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The Eostarre Celebration

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I have had the chance to read the reports so quickly filed with the Library and where my knowledge does not differ from that already reported I have chosen not to repeat that said. Choosing instead to concentrate on that which has not already been told.

Additional Visitors to the Oracle and some more detail

1. Kalid. The women who asked a question was the First Sorceress of the Stone. Her question is unknown. I also suspect that this group were of the Doth Lodass.

2. Halmadon’s Height. Apparently the Halmadonians were to ask “what is the nature and the cause of the affliction with the Pax Silvani?” This probably relates to the tale they told us of the lost princes and the fall of their people.

3. The Mistweaver (walker) of the Kern Valley. His question was 'How might the mists be restored to the summer meadows?'. He agreed that he would let the people of 'his' Valley know the answer if he thought it would help.

4. Scholar Vilmeus of the Wizards Concillium. His question related to how to make the portal network he is constructing between Waystations, owned by the Reader, work. It seems he is stuck at the final step.

A trip to the Aldonar Tombs

Runt has already detailed much of what happened to us. She has already indicated that something unusual occured at the conclusion of my duel with Borland, Anti-paladin of the Fell Knights of Ushaz. As Runt has already indicated one of the victims beguiled by the vampire, Roberto, was a member of Wolfhold and the Fell Knights. As we battled to pass them and reach the tomb, I twice engaged the Fell Knight in an attempt to force him to yield. Our first battle was ended inconclusively when after some minutes of battle, he revealed that he was not exerting his full defensive skills. After a brief pause to allow me to fortify myself with the power of the good sphere, and once more strike him strongly enough for him to feel my blows, we continued. In the end, despite repeated calls for him to yield, he chose to fight to the death. Forced to smite him to the floor and grevioulsy wounded myself I began to call for an elixir to use on him. It was then I heard the words 'item inscription do thy work' from the Wizards concillium member who was also beguiled. I was then engulfed in raging lightning and my body rent assunder and tossed to the floor. As I lay dying, and I have not doubt that I was, I received a deeply personal visitation. I have no doubt that it was the affects of this that Runt observed and it was this that saved my life.

I will say no more on what was related to me, for it is something I wish to consider further before sharing. However, I will say this;

To those of the Sacred Swords of Humact.

Let it be known that I now believe that I share a great bond with your order, a bond greater even than that of our shared faith in the Good Sphere. I carry your cause close to my heart and it is with me always. If ever your order has need of me I will provide whatever aid or service I am able, should you venture forth I would stand with you.
Some debts cannot be repayed.

The Abduction of Taraman / The Oracle

I believe those that took this action were Melnibonians. My reasoning follows:

First, the White Seer plainly told us that those that were responsible for ripping the tear into the place of myth and capturing the Oracle were not of that place. The Aldonar we encountered were very much of that place, I would think that that alone would rule them out.

Secondly, the group we encountered with Taraman bore a runic marking upon their faces. This was not the Aldonar rune. I suspect it may have been the clan rune of their T'an but this is but a guess. None of those in this group bore Aldonar colours or Heraldry, most wearing simple black.

Lastly, and for me most tellingly, whenever their wizards called on high magic powers they said, 'I renew my pact with .....'. It seemed the word that followed was linked to the element they called on. This is exactly what the T'an we met in the Valgrind Pass said before he allowed us to approach, seemingly to grant himself a protective skin. I believe in his case he said, 'I renew my pact with Strasha.'. Upon hearing one of them say this I said planly and loudly, 'these foes are Melnibonians'. One of their leaders clearly heard my and did not deny it, indeed he seemed to focus his attentions on me after that. I admit he did not confirm it either, but they weren't much for conversation.

Veteran and Spiritual Warrior, OKM

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