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The Seed of Darkness by Leitha Fay

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Mission Report: Seed Of Darkness. Leitha Fae

Party Members:

Leitha Fae (Me) Sir Kal
Sasha / Fluffy Quicksilver
Constantine Belas Knapp
Lucifer Shard
Gurtrot Obenaliss
Tikat Baron Silas
Nailo Silca
Jannith Brekka
Faseel Abdhul Halal Orme


I arrived to find the others at the halfway house and went inside and prepared for the mission, my first out the tower. ( oh little bit of grammar I'm used to, if you read the word bumped on my reports it means ambushed by the enemy) We left in the Halfway house to the halfway point of Thranduil where we were to spend a night. There were 6 Axian Relics to find and we had to split into two groups. The one went off in search of Drow or some force I know not which, the rest of us stayed on base to protect the house. I stood guard outside with Brekka we waited in the night. It was a bit tedious for a while waiting the tension resounding through out the eerily coo and whooshes of the night forest. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared a troll. Its huge face was a mess of boils and scars. We tried negotiations but had to go to aggressive negotiations we slaughtered the beast in hand to hand combat. We then searched it. It had nothing, and then we took back positions and guarded the place. About twenty minutes later another troll came up and we discussed with him that we had seen his brother pass by, (Ok little white lie.) but then we were attacked and in self defence slew it. But he did mention his brother had been washed in the pool of darkness. We were a wee bit nervous but when two hostiles appeared in shadow we were nervous. We called out and it would keep running away. Then one engaged us in combat and we chased it down into the bushes and defeated it thinking it was a troll. But to our horror it was a drow. We came back to the base and threw the bodies of the trolls over the brambles and waited then two trolls came up the hill and attacked us. Before they did though they informed us of their been controlled by Morgothians. We defeated them in combat and found nothing. We were lucky to stay alive. The party came back a few minutes later. We were happy to see them back. We decided that Fluffy was our spokesperson. We went back into the house. We found out the area was a war zone where Kalid worked with Morgothians and they in turn fought Arnor who are in a civil war with the dukedoms fighting each other for power and kingdoms. Funny how quick they destroy themselves. Then we heard a cry of help. We were told someone was been attacked on the hill. We went to meet the foe in battle. We made a line and advanced in good order, the moon reflecting off our blades. It was a sight of pure magnificence. We went into battle and our weapons went in but they were stronger than anticipated it was a hard fight and we had to withdraw for healing at a few points but went back and kept doing damage till they were dead. The pride and passion of our souls was in uproar as we finished our first night with a drink and socialising. We were visited by the kings Heralds talking of swearing to king. I am very wary as I love freedom and I would defend it with my life and all valley peoples lives to the end, like the minstrel boy. I was also visited by a humacti and was asked how I was dealing with my change in life to which I responded all I want to do is my duty and defeat my enemies and show them how the light will accept balance or destroy the evil. We were visited by an empire ambassador who said he was happy to see us make a productive society. Empire I know not much of them but from what I could gather we are in somewhat a confusing situation with them. I heard talk off Lezin Dor of how he murdered his family because of an argument he had over the king. Heard how the Drow near the portal had gone crazy turning to Chaos. They will be opposed and slaughtered for the glory of the light.


