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The orders I received at the grove were to attend a waystation near fortunes keep and white retreat where the party consisted of

Less experienced group

Leitha Fae Druid  (Leader)            Tarquin Gauntlet                              Sion Aspirant 

Dom Aspirant                                    Lightning Barbarian aspirant        Scorch Aspirant good scout

Alariel Aspirant

Due to been unable to remember all the people in the high status party and their guilds I will leave there names for someone else to report my apologies to the guilds on this. But I wish to cause no offence.

Fire Day

We met at the waystation the Way of Sighs near the river of Calix and were met by Isabella of the Tananor and the leader of the green school of magic. We discovered the deaths of the king and members of the white retreat. Who sacrificed themselves so that chaos would be put back to balance on Murandir. The other thing I found out was our new king Faldor Steel is brother of the guild leader of the pathfinders. Our orders were given the ritual would begin fire day night and finish the next evening in which time we may be visited by the spirits of former loved ones. Our first mission was to move out and escort a reader to the way station while the others combat a rogue elemental. We moved out and engaged a number of elementals and wolves. We come across a frantic pathfinder who informed us the reader had been captured. I was unsure of why a group of wolves would actually capture a reader and not kill him if for food. So we went on cautiously located him and escorted him back finding some people possessed by spirits we moved on with nothing I could do for them. We got back met Hagan of the pathfinders and took it easy until we found the other group come back under heavy casualties. We healed up and were guided to the ritual where we took part in the ritual to our loved ones. We went back and took it easy been visited by people of the towers.  The Shadowsfall came and told us that we the time of reckoning was happening. 

Steel Day

So woke up and got some breakfast from the valley chef nice breakfast. So we get a visit from the Halmadons Heights, they brought the ark of fire. They proceed to tell us the time has come that the balance of the four winds is to be done now in this window of opportunity due to them holding the hierophants’ of the dark wind back. After hearing how badly it had gone for others it was a hard task ahead. The base was suddenly attacked so I told the group as we had our orders and information that we move out quickly and not engage in this battle. We move out over the dunes to a safe area and begin the ritual of the oracle of the blood wind. First we’re assailed by the dark wind elementals who are put back into the cycle. Nothing happens so we do the ritual again and the blood wind oracle appears. We speak for a bit and start the ritual. We’re attacked again and again until the ritual is completed we receive a boon each and one for the fortunes keep. We make the promise to start a temple to the four winds and then gather followers to it to keep the four winds in balance. We then move out back to the waystation.  We have lunch and I am visited by Alhawen Fae sorceress of the green school of magic wizardess of the blue school of magic my sister, she convinced me and brought me to forsake my vow of vengeance on the dymwan and stop my bloodlust for my enemies and to allow the cycle to stay in balance with myself. We find out dreadlord Araikis has run into trouble. We are informed that one group will go help him the other will go wake some Kalid who are dreaming his problems up. So I lead my group across the forest into the wilds and find a small building with an imp outside of it. We were trying to work out a way to get in but it wouldn’t work and the imp kept lying to us. We were given a challenge to get someone in to dream so We all had a go at the first one and failed. We were then assailed by animals that had been warped by the children of the brood, some of my commands for them to withdraw as children of the earth mother  to return to the wilds but then they attacked. We let their cycle continue to the glory of the earth mother. We were constantly assailed and another challenge was produced in which I was slightly devious. I suddenly hit the ground and awoke inside the shack with three Kalid in there. I decided there would be one way to wake them without breaking the pact of neutrality shake them until they woke up. I first woke the nearest man up then a woman then another male and kind of lied to get myself out of trouble. Then heard people fighting. I found my party fighting then they all fell asleep. The Kalid left the building and then put a ward up stopping me get out. I weren’t happy. Four times in two missions I got stuck in wards. Managed to get out of it and moved my people home.  Had a nice tea and Sir Clavados of the white retreat and Sir Verrick turned up shortly followed by an annoying Kalid, then a shadowsfall member came in and informed us we lost white retreat and Wolfhold. The Kalid also had to leave their towers and all there people weren’t allowed to go back until they killed a member of the valley. I told him our blades are free and shall destroy oppression and tyranny.  A scout locates a base of Kalid nearby and the high status party are ordered to go combat it, we are instructed to hold the waystation. A general stand too is called and all warriors and scouts are put on guard duty while I and Tarquin began invoking.  We were then attacked and the attacks became constant the pathfinders guild master began using the waystation as a communications base so I informed the men we had to hold out at all costs. So we tightened up security and kept holding on fighting it out fight after fight came on at us and a river of blood began to form in the sands of the earth mothers grace. We constantly held off and we received constant communications bringing bad news after bad news of the fallen including 14 well known names of the kingdom of the valley. It was bad but we held out and landed up falling into a trap at one point trying to rescue a pathfinder but found we were brought into a trap but we held off and destroyed them, by the time the other group came back we were in trouble needing more power to keep ourselves a float. We held out. We were informed we had been instrumental in the destruction of the local command of Kalid and had helped get people from the two towers into the fortunes keep and saved lives. Unfortunately at the cost of many. We were able to rest as the enemy had retreated the battle of the waystation was over......


The next morning I awoke and went to breakfast to find most of the men weren’t up yet. Had breakfast and found ourselves under a Kalid attack the men were awoken by their elementals. We took a beating and suddenly came back out fighting and destroyed the enemy. We were visited by the Halmadon heights gentlemen who were after the inheritance of Morigar. We went out to go get it from the people who were missing. We moved off and were assailed a couple of times by the Kalid but eventually we found the people and the inheritance of Morigar and gave it to the Halmadonians.  Our mission done   we made our way home to find out the extent of the casualties and the new arrangements of fortunes keep.  Rangers and Druids now live out of the towers and druids in the grove due to the situation.


My sister said some very deep words to me when her spirit approached me. She told me do not despair the cycle is continuous forever, that nothing is really ever over and people will see each other again. I hope in these dark and frightening times this may give a bit of light in people’s hearts.

Report for the librarians of the valley

Leitha Fae


Son of Talid of Wolfhold and Earwen of the wood elves.

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