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The Colour of Darkness by Leitha Fae

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Go to the Aldonar tombs area to meet with Silar a guide to the Aldonar Fort to meet a Blue sorcerer and deal with the uncontrolled masses of undead in the area. thats basics.
Leader: Randolphin  
Leitha Fae  
Jack Morgan
Mission report: 
We left the towers and met with Silar of Wolfhold. So got orders and moved on down a path trying and came upon a group of undead who were quickly sent on to earth mother. moved on again and again engaged by undead with a strange magic undead that was white and used white magic. pretty well. we destroyed them and moved on. we eventually got to the aldonar fort where we found the van guard and blue sorcerer Ashley. we got inside and took it easy discussing the mission with him. we found out the wards in the area were weakening and needed restrengthening. Then visited by Raganothin a mist shaman who came to congratulate us on putting a mist weaver into the kern valley. obvious confusion broke out and when revealed we had not. the mist shaman said this is bad and wished for the name of the mist weaver and who put him in as mist weaver. he spoke with us for  a while and was unhappy. so we went back inside after he left. for a while we rested until the Fortunes keep administrator came and visited. We're also visited by a Humacti,  visited by thralk of house Drannath who with Randolphin were asked to step forwards. They were asked to report on a mission that happened five moons ago which related to this mission and because the report had not been brought to public knowledge they had caused problems. This became even more aparent after the Fortunes Keep administrator left and we found out House Taldurin were here to claim on the deal done two moons ago in the Kimon. Randolphin honoured his part of it and we were still attacked by the Drow. we gave as  good as we recieved. the leader left his shades and took his people with him but left his shades they were also destroyed after they attacked us. After a while the Celestrial Beaurachracy turned up and we struck a deal. They find out who the mist weaver in the Kern Valley is and who instated him there and we destroy an undead named marcus armitage a sorcerer of the Aldonar. We agreed on the deal then they left.  The fortunes keep administrator came back nd so did a sergeant of the white retreat, we then carried on and reported on what happened. We told him what had happened and we were told a ward expert would come in the morning. I then spoke to the Humacti who had very paitently waited for an elf in the party to come and speak to her. She mentioned the name Marina and the elven vampires and undead. She reacted in a surprised manner when I told her i knew her and managed to survive after seeing her. we spoke for a while about personal details of how I knew her (I will only release information privately if people wish to know what was said in this discussion). with Randolphin taken we decided to do some democratic voting on who were leader. so Ichabod became leader and me deputy. 
Steel Day 
 First thing we were visited by Ashley and while only three of us were out of bed we were visited by a group of hordelings. we managed to fend them off and kill them while been joined by the rest of the party. We were gave orders by the Warden to the affect that theyre were four different nodes to get to with a ring to take it down, then we had to do a ritual to put it back up. so after the celestrial beaurachacy sent an emmisary to give us the name Arnold Spark Fist and was instated by the mist lord. So we went forwards into the wilds and found a scout hordeling watching us. After following it to its friends we were engaged in combat by the hordelings and killed them. Onto that we went forwrds into the node area where we found a funnily shaped building and a group of elementals.  We close in while trying to move round one of the party struck an elemental and they attacked in force. we made our way to the node and held the area around it till the ritual was complete. Then we scarpered over the hills while been engaged. Constantly harassed we pulled back in an ordered fashion and slew the elementals as we withdrew. we moved back to the fort to find it ransacked by hordelings who wished to hold the fort. they were envelloped and slain in the fort. After resting we moved fowards encountering the dymwan scum as we moved on, There was no other way round and so war was already at hand and with that they advanced on us and we advanced on them. Many were paralyzed and many drained of their power. But in the end we pushed them back and slew them. We moved forwards and found the second node. it was gaurded by more elementals. we got up to the node and stepped next to the barrier before been turned on by the elementals. At one stage i heard the line in trouble and went to try and cause disaray and confusion from the rear before been pushed back by over whelming numbers and was entrapped in the node. I was trapped there and went balistic trying to dig my way out and bash the wards down before falling asleep. I woke up to find myself with Layla and the three others above me and my face stung  a bit. I heard people saying hordelings and i wanted to get back to my duties. but I could not talk, I quickly joined the fight and helped end it. I found out the others had took out the next node while i had been trapped. Raganothing turned up again and told us that we will help him become the mist weaver through our power and help. we move off under his direction. we move forwards and meet a strong and disciplined force of hordelings they went down. we