The next morning we were awoken by the call of breakfast soon to arrive and we are on Murandir. A buzz of excitement filled the bedroom and the atmosphere was buzzing with the sound of excitement for the coming mission. We ate a hearty breakfast of excellent tasty rations cooking by the best chef who I ever had the pleasure of meeting. We began to march out to face the foes and complete our mission of finding three pieces of the ritual equipment we needed for Duat. We were met by our first foes 3 orks they attacked us on the flat ground perfect for them to push around on the road we made a push and split them up and killed them one by one. I went off with Tersius and the others in my party. We marched up one hill and over another and met five lost Axions (found out later deserters from the empire.) they wished to return home to Axion and we negotiated to help them but they decided to try and rob us instead. This proved their downfall as we made a line and held tight in shoulder to shoulder closed formation. We beat them down and destroyed them with lots of aggressive pushes forward to destroy them. We stopped and healed up and moved on running into an empire scout off the path who stood around. We spoke to him and asked him about if he had seen any ritual shrines in the area. He told us he'd have to ask his master and he would be back to talk to us. He ran off and we sat and rested for a while taking in the view. I had never been off Orin and it was a completely new terrain to me, the smell of fresh morning dew in the trees, the air was fresh and new and was sweet with lavender in the air. The breeze was beautiful. I sat with my pint of water gulping it down. Quickly a few minutes later the scout returned on his own. He reported his master wanted to meet with us so we went to meet the master of the empire patrol. Tersius negotiated with the master of the imperial patrol I didn't catch the whole conversation with them but I did here the part of the conversation where they reported that those Axions were deserters of there army and they were extremely unhappy. We then were told to stay back up the hill while they went to find us a nice little shrine and told us the scout would report back. We went up the hill and then waited talking about general things. We were on guard all the time until the scout arrived. Tersius took the directions and we marched to get what we needed. We were combat ready we marched up to a short and fat bridge where three orks who were trying to make a troll come from under a bridge, I couldn't see it when I took a look to the right. I then looked at them and tried to negotiate a way of getting past them. I heard someone say lets just kill them and then saw others go forwards I couldn't leave them to fight alone so I moved forwards and fought we pushed them back aggressively fighting them back up the hill until one fell down and was slaughtered by us. We then reformed and pushed up the hill. They bolted from the scene people followed in hot pursuit, one was run down and slain in combat and then one or two of the party went after the other but it got away. We searched them and moved on. We then engaged 3 Agothian/ Axion spirits I couldn't tell who they were. We fought them on a thin bridge and back up a hill destroying them as well. We picked up the artefacts and Tersius tried to find his grove to no avail. We had found the shrine and what we were looking for so we headed back to the halfway house. On the way we were rudely interrupted when we were bumped on the right and we had to fight our way through four Axion spirits who we sent to the afterlife. It wasn't easy but we managed to divide and conquer them. It was a tough fight with our healer Jannith sustaining a big injury sending him to the ground. He was alright though thanking our lucky spheres. We got back to base and sat back and unhooked our equipment. Sat and started lunch, then I heard someone say Tersius had been swept away by some woodland spirit. I quickly hooked up and grabbed my sword and ran to the danger in hope of combat admittedly. He was ok I was told and had gone to talk to the spirit. I was told there were no worries so we went back to lunch. We spent an hour to eat and relax as mages and wizards meditated and regained power. I talked with Constantine, Lucifer about their morning, they reported they had been in contact with the Empire and took a magistrate to decide over a farm and had then been bumped by wild drow. They had also fought goblins with a bug bear and returned to us. The farmer dispute saw one man go back to Orin to his own piece of land and the farmer returned home. When we were ready we left the halfway house full of energy and fury to release at our enemy. We went down a steep hill keeping a look out for enemy forces we did not have to wait long as we were attacked by two trolls who we swiftly defeated in closed formation. We then continued on to find ourselves at the bottom of the hill with two fierce spirits standing in front of us. We looked on in awe as we tried to make peace with them but they attacked. We defeated them and just as we defeated the last one they came back again this time with a spirit who wandered who wanted his name. they attacked us and we defended ourselves. We destroyed them and Tersius received his name and fell down unconscious. Shard was first to his aid and we looked on in horror as he was tended for around half an hour. In the meantime our scout had gone forth to scout out danger nearby. Poor fellow was then trapped by roots. I and Quicksilver went forth to see if he was ok and found out he was trapped by roots. With my strength I pulled him and myself out and Quicksilver gave him the ability to tread the air. We moved back to the party and we finally moved on been then bumped by two water elements. They blocked the bridge so they too were killed. We made a way forth up the next hill to find ourselves under attack by more elementals. We outfought the foe, my comrades fought with such gallantry it couldn't be described. We kept fighting many elementals they kept coming wave after wave and one by one they were slain. Then we reached the grove and gave Tersius cover. Until finally we took casualties the last thing I remember of the engagement was seeing Silca trying to help Iklik to be unstuck and striking a fire element and in return I received one last hit to the back and fell to the ground and had a beautiful dream I saw my brother Louis who told me my time was not yet and I had to return to war and complete my mission. I woke back at the Halfway house dazed with a Humacti in front of me finished a ritual and telling me I was alive and back to serve the Spheres again, I was dazed but ok I watched my colleague revived and asked where our brethren were ready to defend them. But I was told to stay and not do anything rash. The group returned to report they slew those who slew me. But poor Tersius was made into a hyrophant rescued by the party after been killed. He was now in grave danger of death and it was touch and go weather he'd make it. By the grace of the spheres he recovered in a few hours. He had a face with branches coming out and everything. We were attacked at camp again by Wild Drow who we again fought off and slaughtered. These fellows are dangerous. They're blades sharp they're magic dark and they're hatred broad like armour. We then were visited by Sprinkle and Garret, after a deep profound discussion of guessing what Sprinkle was talking about when he talked of been servant of the Goblin King, who after much guessing revealed that the goblin king was hoping to return to his homeland and reclaim his territory on Murandir. He basically said as long as we don't trespass then he wont attack. We waited a while longer before being told of our mission to follow either the dark or light path. I decided to go with the light. I was told many of us would not return. I was extremely nervous at this point. As we marched to the portal I sang the minstrel boy for courage. We were invited to go through the portal first. We entered:

