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The Raging Torrent – by Maggot

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Party members

Giles, Brother John, Delta, Smudge, Garrett, Maggot (me), Caradac, Ezekial, Slag, Obelisk

First Evening

The party assembles at the in outside the towers and various bigwigs start arriving. BJ tells us that Sir Faldor and Lord Velteyn have been poisoned although from a different source than the poison affecting Green Magic currently. We are assigned our guide – Lutomi, a Taranor Seeker and Green Wizard. He is cousin to Isabella, acting head of the Green School (or was that head of the acting school? there was some confusion on that point) who are partly sponsoring the mission. The election for the Primus is about to take place so we need to sort out the problems before that. No pressure then…

We are told that Garamites live in their own demi-plane what is linked to places of power. They was seekin the rod of Yugantir. They grow crystal gardens and the Temple of Earth are gagging to get their hands on some of the crystals.

Njord Forgeson turns up to give Garrett a bit of training by way of a good kicking. He tells us that Sir Termigan had arranged a meeting (at Rednow’s Rest) with Sir Faldor but that a messenger arrived to rearrange the meeting. Soon after Sir Faldor was poisoned. Veltyn was also poisoned.

Morkar the Fitz (primus candidate) turned up to talk about the election, among other things, and lose to me in my first game of Backgammon.  

First Day

Dibbler and Marik turn up. They’ve been investigating the poison and it seems that the poison is from someone’s blood and that there is human blood in the KVA water.

Caradac tells us that Belem de Traverney has been messing with people’s memories. No surprises there then. Caradac also gave us some crystals from his sister that came from the Gilden Hills (where the LoX geomancer we met last mission got corrupted).

Ilithian Greenheart arrives and tells us that the Wizard’s Concillium Green School have sent people into the tainted area around Starfall Lake. We need to go to the Mystic's Footstep way station to investigate. We teleport to the north and travel onwards fighting lizardmen and spirts of cold and evil. We encounter a group of Thisessin who say their spawning pools are dead. Attacked by a group of Sobk lizardmen. Upon arrival at the way station we meet a group of Pordaradrim Gnomes and Laire Tinwe elves. The Gnomes tell us that the Garamites were descended from the Gnomes but were corrupted by the Manitou and interbred with other races. There was mention of some Drow stealing some Garamite crystals. We need to investigate the Garamite cystal gardens so we head off. Esta Heru Raane Artlath gave us a potion to protect us from the air in the Garamite lands. We find a tunnel entrance and proceed along it through various spiritual and magical wards. We fight some dog faced creatures and start feeling the effects of the air so we use the potion. We travel on fighting many groups of Garamites and dog creatures. We retrieve a Wizard’s Concillium body from one group. From another group we get a scroll and an item which seems to be part of a key for a ward. We then fight a group with a black mushroom and two party members are turned into disease zombies but we bash the possessing spirits out of them after I remember encountering this effect before. Bizarrely, a Garamite herald arrives and invites us to the King’s place. At the king’s residence there are a number of slaves including a drow with the eagle claw clan symbol on his chest. After a heavily poisoned meal (the potion is really proving its worth) the herald takes us to meet the Garamite King. Predictably he’s not happy with us being here and it all kicks off. Much carnage ensues. We kill the king but the sneaky little herald who paralysed me and generally gave us a hard time got away. We proceed to the King’s crystal garden and spend quite some time getting through the numerous nasty wards and mushroom defenders. We eventually shatter the crystal tree in the garden then return to the way station.

Second Day

Attacked by a large group of Saldorians and more spirits. A Wizard’s Concillium bloke whose name was something like Poncy Purplehood delivers a scroll to us with a ritual we need to perform to complete the sorting out of the green magic issue. We travel to the ritual spot and along the way fight a group of Saldorians led by Duke Zarn’s cousin. We get to the ritual area, which is a nasty, poisonous swamp, and carry out the ritual while being vigorously attacked by waves of elementals. The last wave totally kicks the snot out of all of us outside the protective circle and we are poisoned by the tainted ground. We manage to complete the ritual and it seems that green magic will begin to recover from now. We teleport back to the valley lands and are assaulted by Lan'Cet and his lizard minions. After a nasty fight we manage to defeat his minions and Lan'Cet left. We walk back towards the valley inn. On the way we meet some valley barbarians who are more annoyed than usual with magic users and a bit of a scuffle happens and we try not to hurt them too badly. Further along our way we meet dome valley goblins who tell us that the Goblin King is dead and we obviously have something to do with it. They attack us and we disable them and talk them round.

