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Thranduil Death Mission

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"Duke Hanrow (the Kings Advisor) and Lady Mortifera (Necromancers Sect Head) sponsored a group from all three Towers for a mission to Thranduil.

The brief for this group was as follows :-

In Cold Moon of this year a group from the Kern Valley released three bound Aspects of Death (Anubis, a Valkyrie and the Chorien) who in turn were binding the Nazgul Aduphanel, the All Seeing. The releasing of the Death Avatars resulted in Anubis cursing the Kern Valley, causing us to forget our dead because we were not honouring them in the correct manner. This led to a series of missions to seek out lost members of the Kern Valley and record the details of their deeds (details can be found in the Valley News section or from other members of your group). This in turn led to a great boon being given to the Kern Valley. Other groups are continuing to seek our forgotten dead and recording their deeds in order to honour them.

We are now keen to know what happened to the Nazgul Aduphanel, the All Seeing and ascertain what role, if any, he has in the curse laid upon us. It would also be beneficial to find out what implications there may be for the Kern Valley and it's relationship with Barud Tirgul. It appears that the All Seeing had been bound for some thirty years and was previously the Tower leader of the Morgoth Tower. Since being released from his bindings it is believed that the All Seeing returned directly to Thranduil and has not yet been to Barud Tirgul. We are keen to find out what the All Seeing is doing on Thranduil and if he intends to return to Orin Rakatha. We have learned from sources within Thranduil that the All Seeing is due to attend a meeting with the Blind Sorcerer and the Witch King of Angmar. This meeting is due to take place during the evening of Steelday on the 13th day of Hunting Moon. We would desperately like to know what is said at this meeting.

We have contacted our allies among the Men and Elves of Thranduil and they have agreed to aid us. Your group is to use Readers Hut and travel to Thranduil where you will meet some Rangers of Rohan. You are to give them a map of where the meeting is to take place (which we will provide). The Rangers of Rohan have agreed to delay the Blind Sorcerer and his forces so that your group can attend the meeting posing as the Blind Sorcerer. You will need to discuss the details with them. They in turn will give directions to where an Elven Sorcerer is, who will cast a glamour upon your group which will cause you to look like the Blind Sorcerer and his retinue. You should then attend the meeting and report back with your findings.

Needless to say this mission is exceedingly dangerous and therefore a large number of resources has been made available to achieve this mission. It is necessary for several members of your group to be of Evil persuasion in order to assist the glamour and give your group the correct "feel". In addition, to aid the deception it is necessary for the individual posing as the Blind Sorcerer to have a strong sense of Necromancy and unlife about them. For this reason we have summoned forth Erf from the Plane of the Sleepless Dead, who is sufficiently steeped in Necromancy (due to the long amount of time he has spent on the Plane of the Sleepless Dead) and should pose as the Blind Sorcerer.

Another Valley group is on stand by to retrieve your bodies, should it prove necessary.


Listed below are those who answered the call :- Sky - Elven Sorceror (Party Leader) Elan - Grey Gauntlet Priest Erf Ironclaw - Druid Solitaire – Fire Sorcerer Canape - Elven Fire Sorcerer Brother John - Hospitaller High Priest Mountain - Barbarian Humacti High Priest Delta – Master Monk Yana - High Priest of the Dark Seers Slurry - Troll Ranger Luke Montoya - Humacti Priest Mudge - Crusader Wraith - Reaper High Priest Ethan - Pathfinder Jack - Ranger Ezekial Bramble - Necrologist

Our guide was known to me, a trusted agent of Duke Hanrow, one Edward LeVoir. He had served us well in the past.

The mission did not start well. The surly oaf piloting the hut gave us insufficient notice to invoke, in fact I did not have all my kit when we were bundled out of the door and on to Thranduil ...

Where we were attacked by Morgul Wraiths & Uruk'hai. A desperate fight; both Canape and Slurry fell and needed tending, but we were finally victorious. It is assumed that our reception committee had been informed of our visit by contacts in Wolfhold.

We consulted our map and set out to meet our Rohirrim contacts. Out of the bushes swaggered a Myrddraal and Trollocks with a message from Dreadlord Araikas. This Myrddraal was aggressive and attacked the party, which resulted in his swift demise. This had the unexpected benefit, in that we were able to free the spirit of Valley Hero Rotgut, which had been embodied in the Myrddraal's sword. The message warned us that the Morgothians would probably be expecting us, and to ensure that the Seers piloting the hut gave us sufficient notice to enable party members to invoke before arrival at our destination.

After a somewhat hectic journey through the dark woods, during which we were ambushed by Uruk'hai and attacked by woodland Undead we found our Rohirrim contacts. Sky passed them a map showing where the meeting was to take place, and they agreed to delay the Blind Sorcerer as long as possible. Having returned to Yana's hut, we were visited by Lazarus Steel. His news was of 2 promotions, Sky to Commander of the Royal Guard of King Paulandiss, and the right to speak for the King, and the second being Elan's elevation to High Priest.

Once the party had taken a few hour's rest in the hut they set forth to find the Noldor Elves, who were to provide a glamour to disguise the party as the Blind Sorcerer and confederates. Having battled Morgul Wraiths, Uruk'hai, orcs, assorted undead and Morgothians contact was made with the Noldor Elves. They started on the glamour, but informed us that they needed essence of elemental & essence of Morgul Wraith to complete it, and here were two bottles to collect the essences in.