We came through into a world of burnt trees and roads. My gosh it was dark as we marched down a hill I was quietly murmuring the song still till someone told me this is not the time for song. We marched onwards encountering 3 spirits to begin with. They were destroyed we got to the bottom and encountered two more. Then we sneaked past a house quietly and tried not to make any noise as we stayed in line. We got past the house and encountered more spirits they were strong and worthy opponents but we held the line. We got to three more spirits one almost chopped off a party members leg. We held the line until we got to the last one and then we charged oh what glorious pride and passion filled our hearts to charge into war until we found a nice wee hill side that me and Quicksilver pounded over and fell over. We alone faced the last creature that evil beheld. We slaughtered it to the sounds of "HEALER", we managed to climb back to the top and continued after healing our injured members. We pressed on meeting a pathfinder who told us we were near the other party but spirits blocked our path. We reformed the line and marched forth. I had stayed alive. Thank the spheres. We meant the enemy at the top of the hill and engaged in closed formation eventually destroying them. We almost took a wrong path and strayed away from the other team until we heard the loud voice of the other party call us to them. We went up to them and were relieved to find everyone alive. Then we prepared for war, we began marching towards a huge dark shadow in front of us it held the feather of Ma'hut, we went up to it. Gutrot went forth and stood on a platform and grabbed the feather. Standing next to it was the body of High Priest Melieth. I saw her come back to spirit and body and people shouted to her and released the evil. We were surrounded by Agothians and turned to zombies. I was released eventually and found myself surrounded by team mates and Agothians. I struck Nailo and then decided the better part of valour was to get away from the group and try bolting around making hit and run attacks. I made my way to where other group members were and was froze at one point till some one struck me and I was free to bolt down the hill with the others. My armour was heavy but I was going fast enough to be near the bulk of the party. We tried to retreat in good order but panic and routing ensued until the high members of the party managed to ensue courage in our hearts and reform the line. I looked behind us and we were surrounded. We were outnumbered in the rear four of us against the hordes. I thought were in trouble. We fought blow for blow a few times and then they disappeared after there master told us they claimed this realm for their own. We walked back to the halfway house and interestingly the scouts arrived before us. We sat and ate and were visited by the pathfinders and then we received a visit by the Drow who included members of

Delian Venomeyes 17th Assassin of House Tilduring 8th in line to the throne of Ananch Morraninil,
Sibril of house Arduval 1st in line to throne,
Patriarch Of house Drannath Lord of Wolfhold

They attended our hut. I was pulled to the side and warned not to do anything that may arouse suspicions. So I kept my mouth shut and just wrote as quick as possible. They were asking questions about some game to be played as they were playing the black pieces. They spoke for a while and looked at me writing. Then carried on and left. A while later in rushed Nathanial of the wolfhold. He looked awful. He had blood spilling from his throat and he was murdered. He said he had his throat slit when Abdhul went to show him a potion. But when someone went to get Abdhul out of bed and answer for his crime against the KVA. But Abdhul had made a break for it. We went to hunt him down only to find he had been caught by Nathanial had caught not Abdhul but Captain Jack Morgan who was subsequently arrested. We talked about what we should do with him. In the end we kept him alive due to his turncoat of wanting to go back to Wolfhold otherwise he would have been put to the blade. We then all went to bed.


The last day of the mission and we awoke to a breakfast call. We prepared for the day. We went out to start our adventure and fell prey to a party of maybe five to eight Agothians and one of their leaders performing a ritual. We moved to engage them in order but quickly fell out of order when one member got forwards of the ranks and managed to keep the leader busy from his ritual. I engaged with the others and then rushed through their lines to help our comrade with other members of the party when he came under attack. We fought them to the death. After that Constantine, Sasha and someone else touched the trinkets and activated the portal getting hurt in the process they were healed and we prepared for action after spotting chaos tribal creatures on the hill, the non status group moved to engage them with Shard and Tersius and engaged them in battle slaughtering them but taking many wounds. We stood too and waited as we were thought more would come. Our comrades cries of war filling us with a wish to help them, but we knew they may be taking on a Vere for which we were no match. We were then approached by A dark knight martial Drow thing, he challenged us to a single duel but then things went wrong as Constantine moved to duel, the creature cried out, "Move forwards kill them all." At this point we were out matched and out numbered and began making a tactical retreat. I moved rearwards but was heavily engaged taking two hits, healed and then been hit again, so we began full on retreat. When we reached the other party it looked desperate we were outflanked and outmatched. I began to move around and making hit and run attacks on any creature I could, we defeated them by the skin of our teeth. We made our way back into the house and began the journey home. When we arrived back on Orin Rakatha we found we were all alive and we had completed all our missions. If I may say though we were led by strong leaders and it is due to them that we survived and completed our mission This is a Report of our action to the Librarians

Leitha Fae
White Retreat

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