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Storm on the Horizon - by Caradac

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Mission Summary from Caradac, Journeyman Seeker.

A group led by Kevralyn Soulfire joined by Shard Farsight, John Barleycorn, Maggot and Tarquin with assistance from Randolphin,  Gutrot Stonefist and Marten.

This group arrived at a Waystation I was staying in and I interrupted my own business to assist them with their mission.  Not that they really needed me to do so, being extremely capable in their own right.  Even the naughty ones.

Dymwan and the Blood Wind.

The Blood Wind is one of the Four Winds that were once bound to Orin Rakatha  It is the East Wind, opposed by the Darkwind.  For the time being, the Blood Wind is dormant and in some way embodied or contained within a group of Hierarchs.

The Dymwan seek to control this Wind and their efforts appear to be headed up by one Chief Archaeologist Tomas, assisted by Archaeologist Durwent.

A Dymwan encampment was also cleared out but during the a release of necromantic power upon the death of their leader (Probably Priest Geraud), Randolphin was struck down by a most Fell Spirit and retired to the Towers to recover.

The Dymwan previously recovered a Herald of the Blood Wind from the Aldonar Tombs which they embodied as a Vampire Essence. This embodied creature proved extremely difficult to control, killing its Dymwan master but not before leading them to the Shrine of the Blood Wind Oracle, a Hierarch.  The Valley group prevented the infliction of a “condition” upon the Oracle but it is known that the Dymwan have succeeded in this task with other Hierarchs and also that yet more remain undiscovered.

A third force was also at work but remain unidentified.  They arrived at the Shrine before the Dymwan who attacked them.  Weakened by this, we swept them aside but never knew who they were.  The only clue to their identity was that they referred to a force at their disposal as the Men-Hadim, a force that the Dymwan were unable to overcome.  These Men-Hadim may be poisonous snake- or lizard-creatures or they may be Bloodwind Vessels, a zombie-like creature we found there.  A magic wielder we captured from the Shrine rose from the dead after succumbing to his wounds.  He may have been from the mysterious third group.

Labyrinth of Xenos and the Garamites

In the process of securing the area around the Waystation, we removed a Garamite Duke by the name of Draha who was waiting for a meeting.  In addition to the expected minions and mushrooms, he was accompanied by an Earth Elemental.  He was able to transport himself away from the area before succumbing to our attack.

From the letters we found in the rubble remains of the elemental, it appears that the Garamites are not native to Orin Rakatha, not strong enough to command a Tower themselves and looking for allies towards that end.  Their suit has been rejected by a “King” and they seek other allies among the Towered.

A Labyrinth of Xenos Geomancer which was originally to participate in the Trial of Simian was discovered to be defective.  In the process of “recovering” the dismantled unit to spare the LoX any embarrassment, we discovered that the Garamites were also trying to forge relations with this rogue unit.  We do not believe that this was not an official LoX policy but rather an agreement being made with a now defunct Geomancer unit.  This was undoubtedly the source of Draha’s Earth Elemental.  

Other letters recovered clearly indicated that the Garamites were attempting to ally themselves with the Stone Panther Clan of the Khalid, of which more later.  Lastly, I believe there is a slight change to the translation of a scroll I have seen.  The sentence “Our path is set.” should read “Our Path is Set.”

The Trial of Simian

Answering the call from the Valley for interested Towers to attend and put themselves forward as part of the Tribunal, representatives were received from Halmadon’s Heights, Dai-Fah-Dyne, Reader, Shadowsfall, Wizards Concilium, Celestial Bureaucracy and the Labyrinth of Xenos.  The LoX, Bureaucracy and Halmadonian representatives were chosen to be members of the Tribunal and the Shadows fall chose himself to act as Judge.  To absolutely no one’s surprise.

Simian was delivered into our keeping for a time before the trial and Gutrot Stonefist joined the group at that time.  An attempt was made to kill Simian or, possibly, to capture him.  Subsequent materials found on an assassin indicate that they were sent by a mercenary company on Murandir from a neighbour of Rol Farantir.