On our return to the hut, Edward suggested that we use scrying to determine the location of the nearest of these entities. Solitaire scried for elementals and I scried for Wraiths.

I see Morgul Wraiths resting in the shade. I feel a kinship that I have never felt before. I wish to visit them, to join them, to understand them better.

Closer now, and closer still. We come upon some form of magical storm blocking our progress. Solitaire is raving about the beauty of the lightning, but my only concern is to get past. Sky initiated the assault, and lightning and whirlwinds flew about with reckless abandon. Eventually the storm was dispersed and we progressed, the elemental essence having been captured in the bottle.

Frustration! Now the way is blocked by Morgothians. However, on hearing that we wish to visit the wraiths, they grin and wave us through.

At this stage the party and Erf in particular, started acting most peculiarly. I was prevented from moving forward and calling to my new friends. Held down by Erf while Brother John muttered and gesticulated, I got a headache then felt somewhat confused. Meanwhile the wraiths had started to stir. Following a brisk fight in which Elan was felled, essence was obtained and the wraiths slain.

Off to find the Noldor Elves, and we were intercepted by a group of Agoth Worshippers. Having rolled over these we reached the Glade of the Noldor, which was empty. Suddenly we were assailed by woodland creatures. As fast as we dropped them, back they came again and again. The same applied to the gnarled druid controlling them. Things were looking increasingly desperate when the Noldor arrived, and sent them on their way. After they had finished the glamour, we returned to the hut and prepared for the meeting.

"We can't beat one Nazgul, let alone three. Don't get drawn into a fight you won't win. We need to be able to get out at a moment's notice. Erf will provide keyword messages, when you hear these, leg it! Keep calm, keep alert, don't fight."

The party leaders briefed us comprehensively on our options. I must admit that I didn't think we had much chance of getting out. Maybe one or two to get back with the information, but the rest of us were dead men walking. Well, just shows how much I know about these things.

We made our way to where the meeting was to take place. As the Blind Sorcerer was responsible for securing the area, this entailed fighting a number of skirmishes, several against Morgothians, and one against Gondorians. Curing was made more difficult as neutral power had to be used as good power would have seriously weakened the Glamour.

At last the Witch King arrived, together with an accompanying Death Knight. There followed an extremely tense period while Erf, posing as the Blind Sorcerer, attempted to discover the Witch King's plans while not giving us away. The results were as follows:-

  1. The Witch King has forces both on Orin Rakatha, under the Blind Sorcerer, and Thranduil under himself and other Nazgul.
  2. He is currently unable to achieve a result in either location, so therefore wishes to use Barud Tirgul to crush the forces of the Savage Chieftain so he can then concentrate all forces on Thranduil.
  3. The Witch King and the Blind Sorcerer were responsible for the binding of the All Seeing and needed to make sure that they were not implicated. They decided to lay the blame on the KVA, so that the All Seeing would perceive the KVA as the prime threat to him on Orin Rakatha.
  4. The Witch King did not want the All Seeing to stay on Thranduil because he was disrupting things and wanted to persuade him to return to Orin Rakatha. However, he did not want the All Seeing to take command of Barud Tirgul.

The All Seeing then arrived and a brief conversation followed, the results were:-

  1. The All Seeing had been in Mordor rallying forces to his banner and had assembled a large host. The Witch King suggested the All Seeing move to Orin Rakatha and try and gain control of one of the recently split Kalid Towers.
  2. He could then use these new forces to crush the Savage Chieftain and then concentrate on Thranduil. If the All Seeing wished, he could also take revenge against the KVA.
  3. Nazgul can only travel to Orin Rakatha if they were correctly summoned. Currently there are only 4 people in Barud Tirgul capable of performing this summoning. One of these people were in the area and would transport the All Seeing back to Orin Rakatha.

Suddenly, there was the sound of others approaching. A voice called out "Sorry, I'm late. I got delayed." In consternation the Witch King turned round to see the real Blind Sorcerer approaching. He turned back just in time to see a couple of figures disappearing into the darkness.

Within a few spell durations, the party had reassembled at Yana's Hut after a frenzied flight through the dark forest. All except Erf. Time passed by.

Two dark figures approached. Sky challenged them. The leading one pointed and Sky fell to the ground.

"Who is next in charge?" asked Charon. Delta responded and suffered the same fate.

I recognised Charon's companion as one of our comrades from previous missions, the fire mage Aruna. Unfortunately I jumped to the wrong conclusion, and shouting at a major aspect of Death is not to be recommended. A skeletal finger pointed, everything went dark. I dimly remember Wraith talking to me and eventually recovered enough to get to my feet.

At this juncture High Priest Elan was obtaining details of 5 Valley members to be brought back from Death. These details were passed to Charon.

Some time later, Erf got back to the hut. He had been pursued for some time by minions of the Witch King, and had contrived to lead them away from the hut, before doubling back.

After a rest we left the hut to intercept the Sorcerer who was going to transport the All Seeing to Orin Rakatha. Unfortunately we had to combat some of the Witch Kings forces and three Champions of the Eight, as well as the sorcerer himself, who used spells of air and storm. We battled Morgothians and undead, but finally managed to slay the principal himself and disrupt some part at least of the Witch King's fell design.

Getting back to the hut we returned to the Valley.

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