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The Dymwan: Intelligence Report

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The following information has been declassified for immediate release.  It was current in Fool’s Moon PC04.

Boon:  All Undead have Hits doubled.
Bane:  The Good Sphere is suppressed.
Hordelings:  Dymwan perceive Hordelings as wild, uncontrolled undead with the abilities one would expect.  What Valley see as a Troll, they see as a Greater Zombie for example.
Deaths Head
A specially formed group of Dymwan assembled to achieve a task by any and all means necessary.  This most definitely includes the destruction of any Dymwan that stand in their way.  All Deaths Head carry a special token which binds them and grants them authority.  A Deaths Head can only be called by a senior figure in the Dymwan and enacted by the Chancellery. Once enacted, its legitimacy cannot be cancelled.
Chancellor Untapt: Ultimate power within the Dymwan Nation.  In possession of The Seal of the Masters. (Has understood and utilised its power.)
Baltaz Drinkwater:  Retinue slain by Deaths Head who bartered for the location of Tallaska Dern.
Tallaska Dern:  Resident in The Home which is also called The Spirit Well.
Mickel Mauricewhite: Believed to be living.  Curator of many powerful Dymwan artefacts which may be made available for missions.
Marius Seren: Aldonar. Held spirit of Lilith (sister of Lord Janus) as a hostage.  Childhood associate of Cardinaris.  Extensive history known to the Valley.  Lilith was released by slaying him.
Dominion.  Aldonar.  Herald of House of Isra Soren. Guide.
Rigor Mortis.  Living.
Ashazore: Known as “Ash”. Deaths Head.  Living. Priest of all Spheres casting Necromancy and Humacti invocations.  Heals both the living and the dead.  Summons undead and casts wards.
Zadash: Deaths Head.  Living.  Necromantic Priest.  Heals undead.  Was embodied by Lord Janos with an Ancient Vampire Spirit used to raise the VaMuGhast.
Kronge: Deaths Head. Living. Scout.  Spied for Dymwan in Valley Nation.  Darkhome sector tracking Calex Wraithspawn to find a way to Stormfather Mountain.
Deefoo: Deaths Head.  Living.  Scout
Tyran: Deaths Head.  Undead.  Lich.  Fire Sorceror.
Igor: Deaths Head.  Undead.  Greater Zombie with unusual martial prowess and intelligence.
Other non-Dymwan individuals
Shadow:  Deaths Head.  Living.  Assassin and trap handler.
The Stranger: Deaths Head.  Undead.  Spy.
Sir Gurthang.  Deaths Head. Presumed living. Knight.  Aiding the Dymwan to be freed of an obligation or debt.
Calex Wraithspawn:  Drow.  Void-tainted.  No longer has any Death Knights but has a band of invisible creatures that remain with him, never leaving the shadows.  Also working with Cult of Hate.
Hepath of Imprisonment.  Released from a Canopic Jar.  Bribed to leave by giving it a thousand souls from the Stone of Souls.

Goods and Prices in PC04
Cold Iron: 80 Gests per pinch
White Arrowroot: 100 Gests per gram
Elder Vampire Blood: 700 Gests per dose
Silver Vessel: Price unknown
Borrison: Trader.  Engaged by Deaths Head to obtain Greater Vampire Blood, White Arrowroot and Cold Iron.
Hassan: Potion Trader

Plane of the Sleepless Dead

The Home.  Also known as The Spirit Well.  Being used a correctional institute and mental asylum for troubled Dymwan.  Some “patients” here are political prisoners.
The Dark Pass.
The Professor.  Psionic.  Senior figure at The Home.  Chief Doctor?  Jailer?  Torturer?  Treatments are long, agonising and invariably fatal.
Rupert. Guard at The Home.
Kovar. Guard at The Home.
Telandra Nightfall. Patient at The Home.
Pina Gravestealer. Patient at The Home.
Arkot. Patient at The Home. See Dehori.
Kouzin Laka. Patient at The Home.  Released by Deaths Head.  A difficult patient, freed and engaged to assist in overthrow of the Professor.  Rescued.  Experimented with LoX technology creating very strange drones.
Lord Janus.  Aldonar.  Realmlord of Darkpass and ruler of Royal House of Unlife.
Lilith.  Aldonar.  Spirit.  Held hostage in Marius Soren.

