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The Seed of Darkness By Tersius

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The Seed of Darkness

A mission to Murandir and Duat via Thranduil.

Sorcerer Quicksilver
Sir Kal, OSM
High Priest Shard Farsight
Champion Gutrot
High Priest Silas Greenback
Veteran Orme
Priestess Sasha
Abdul Fazir of the Rangers
Obelisk aspirant Fel Knight
Constantine of the Rangers
Leitha Faye aspirant Crusader
Janith of the Blue School
Silka aspirant Dark Seer
Lucius aspirant Hunter
Brennan trainee Warrior
Tiktik trainee Warrior
Brekka trainee Warrior
We were also guided by The Chorien

Primary mission: To journey to Murandir and recover the focus of power named the Feather of Ma'at from the Plane of the Sleepless dead specifically the realm of Duat.
Secondary missions:

  • To ensure our foothold on Thranduil named the ‘Halfway house' is supported by means of diplomacy with the surrounding peoples of Arnor.
  • To investigate the lost Grove of Rollu in the Valley on Murandir; assigned on behalf of the Druid Sect.
  • To begin and facilitate the handover from Empire forces under Senator Patronus to the forces under the banner of Senator-elect Paulandiss.

Addition mission: To recover Sorcerer Melieth Blackbone of the Black School from Duat.


A Diplomatic mission was despatched to a local garrison of the men of Arnor commanded by a Captain Thorn - case was made for mutual support in defending the border occupied by the ‘Halfway house' against the forces of Morgoth that would encroach. We learnt that the men of Arnor are split into Baronies with no overall feudal centre, and that this was far from the front line of hostilities with the forces of Morgoth.
Our case was to be made and future overtures were to be made by appropriate ambassadors. It may be worth noting that from a diplomatic standpoint we would do well not have people from our Dark Brethren Sect on defence duty at the Halfway House due to their close association with Morgoth.

Additional forces encountered:
Morgothian ‘Maw' worshippers; Kalid, Scouring Wind & Hashi'Shan; additional men of Arnor.
While it seems the Witch King is intent on recovering the Maw which is reputed to be the heart of the Messenger (One of the Nine) - Kalid seem to be opposing their forces. As a tower of the Kalid recently aligned with Barad Tirgul (the Blind Sorcerer) and the forces of the Savage Chieftain are also present it seems the forces of Morgoth are by no means unified on Thranduil.
We also met with some men of Arnor opposing the forces led by Captain Thorn - they accused Thorn's men of abducting a lady of theirs named Bluebelle. Sir Kal made a strong case that this may be the work of the Kalid as it follows their style to cause dissent - that we would do our best to investigate this further. Be on the lookout for information regarding said lady of Arnor.

Yanna a woodsman connected with the Deep Woods Elves came to visit us at the Halfway House seeking to learn our intentions with regard to resettling Murandir (where the elves had come from). Reassurances were given that we sought peaceful diplomatic ties with any who shared the lands. They were also inquisitive regarding the ‘Chaos Vortex' which had claimed some of their people and was currently resident within Drow lands. Upon asking whether the Elves were seeking to return to Murandir, it was replied that such a decision would be weighed and made in the fullness of time.

A Myrdraal representative of the Steward of Wolfhold also visited us; part of it's business was to let us know the Steward wished something of his back, Melieth Balckbone.
He had predicted her and her possessor's presence on Duat at the time we were due to be there; we were provided with the instructions and additional means to remove Melieth's possessor and extract her safely.
This included scrolls of Unshackle Spirit and Banish Greater Undead; additional information required were the name, part of the body of the possessor, and the weapon which slew him.


Upon waking we were on Murandir - such is the nature of the Halfway House.

In order to journey to Duat and recover the Feather of Ma'at we needed religious trappings of the people who worshipped Set, people of Axos. As the Empire had decimated the Axions to garrison the lands of the Valley (among other places) we stood a good chance of finding the icons we needed. Our group was again split into two to better address our objectives.

In attempting to discover such Relics we slew some ex-Empire Axion bandits; we later discovered that the remnants of the Empire forces were attempting to relocate these forces to new garrisons. In the spirit of co-operation we agreed to find seven able bodied Axions to replace those we slew and in return we gained the location of an Axion religious site. We recovered the relic after battling spiritual creatures guarding it.
We have four moons from the date of the mission to achieve the handover to Patriarch Patronus' forces.


Mission to find the Grove:

While calling on the Sphere of Nature I was able to convey my need to find the lost Grove; a creature of the wilds was sent to me granting me the knowledge to seek the Grove.
As the Grove was protected by elementals we took the majority of our magical capability to counter the problem, plus most of our trainees.