Back at the valley inn there is some talk about an ancient poison in sector 7 which we should investigate to try to fix our poisoned lords. A green sorcerer teleports us there. We enter sector 7 and find an area where there are ancient Shendai spirit memories repeatedly acting out a piece of the past to do with the creation of a poison. We influence the outcome of the memory so it changes in our favour and we are able to get the information we need about the poison antidote:

Honourable Harondu to prepare antidote. Must have blood of he who is immune to the effects of poison. Mix with handful of poppy seeds and ground bark of elm. Add to this one part of powdered silver and three parts of charcoal. Heat mixture and then add two drops of sulphur. Antidote can be strengthened appropriately to either cure poison or weakened to keep recipient in need of more.

Third Day

The prisoners in sector 7 seem very ill. A Wizard’s Concillium alchemist prisoner tells us of a Scale in sector 7. We go off to see him as we need to obtain his blood. We trade it for him having control of the gate to sector 7. This is arranged to happen in 6 months time and we get to have access for one week per year with one months notice.

Back at the valley inn it is confirmed that the Goblin King is dead and they are waiting on an antidote before he is resurrected. Rednow Ffuts delivers the two goblins that killed the Goblin King. They claim they did it as a practical joke that went wrong and were given a potion by two “goblins”. We are told there are groups with various Primus candidates in the are that we should visit: Green School, Yellow School, Barbarians, Dark Path and Lizards. After fighting through hordeling groups we meet with “Happy Sacks” the bitter lizardman with a chip on his shoulder who just wants to be heard. After killing more hordelings we find the Yellow Guild representatives who say Veltyn was poisoned after a meeting with the Green School and they are, unsurprisingly, not happy about it. Caradac’s sister arrives and leads us to a tense meeting with Belem de Traverney. Belem tells us that the lizardmen have a mobile poison lab that he’s been trying to track down for ages. He offers to give a gift of information to the Primus in exchange for a pardon for his operatives. He also tells us that Caradac’s father asked Belem to put the mind influence on Caradac and his sister to shield them from harm.

On the way back to the inn we encounter Magellan being attacked by Morgothians and rescued him. Further along we meet some Rangers who are stopping members of Wolfhold due to Faldor’s poisoning. Smudge vouches for me so I can go through. Also fight group of creatures “led” by a strange creature constructed of somewhat random body parts. (turned out to be a poison construct)

Back at the inn, Daedalus Ebonheart tells us that if we get some bits from the construct it will enable him to magically locate the lab which is where they were constructed. A group goes out to get the bits but they were no use by the time we got to them so we all go off in search of more of the things. We retrieve bits from them but on the way back to the inn a very angry Mist Weaver arrives, tells us we’ve been bad and that we’ll be cursed, then him and his minions wade into us. A long and brutal battle ensues but we eventually defeat it. This is obviously going to have serious repercussions. Daedalus confirms that he can use the bits to locate the lab for us.

Fourth Day

(Hmm, my day count is out… ah well.)

We set off to kick the lab over. A quick teleport later we end up in the middle of a group of lizardmen which we defeat. One day someone is going to invent a less dangerous form of teleport…

We continue onwards and Lan'Cet arrives with a large group of lizards, elementals and barbarian types. A massive fight ensues with us desperately trying to avoid the big, red lizard hard man while killing his minions. We eventually get rid of the chaff and begin the lengthy and deadly process of dealing to Lan'Cet. After quite some time of having the snot kicked out of us by him we eventually prevail. We continue onwards to the lab killing more lizardmen on the way. The lab, with the Alchemist inside, is heavily protected by wards and traps and we have to get our way through the defences while the Alchemist is chucking magic at us. Once inside we deal to the Alchemist and disarm the traps etc and perform a general looting. Job done, back to base.

Several of our ranking members leave us to escort various dignitaries to the Primus election. Those of us left carry on with mopping up duties of creatures in the area, battle several groups of them but eventually making it safe.

Isabella turns up after a while to congratulate us and give us the results of the Primus elections with the results being pretty much as we expected. We then get down to the serious business of celebrating.
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