A VaMuGhast is a joining together of an Ancient or Elder Vampire Spirit, a newly created Mummy Lord and a binding of a Greater Ghast.  It is unclear resulting creature is not dismissible or controllable.
Raising a VaMuGhast is a complex procedure requiring a willing Vampire spirit to guide the creature and a Mummy Lord to combine into it.  The Greater Ghast is by far the easiest of the components to obtain.
The Mummy Lord requires a ritual using three empty Canopic Jars.  Emptying such a Jar requires releasing whatever it contains.  Usually, they have been used to seal away dangerous or troublesome creatures or individuals.
The ritual site was warded by an acolyte of Marius Soren using the Stone of Souls to keep all non-Dymwan away from the site.  An attempt was made by the Labyrinth of Xenos to take the Stone but it was thwarted by the Deaths Head.
The Vampire would need to be re-embodied in an Old One.  Meaning, in this case, a Laire Tinwe Noble or a Sneverheim Barbarian.  The Dymwan used a Sneverheim which they kept weakened by disease until they were ready to prepare it as a vessel.   It was rediseased, warded and buried in preparation.  This vessel was left for a day and then infused with a Greater Ghast and mummified using the Canopic Jars.  The final ritual required the casting of Hallowed, Unhallowed and Balanced Ground.
Halmadons Heights, the Shadowsfall and the Valley all attempted to prevent the raising of the VaMuGhast.
When created, a VaMuGhast will have four phylacteries which will need to be separated.  All four must be destroyed before the creature can be destroyed.  The last one to be raised was slain by the Elves (presumably of Laire Tinwe) at great cost.  Perhaps they should be consulted if any preparation or rituals are required.  The phylacteries were given to Ashazore, Marius Soren, Zedash and Chancellor Untapt.  The creature was immediately taken back to the Dymwan Nation.
In order to secure more vessels to raise as VaMuGhasts, a large scattered force was sent towards the Darkwood.  This force was almost completely destroyed when the Stormfather Mountain was closed by the Tempest.

Separate from the Dymwan, dedicated to the eradication of all Humacti.  They will be asking the Oracle how best to achieve this.
Arkot:  Going to “raise” his family. Found as a patient at The Home on PotSD.  Killed, raised as a Revenant.

Fortress of Pentar
Have blocked the way to the Dominion of Blood.  Must be consulted to obtain passage.
Gabrille Chide:  Fortress of Pentar. Spymaster.  Bargained with Deaths Head for information on travel to (and from) the Dominion of Blood and how to bargain with hepaths in a basic way.  This was rendered in exchange for a single vote at any point in the future.  The Dymwan will vote as directed in any single vote as directed by the Fortress of Pentar.

Moot of the Evil Sphere
A meeting of senior figures of all Nations that have a significant following of the Evil Sphere.  Most recently called by Gabrille Chide to discuss the “void” left by the Ascension of Dreadlord Araikis.  A Deaths Head acted as the representatives of the Dymwan at Chancellor Untapt’s request.
Deaths Head:  Attended on behalf of Dymwan as instructed by Chancellor Untapt.  Displayed Stone of Souls (a vessel containing thousands of souls) as a demonstration of power.
Gabrille Chide:  See Fortress of Pentar entry.
Adjudicator Arnholdt:  Shadowsfall.  Confirmed that The Valley were maintainers of Law for Orin Rakatha.  Made an offer to Dymwan: Thirty thousand Gests for any one vote as directed in the future.  
High Priest Salobar:  Halls of Suhtek.  Announced that they would join the Circle Aflame, prompting an assassination attempt by their own Knifemen who declared for the Fortress of Pentar.
Lady Balor:  House of the Weaver.  Proposed that all evil sphere worshippers should rally behind the Prophet (aka the Grey Man).  Did not provide any arguments for such a move but said they may “declare publicly soon” and that the Time of Feasting is near.
Lord Khandis Greyspider:  Sector Lord of Valley Nation.  Revealed that Kiara (Dark Oracle) was residing with the Dymwan for the present.
Relven:  Circle Aflame.
Allister Gleas:  Knights of Her Dark Majesty.  Followers of the Black Pharaoh.
Apologies:  Saldorians:  Unable to attend while Pradot Vey is still too juvenile for such business.
Not invited:  Jewelled Pavilion:  A deliberate omission by the Fortress of Pentar.  Seen as a petty move by many others present.

The Abyss
Gateway plane to the Abyss, similar to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead.  Populated by many hepathic spirits (Fear and Nature).  Halmadons Heights keep a presence on Kimmon to prevent Hepaths from leaving.  They also guard the Gate.
Dominion of Blood.  
The way has been blocked by the Fortress of Pentar who must be consulted to access this place.  Accessed via the Kimmon which is much like the Plane of the Sleepless Dead.  Once there, the Deaths Head were given a Ritual by the Shattered (one of the Five of the Fortress of Pentar) to summon a Hepath of Blood for travel to the Abyss.    To leave you must be dismissed by the Duchess of Blood.
Baha’Lex’Ar.  Duchess of Blood.  “Realmlord” of the Dominion of Blood.  Sometimes appears as Duke of Blood. Can grant knowledge of Blood Rituals.  Bargains are made with Paper and Blood.

Orin Rakatha
The Darkwood.  Passage through here currently controlled by Cult of Hate who are working with Calex Wraithspawn on an unspecified project.  The Cult has kidnapped a Sneverheim for purposes unknown.
Stormfather Mountain.  Home to Sneverheim.  One recently slain by Dymwan to raise VaMuGhast.  One kidnapped by Calex Wraithspawn for purposes unknown.  The Mountain is now sealed behind an impenetrable Tempest of Storms.

Halmadons Heights
Knights of Purity are not favourably inclined to the Dymwan and will initiate combat.
Sir Cuthbert:  Made an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the raising of the VaMuGhast.
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