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The Murandir Gambit – Report by Toshiro

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The mission was to restore both Anubis and The Chorian to their avatar forms. This report is missing information from some of the events of the mission as we were often split into three groups, the members of each group varying from time to time. Also I didn’t sit in on the various conversations with the numerous Drow that turned up. I left that to our Drow.

First Evening:

We are at the halfway house on Thranduil, waiting to cross over to Murandir for the following day.

The group split up with the more experienced members going out to deal with some Angmarians in the area. [Myself, Lancorrin, Kevralyn, Thralk, Khandis, Slag, Gutrot, Ezekial, Aruna]

On our way to find the Angmarians we fight forest creaturess and some Agothians with a Soul Reaver. We eventually find a group of goblinoids wearing the Eye along with a human priest. A fight ensues and we slay them. Some of the low status group arrive and say that they are having problems with an Agothian Soul Marker back at the base and that the Chorian requested that we go back to see what’s going on. Lancorrin and Gutrot stay out to see if there are more Angmarians and later report having dealt with one more bunch of them. The undead had been dealt with by the time we get back. The group who stayed at the base report that a Morgothian from the Shrouded Tower turned up to thank us (for information provided to them on a previous mission). The low status group tell us that the Arnorians are gaining in strength under their new king. A local lieutenant, Skav, may visit.

A group of Morgothians appear with a number of the Corsairs in the group. The leader was a High Priest called Dane Claw who claims allegiance to both Barad Tirgul and the valley and wears the colours of both. They are here to secure the halfway house so a fight ensues with the Corsairs coming over to our side. Dane Claw is killed in the fight and his body returned to Wolfhold.

The Patriarch of house Dranath arrives and charges Kevralyn with negotiating with house Valdurim for the key to the chaos vortex and with removing any chaos tainted house Valdurim drow along the way.

First Day:

Now on Murandir, in the morning we are attacked by strange chaos elementals whose blows hurt those of higher status more.

Once again the group is split into three parties. One group stays to defend kings fort, another goes to retrieve some items from a tomb while the higher status group [Myself, Lancorrin, Kevralyn, Kahndis, Devan, Thralk and Luka] goes to get the key. We encounter a Thessessin herding some chaos beastmen which we kill. Further on Thralk goes to scout a group of Thessessin and is captured. It appears they are Shark Cult followers who are collecting slaves. Tempted though we were to let them have him we kill them and retrieve him. Some wild drow attempt to block our passage and we quickly deal to them. We meet the 5th Sorcerer of House Valdurim and after some negotiations by Kevralyn and a scuffle with some chaos beastmen we obtain the key.

On our return to base we learn that The Chorian has been strengthening himself by summoning undead.

The group that went to the tomb fought various underground denizens and have returned with the ritual components required by Anubis.

We have to use the key to summon a spur of the chaos vortex so that The Chorian and Anubis can consume it to power their rituals. The high status group sets up the key in a suitable location on the far side of kings fort such that we can defend the area without looking at the chaos spur which blinds those who look at it. We fought off several waves of chaos creatures then closed the portal and retrieved the key.

While we were doing this the low status group went to talk to some nearby goblins and met a suspicious character called “John Smith”. They talked to Sputnik, the goblin ambassador. The Goblin King may put himself forward for leadership of the Valley Tower but he has some demands: That there be a “Nathan Day” declared, the tower must be renamed (various interesting suggestions put forward), equal rights for goblins, statues of Nathan must be erected and we must kill the Bandit King.

The base is assaulted by a large group of chaos elementals and beastmen.

Drurzel Everhate, 6th High Priest of House Durilhach arrives.
(it turns out that the low status group met him earlier and were charged with giving a message to Kevralyn)

He talks to Kevralyn. They will pass information of chaos tainted individuals to us.

We are attacked by more chaos creatures and Thessessin and then yet another Patriarch makes an appearance, Valdurim this time.

The group splits into two parties with the more experienced group going off to investigate various Drow groups in the area. We fight more Thessessin and then a group of tainted Drow. Only their (untainted) healer is spared, Azel Night-wanderer. After some subtle negotiations (join or die) he joins Kevrayln’s house and returns to base with us.

The Chorian’s “scythe” appears and bolts a number of people before reverting to its actual scythe form whereupon Aruna retrieves it and attempts to safeguard it as the scythe kills anyone who touches it. Later that evening an unfortunate incident occurred involving a pathfinder who is obviously hard of hearing, the scythe and a game called “pass the scythe” which Gutrot invented, much to the Chorian’s amusement. The less said the better. The Chorian obtains various limbs from the group to top up the ones collected previously for his ritual.

Second Day:

The group split into two again, the less experienced going with Anubis to enact his ritual and the high status group went with The Chorian. We defend his ritual area from chaos elementals and a large group of Agothian Hollow. The ritual is a success and the Chorian is restored. We learn that Anubis has also been restored so the mission was a great success.

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