subsequently sold them to the Labyrinth of Xenos.

  • Jules Everbright (Red Sorcerer), Stellar (Blue Wizard), Galina Stormbright (White Wizard), Elderan (Journeyman Seeker), Stefan (Master Seeker), Rollonberry (Veteran Crusader), Mathias Longberry (Champion Crusader), Gunther Lowenbrau (Champion Crusader).
I was part of a group who had recovered Seeker Elderan near the Ikarthian Triangle one year and half passed, the others were still missing.

The Omar Tribe took the others:

  • trading both Sir Onyx and Jogun of Hobart (Paladin in the OKM) to the Denier Tribe. Sir Onyx was subsequently recovered, dead, after Galnin paid the Dai-fah-Dyne for his return;
  • traded Jolan Haarstan (Hospitaller High Priest) to the Quahib Tribe. Melkeron negotiated his future release for 170 Gests and trading privileges with this tribe;
  • sold Paolo Estrade (White Path High Priest) to the Saldoreans. He was subsequently recovered and now resides near Halmaddons Heights.

To retrieve the two who yet reside with the Easterlings we were recommended to visit the slave fayre (held three moons later) in the Desert, as their protocol prohibits trade with outsiders at other times. By performing an unspoken favour for Fisal ibn-Shak ibn-Khamul, Vizier of the Omar Tribe, we received and accepted an invite to be hosted under the auspices of his family at this time.

The favour involved the discreet removal of a Dymwan (an “honoured guest”), who had been resident at the nearby Well of the Damned for over twenty moons, whom the Vizier felt had overstepped the boundaries which the Easterlings had granted him.

To ensure the ‘discreet’ part, we had made an agreement with the Lifebearer of the Omar Tribe, that he would petition most of the local Chieftains on our behalfs to “look aside” that night, in exchange for defeating some aspirant Scouring Wind warriors who he did not deem worthy of the position. This we did easily the next day.



Easterling society comprises a large number of tribes. Within each tribe may be a number of Chieftains (also known as Elders), who are advised by their Viziers (also known as Wise Men). Of the tribes that we met:


Hashi-Shan (Assassins). Apparently formed on the orders of Khamul, feared by the other tribes, and considered efficient at their duties: “the hidden hand that wields the knife of Khamul”. Generally only seen in times of trouble or war, they had been issued with an invitation to the meeting but o-Jaffa had not expected its uptake. Often accompanied by creatures of darkness and despair, and use morgul wraiths as footsoldiers in battle. When around protocol dictates that one should not turn one’s back on them, nor move to go behind them.

Quahib (Mages). Cast the magic of sand, air, fire and storms (yet as a sphere); provide elementals (such as efreets) to other tribes less magically endowed such as the Ordos.

Ordos (Warriors). Many make up the Scouring Wind, yet appear lacking in spiritual and magical capabilities. On one occasion were quickly defeated after all their swords were disintegrated. Dwell further into the Desert, to demonstrate how “tough” they are.

Denier (Priests). Accorded respect from the other tribes, said by the Dai-fah-Dyne to be more interested in work than profit.

Omar (Traders). Responsible for issuing invitations for non-Easterlings to enter into trade. They are hosting the next slave market. Their Vizier commented that “the longer we stay on Orin Rakatha, the more we realise we must become like you. We will find a way to work together”.

Hammas (Slavers). Issued our initial invitation and held to the agreement made. They seem subsequently to have been putting the Eye of the Beast to use on Orin Rakatha. This acquisition was regarded as “a bold move” by one of the other tribal representatives. o-Jaffa commented that he could not be held accountable for its retrieval, as this was the work of outsiders.

The Dai-fah-Dyne of the Eastern Marches trade directly with the Omar and Ordos tribes. They trade via the Omar with the Denier and Quahib tribes.

Upon meeting, a common greeting exchanged is “may you find water and shade”. Within the Desert, in addition to the Wells are the Oases where water can be found. The Desert continues to grow, but not as rapidly as it once did. The Desert becomes harsher towards the centre. Outsiders are generally considered unwelcome by the tribes, and trespass is likely to invite hostilities.
By my hand,

Kevralyn Soulfire
Hero of the Alliance
Priestess of Lloth
15th Sorceress of House Tumdurgul
4th in Line to the Throne of Annach Morannonil


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