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Troubled Times – by Kelvin

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First Evening

Sorcerer Causal Riverwind came to advise us of our mission. A magical cloud has settled over Summer Meadow, presumably a manifestation of the North Wind. Showers of elemental nature are issuing from it and two groups are being sent to investigate.

I went with the low status group, led by John Barleycorn, to investigate the area. We were attacked by tree creatures (called Windfallen as it turned out), elementals, undead and goblins/hordelings the latter talking about “The Warlord” who told thm to seek a glorious death. We then encountered two Kalid messengers talking about rituals going on in the area and they were ferrying messages between groups so we neutralised them. Upon return to the waystation we learn that the high status group, led by Sorcerer Rancor, had disrupted a ritual and retrieved a “beacon”.

First day

Attacked by spirits of cold & evil. Bracken arrives and says Veltyn wants us to find an answer to the question “Who are we?”. Sorcerer Riverwind returns and instructs us to find more of these beacons. We set off and run into some towerless talking about their Lord Sandaster. On our travels we fight elemental creatures (summoned from the cloud presumably), various groups of Kalid Earthwarp and more of Sandaster’s men. We recover three beacons in all. Back at the waystation some Wolfholders arrive and announce that Lord Raven has gone to Murandir to reform the Dark Brotherhood. Dreadlord Araikas will now be tower leader of Wolfhold. They require all Wolfholders present to declare their allegiance to Raven or The Dreadlord. Martha Homesworth comes to award Spingle his 50 Gests for the tower renaming competition.

Sorcerer Riverwind tells us that there are five beacons and that the 5th one is actually a person. The objects must be destroyed at the same time. We must slay the 5th becon to release the spirt link. The beacon individual is likely to be powerful and Sorcerer Riverwind can aid us in finding him.

It turns out The Warlord is linked to a remaining Ogre Mage in the area. We need to get what info out of it that we can then slay it. Our group sets forth to find it. We encounter various groups of elementals, hordelings etc. We find the Ogre Mage and it claims to be The Warlord. Bracken tells us this is very unlinkely to be true so we kill it. On the way back we fight more of Sandaster’s men. They are presumably some kind of memory from long ago when Sandaster was around.

Sorcerer Riverwind instructs our group to go to Thranduil to talk to the men of Arnor and, in exchange for us having reinstated their king, get them to concentrate their attacks on the forces of Angmar not those of Mordor so as to draw off the Witch Kings forces on OR. Ezekial is guiding a group to the Plane of the Sleepless Dead and they will try to meet up with us as soon as they can. We go through the halfway house to Thranduil and defeat a group of followers of the Eye who are particularly skilful fighters. Some Uruks turn up who seem well disposed towards the Duergar. The creatures are apparently followers of something called “The Maw” and they agree that they and their group will go and attack some nearby Angmarians while we “agree” to attack the Arnorians. We travel on and find some men of Arnor who take us to their camp. After a lengthy discussion about the issue they agree that as neither of the groups present is in a position to offer binding promises they will pass on the message so that negotiations between the respective powers that be can take place.

On our way back we join up with the group being guided by Ezekial who have some unpleasant lizardman spirit with them. We all head back and fight our way through more of the Eye’s followers. It transpires that the high status group have destroyed the beacons.

Second day

Sorcerer Riverwind comes to tell us that although the ritual was disrupted an elemental deluge is to be expected and soon after waves of elementals start arriving each led by an elemental prince. Many of the high status group have left on other business so those still present fight them off. Finally a group of elementals led by one of each type of prince comes but we defeat them after a mighty battle.
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