The following day, in spite of Hero Shards warnings, Simian engineered a second escape attempt.  This failed and upon his recapture, he was incapacitated in such a way that he would be able to be tried without being a risk to those around him.  A short time later, he was visited by some well-wishers from Wolfhold and we gave them some private time with their old friend Simian so they could reminisce about old times.  Ah, the happy times they must have discussed…

At the trial itself, Simian was found Not Guilty of deliberately unleashing the North Wind but Guilty of breaking Valley Law.  This first was later shown to be an incorrect conclusion but did seem to allay the anger of many of the Tower representatives.  Shard was charged with passing sentence on Simian (imprisonment in Sector 7 until such time as the Valley had need of him) but before the prisoner could be transported away, we were attacked by an Ancient Wendigo.  The Wendigo transported Simian away from us, saying “The North Wind claims its own!”  After a brief conflict, it too disappeared in an icy blast.

Boreas the North Wind and the Stone Panthers

During the entire mission, we saw not a single hordeling but were continually beset by spirits of cold and evil.  These were not undead and often came upon us after we became unaccountably fatigued, sometimes even falling asleep.

While clearing the area, we ran into a scout of the Khalid Stone Panthers claiming to be of the Lodge of the Eating Wind.  We believe this to be the same as the Lodge of the Hungry Wind.  A letter from Palu (Guardian of the Crystal Groves) appears to be from the Stone Panthers and talks of changes since the Breaking and the fall of the wind walker.  

A second missive from Talu (Dragon Shaman and Hierarch of the Boreas) offered encouragement to the Garamite Duke in seeking to pass on the inheritance of the Boreas to them.  It is possible that Talu and Palu are the same but I did not see these letters side-by-side.

Additionally, the plot by Simian to escape relied on a box of “evidence” which was to be brought to us at the Waystation.  This was intercepted by some Stone Panthers from whom we recovered it.  I believe that, whatever the contents of the box may originally have been, the Panthers replaced it with the trapped item used to create a diversion for Simians attempted escape.  Finally, as we prepared to leave the Waystation, we were assailed by a strong group of Khalid Stone Panthers.  With them was an undead creature, the Oracle of the North Wind.  Simian (for he it was, transformed) claimed to have found a home which recognised his station and potential.  Unpleasantness followed.  After defeating the Khalid, we turned our undivided attention on the Oracle and, under a withering array of blows, it began to proclaim about the North Wind.  A lot.  Eventually, it disappeared in an icy explosion.

Some of the group believed it destroyed but I think it left of its own accord having been unable to exact its revenge upon us.

Other Matters of Note

On numerous occasions, we came across people associated with the Bloodwind dressed in a red tabard with a white cross in the centre of the chest.  It may be that this is theirs specifically or that it indicates the Tower of the Winds colours.

No additional Bloodwind activity has been seen following the driving off of the Dymwan.

In the event that the Bloodwind is released, the West Wind (the Darkwind) will be difficult to oppose it with.  It will be difficult to summon following the likely destruction of its primary Point of Power.  Once summoned, several groups possess the knowledge to turn it from its natural tasks and, instead, direct it to their own ends.

We also found skeletal remains in a plain black tabard with gold edging.  Even communion with the Spheres was unable to reveal any further information.

It seems possible that Boreas is Set.

Following the unbinding of Boreas (the North Wind), the South Wind (Sirocco) was placed into the Ark of Fire by its followers and pursued Boreas into the Void with the intention of destroying it.

We have two options for countering Boreas.  To unbind it once more from Orin Rakatha or to balance it by releasing Sirocco.  The former would require great sacrifice by Boreas’ worshippers but, as the Stone Panthers just got it back, I am guessing they will not be keen.  The second can only be done in High Summer and will need to see the Ark recovered from the Void.  Good luck with that.
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