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To Look for Onyx

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The party - Brother John, Orcus, Dark, Phaid, Morgan, Tiny, Fern, Rowena, Telstar, Scrope, Brains, Neerak, Quicksilver, Hack, Draal, Sargon, Mordar.

The party had two objectives for this mission, to investigate the circumstances of around the disappearance of Onyx, High Priest of the Micheline Sect, and investigate The Order of the Rose. The party travelled to a remote monastery they knew belonged to The Order, and met with Brother Love and Brother Greed, two philosophers.

Arianas, one of the Unranked Spirits of Hatred, came to the party to talk on behalf of the Cult of Hate. The spirit demanded to know why the Valley had begun hostilities upon them. It went on to say that the Cult had never had an agenda against the Valley, and declared that the Valleys unreasonable actions have forced the Cult into defensive measures. A fight ensued and the spirit left warning that any further interference in their business would bring disastrous consequences for the Valley.

The Order of the Rose returned in force later the same evening and declared that people wearing symbols of the Valley had attacked them. Without further comment they attacked the party, revealing the nature of their order - psionic monks. The party were faring badly when they reasoned that the Cult of Hate must have something to do with it and convinced The Order to cease fighting. After much heated argument The Order agreed to show the party the Valley people who attacked them.

After a short journey the party spotted a group of figures huddled in the darkness arguing venomously amongst themselves. It appeared that the Valley traitor Cultist was there, but two people fled at the first appearance of the Valley. A brutal fight ensued, the two Anti-Paladins Ashgur Raze and Ebony fighting side by side with Onyx. The party fought well and drove the Cultists into retreat.

Returning to the monastery Brother John had a vision from his sphere in which he saw Fearon, sorcerer of the Green School, forcing Onyx to perform a sacrifice, Fearon ended up killing Onyx. He then saw Onyx talking to his father, and his father putting a chain around his neck. The final part of his vision was Onyx brutally murdering a family of helpless peasants.

The next day the party met with Pyloric Sinblade, assassin of the House Tilduring, who told the party about Onyx’s father working with the Hate Cult, and the use of a Soul Trap on Onyx. The Drow also mentioned that Callum Grath, the Halmadonian Cultist, was in possession of the soul trap, and was thus controlling Onyx. The party discussed with the Drow and The Order and decided that they would have to re-capture Onyx’s two spirits and recover his body to effect any cure. The Order gave the party a Witch Bottle with which to capture the spirits in. The Drow then gave directions to a spirit which they knew of. After meeting stiff resistance from Hate Cultists, Drow and Morgothians the party reached the location of the first spirit. The spirit saw the approaching party, capered about, and uttered a holy word. With a look of anguish and a wave of Horror, the spirit divided into six separate entities. A prolonged battle ensued at the end of which the tainted spirit was in the bottle.

Upon returning to the monastery the party met with two Valley members, Fearon sorcerer of the Green School, and Coreen Ballavis sorcerer of the Temple of the Earth. Fearon revealed that it was in fact he that was working as a leader in the Cult of Hate. He told of the Sphere of Hate in the tree, and how it was all the Valleys fault that the current situation has arose by repeated meddling. Fearon and Coreen both emphasised that they do not consider themselves traitors because they have never acted against the Valley. Rather they work with the Cult of Hate because they with their considerable resources actually get things done rather than squabble amongst themselves about rules, regulations and red tape as do the Valley. To prove his loyalty to the Valley, Fearon offered to locate the second spirit, and offered information about the movements of Callum Grath. Soon after this a ranking member of House Tumdurgal arrived and spoke to the party Drow. It was arranged that scouts were put out acting on Fearons information to locate Grath. The party were told that the Circle of Master Seers in Wolfhold are the only ones who can cure Onyx’s affliction.

A Drow scout arrived later to lead the party to where Grath’s group was. The party met with the Halmadonian in an open field. The Cultists were quick to attack. In his group Grath had Onyx, Crialus a Spirit of Hatred, an Earth Elemental, Drow and Uruk-hai. In and heroic battle the party slew the Halmadonian and took from his body the Soul Trap. Unfortunately Crialus made off with Grath’s body. Returning to the monastery with Onyx they found him much changed. He was totally under the control of the user of the Soul Trap. Brother John took possession of the device. Onyx told the party of the Cult of Hate and mentioned that he was told to remove any befriend that was cast upon the Spirits of Hatred. Upon the next day, a group of Bethelim under the control of a Ogre-mage attacked the party in an attempt to recover Onyx and the Soul Trap. In a battle that destroyed both Arianas and Crialus, the party defeated the Bethelim. Unfortunately Morgan lost his life in this battle.

Upon returning to the Towers, it was decided not to hand Onyx over to the Seers for curing, and he is now within the Valley Tower.


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