I must point out that even though a lot of the problems were well beyond the ambit of their training the trainees performed above and beyond any expectations of them.

The Grove itself was a tainted mess of putridity and corruption. I bore the seed from the tree that housed Hierophant Erf's spirit while he stood watch for the Heroes from the Realm of Battle - it's last vestiges of life and power distilled. I knew by training and instinct this was where it had to be planted, by doing so it drew forth the cyst that polluted the place.
It claimed to be the manifestation and the price for neglect of a Grove of Nature's power, it beat us back and I was slain by it.

Awareness of a sort returned to me beneath the grove with corruption searing through me and battle raging above the ground. Despite the soil filling my mouth I could still breathe and I knew no fear. Darkness clouded my mind for some time and I wandered a path of hatred I wish to never tread again; were it not for the essence of the seed that was born of Sacrifice and Nature's life-force sustaining me I believe I would have been consumed.

When I finally came to I was stood outside the Halfway House and ravenously hungry. I knew however that the Grove had been purified, restored.

Additional forces encountered:
Trolls and similar goblinoid creatures, tainted Drow, Axion spirits, local populace either displaced or returning to take up lands again, visitors.
It seems that since the withdrawal of Empire forces there has been a strong Troll increase in population, after killing the weak ones leaving the strong ones in force which is troubling the local populace.

There are Drow tainted by the Chaos Vortex and other Hepath creatures in the area - their incursions were forestalled by Empire forces but with their withdrawal it is up to us to protect the lands. As creatures of Chaos they are drawn to places of Order - thus the Halfway House and Kingsfort will be points of attraction for them.
On our last day a Drow knight and Hepaths was drawn to our forces, which we engaged and destroyed.

As one would expect Axion spirits would be drawn to the relics.
The local populace is without the rule of law, as such we provided judgement and ruling in a local case. Sir Kal can provide additional information.
It seems that the chess game is in play again with people taking sides; one such representative of the black pieces journeyed with the Patriarch of House Dranath: Delian Venomeyes, 17th assassin of house Tilduring (source: Gutrot).
Piece: pawn.

Sorcerer Harlequin was also in attendance.
We also had visits from Garrat, now of Morgoth; Spingle representing the Goblin King and Jack Mprgan of Wolfhold hunters.
There was a representative from the White school whose name I did not catch, but who spoke at length with Sorcerer Quicksilver.




The Paths to Duat:

The ritual to journey to Duat was deciphered from the relics by Janith, Sasha and Silka; well done for their efforts. Requiring a High Priest from each Major Spheres we would have to travel in two groups upon two paths, one of light one of darkness; reflecting our inner selves.

The Chorien was instrumental in our passage to the place we sought, the resting place of the Feather of Ma'at.
Champion Gutrot took the Feather from the statue of Anubis and surprise surprise, forces of Agoth turned up as if by magic. Our spiritual protections were removed and all who were not in some way otherwise protected were transformed into zombies. Additionally the forces of Agoth included a Vere, which was beyond our capability to counter at that time; we withdrew at speed with all of our people returned to Murandir.
The realm of Duat has fallen to the forces of Agoth.


Recovery of Melieth Blackbone:

Particular mention should be made of one Nathaniel Fetchraiser who was instrumental in our recovery of Sorcerer Blackbone. He provided the means to divine the name of the ‘Nameless One', recovered the skull of the being and provided the foresight that a being bearing the weapon that slew said being would arrive. Having obtained all three components we were prepared for the journey to Duat.
Upon Duat we placed the items about Melieth's form binding her and the ‘Nameless One' in place; whose name was once Aurellius. Unshackled and Banished the Spirit fled leaving Melieth in a somewhat confused state - but free to return to Murandir unhindered. Sorcerer Blackbone is now once again resident in Wolfhold.


On our final day upon Murandir we were assailed by a Agothian High Priest accompanied by a Soul-Summoner; his dead ensured the forces of Agoth could manifest with the aim of securing the ritual site to Duat, presumably to summon more forces through.
The Soul-Summoner was dealt with by ranged power.
High Priest Farsight communed at range with the ritual and discerned a means of countering it safely.



It seems that during our mission forty percent of the Necromancers in our Alliance were assassinated. Wolfhold have declared that there are no forces of Agoth within the Alliance.
King Paulandiss will marry Geran sal Beridan of the Dark Path, with her Empire lineage it will potentially solidify diplomatic relations.


Druid of the Valley






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