kept moving forward engaged another group and then killed them. Eventually we finally got into the area to perform the ritual. we gave him our power and i gave him my affinity to nature. We then recieved a small scouting party of hordelings. we engaged them and killed them. We were then asked for more power they carried on and gave more power. Then we were engaged by a group of hordelings and a crush troll thing. We killed it eventually. The next time they came the mist weaver appeared. we engaged it and eventually it skulked off. the mist shaman had won. Raganothing then went on  myst walk. On that note we moved out, returned to base and were greeted by Ashley and the administrator of the Fortunes Keep. After resting a while purple things were spotted in the distance, eventually it turned out to be a members of the wizards concillium and some aldonar, quite a shock i admit. i had to pinch myself to believe the Aldonar were real and there.  They demanded our hut and when asked to share refused and told us to get out at which point we were attacked and decided patience had worn thin. they were  strong. But in the end  they died and the aldonar did not get involved and walked away after the Wizards concillium wizard was dead. They just took the artifacts of the Aldonar and walked away. We had a beautiful meal. Met with the celestrial beaurachracy and discussed the wear abouts of marcus armitage. we were helped by Raganothing and recieved help from him full healing. we Prepared for another big fight. We then moved out into the wilds, on route we encoutered some Aldonar undead. a ghoul paralyzed a few of us. we defeated them and carried on down the road till we met a group of dymwan. theyre was one who was civil at the start and claimed marcus armitage was the dymwan property, but then he turned out to be another piece of cycle perverting filth and we killed them and carried on up to the last of the four nodes. we had a plan to trap the mist lord in the node so we could complete two tasks in one as we were told by raganothing that if we trapped or slew his mist form that he currently precided in we would severely weaken him. so we decided trap him in the node helps a lot. so we got there and began our preperations. we opened up the node to find out that macus armitage was in the mood for a fight . So as his friends came in as well to attack us we managed to fend off the foeman with a couple of peoples been taken down. He decided to leave us and walked off. Then the mist lords hordelings turned up, the one talked to us for  a moment jibing us before Anthrax thankfully helped it to learn the virtue of silence, through a maim. its cycle was completed. The thing had re-enforcements and eventually the mist lord turned up. i had never seen a mist lord before and my god i was stunned. It went into the node and the first time left it again, I got trapped in yet another damn node. At which point I was extremely annoyed and taunted the hordelings eventually Ichabod managed to release me at which point i could see some very annoyed hordelings so I hit one and ran like billio. I got to the line and as Layla Ichabod and Tarquin went in I was told stay out and distract them. So hit a few hordelings and then people yelled Leitha run, my heart sank, i sighed and just said "His behind me S**t" and jumped out the way. I considered myself incredibly lucky. Tarquin was then beguiled by the Mist lord and asked me what was the plan. I didnt know he was at the time, but I told him he knew the plan and to get on with it. we managed to trap the Myst lord on the forth attempt. we withdrew as quickly as possible, I had to carry back Kylar who looked really limp. we moved quickly to get out of there and bolted over the wall. We won. We had taken a lot of hurt and so we made our way back to the fort and were visited by Raganothing who healed us and told us of our success and the entrapment of the myst lord. so we got out of the way and took it easy. 
We awoke to the dawn chorus of the birds. the wilds seemed so much more peaceful. We had breakfast and were visited by Ashley and the Halmadonian Heights who wanted an evil artifact we had. Under Ichabods command it was handed over to them. This wasnt of any use to us it had done what it was meant to do so had become obsolete. We were then were informed about the dymwan doing a ritual to get marcus under their spell. We sent out scouts to find the enemy and i joined the scouts encountering  lone scout, I thought to kill him quickly and without any problems but i was told not to, for i had not seen the ten others near by but after been made aware of that fact i pulled back and went back to base to report on where the enemy were. We advanced into battle and after all grouping up we met the enemy unit in battle and slew them all. We had stopped the ritual and Marcus would not come under their spell. so we moved back to base to discover the celestrial beaurachracy weren't happy. We tried to sue for peace but they were angered about the fact we kept the myst lord in the ward which stopped some prophecy of theirs as they were part of a sect that was into astronomy and reading the stars. We tried to talk our way out but they attacked us and after an hours fighting we killed them. We were told our mission was complete and were escorted home. 
I wish to thank Ichabod for his great leadership and strength. The members of the party were great warriors and healers and i must say i was proud to stand beside such heroic people in the midst of overwhelming odds.  
For the Librarians of the Kern Valley 
Leitha Fae 
Crusader Veteran
Son of Talid of Wolfhold and Earwen of the Wood elves

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