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The Node of Earth - Tir Landward, Preist of the Temple of Earth

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Looking through the mission reports it looks like my one from the Alliance first encounters with the Garamites was never published.

I do have these notes from The Node of Earth.

The following were with the group sent as escort.
Andarta, Snipe, Druid Jack, Nero, Garret, Shaun Gillings, Cynnon McConn, Amon Dan, Druid Tir Landward, Ariel Steelriver, Dretch, Hierophant Weetch

These other valley members were also in the area.
Hierophant Piskey the Pixie, Druid Wirrel, Pathfinder Nudger, Hierophant Arbor Head of the Valley Druids, Acolyte Keelty

Our Brief.
"A group is sought to accompany an aspirant Sorcerer of the Temple of Earth on a special pilgrimage. The mission was co-sponsored by the Temple of Earth and the Druids Sect".

The woman we were to escort was Kandeesh, Wizardess of the Brown School. She informed us that Arbor had sent a Druid ahead to perform a ritual at a Node of Earth, and that she was to be escorted to this node. There we met Julio Baravamundi of the Brown College of the Wizards Concillium along with his Celestial Bureaucracy Guard. He was monitoring the node.

The node led to a place we decided was a Plane of Earth, of the Garamite People. (A place where the inhabitants crumble to dust when they die, and where no spells or invocations were used by the inhabitants except the neutral and evil sphere).

Upon that plane we encountered the following:

Garamites Warriors in silver tabards, some sort of stone form, only affected by magic or blunt attacks. Rothe, Poisonous mobile mushroom, cattle creatures used as a food source, usually with a Handler. Garamites Warriors in Brown tabards with Gem symbol (unknown if colour is relevant), some of which cast the evil or neutral sphere. Brown Elementals without access to any of their spells. Druids of the Kalid Earth Warp, Pulse Sect led by Hierophant Silver-Eyes of the Kalid Earth Warp, Pulse Sect.

The Garamites, were worried about people coming to their plane to steal their things. They were led by a Garamite 'Duc', who had turned an alliance member to stone using Golden Earth from the Node. She used evil invocations and fought in melee combat.

From the notes of Tir Landward, Preist of the Temple of Earth.


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