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Troubled Times - by Leitha Fae

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14th to 16th of the month of Planting moon of the year 2010

Orders have been rather sketchy since I last saw the king and as such I went on this mission without any idea of our objectives. But here is an account of what happened.

There were two groups when I met the party at the halfway house.  High status group comprised of

Leitha Fae,Lei Fung, Obelisk, Anthrax, Sutnac ,Ceth, Beran, Captain Jack, Spingle

They also brought a crew of mates with them who were new adventurers to the names of

John Pervy Bloody Mary Soloman Black Manis Mancar Bondy

The low status group Comprised of

Drokal Greyspire, Molly, Colin the Brave, Dog hair, Jon Barleycorn

Haron, Hilja, Ivak, Nobby Greyspire, Gomeric Greyspire, Tarquin

Day 1 There’s Trouble Afoot

Orders came from some fella who were sorcerer in both blue and green schools of magic. Wanted us to go Scouting mission ordered towards some sandy place where we came across black elementals morgothains or shrouded eye kalid with elementals and a lot of elementals with kalid defending some annoying woman professing to e defender of earth, she had a beacon told us to go, but well curiosity been what it is we had to stay and got quite a big beating for it. Decided after big fight cause we all had adrenaline pumping and been quite annoyed we slotted her. Took the beacon for reasons to understand later on and returned to half way house for drink and sleep.

Day 2 Cursed enemies defiling forest

Next morning we awoke and had breakfast and sent out patrols when some of the new people first fell asleep, this was surprising so was the boot in the backside we woke them up with. Then all the low status group fell asleep so dutifully woke em up, then we all fell asleep to be awoken rudely by a sharp nasty looking elemental. Beat the snuff out of them after a while. We set off on another recognisance mission. Went over ridge and encounted hordelings twice, easily gave them a pasting. It was pretty damn easy. We then fought a huge force of kalid and elementals in combat on uneven ground. Go into single combat I do with one of the hordelings and we mash it out till he decided to cheat and knocked me back. Then it was war. Went and fought two ogre mages on the hill son of a they were hard to get to and easy to kill. But they mentioned something about mystweavers.

Return to halfway house for lunch. Information regarding leaving of raven from wolf hold is spread out Arakis is now new boss of wolf hold. So any wolf hold person who be wanting to follow Raven go with him, to Murandir or Thuranduil I believe rest left behind with Lord Arakis as commander.

We then find out the other group picked up two more becons and the cloud over us is causing hard elementals called wind foreman from North winds are causing us lot of grief and to stop this our job is collect all of them kill last ogre mage and then some hard sorcerer warlord fella. Whose gathering the hordelings, so we split up one group goes to kill ogre mage and hopefully get information while the others slot the priesty sorcerer warlord ejit who now beginning to annoy me with his foul creatures in the forest.

Marthar of fortunes keep comes and tells us the king is trying to do ritual on chaos vortex, me mother told me messing with nature bad idea. So go off and fight hordelings, then elementals, then the big priest warlord warlock fellow comes out and shows his true colours with a couple a kalid and some elementals, after a lengthy discussion buying us some vital seconds, I effectively told him if he goes away and leaves the forest we’ll give him the beacons as I don’t want my people’s forest harmed. He tells me we have no choice apart from if we give them him he’ll let us live, I tells him well its an interesting proposal but you better get out of the forest for a come over there and kick your backside to hell. So we had ourselves a wee bit of a barney which we won, losing Ceth cause he exploded. Found poor leader Rancor dead. So we patched us all off and made off on our way again.

We run into morgothians. I pointed out my ears and wand them up a bit for kicks after our last meeting. They deliver a message to corsairs and we all go off. No fight. Shame, we then went home after fighting more elementals one beguiling me and making me do star jumps for some insane reason. I don’t think I’ll ever be as embarrassed. We all went back to halfway house and have another fight with more of the wind foreman. We had a beautiful dinner thanks to cooks. Absolute beautiful.

I am then informed we’re going for a nice wee stroll along the planes of the sleepless dead. What a nice place, you’d take a walk in the park there wouldn’t you. The force I am with is comprised of Sutnac Anthrax Obelisk Ezekial Bramble and myself and some fellow from the dark brethren I believe. I am told im boss man and to lead on. Great idea give the kid half wood elf to lead, so we go into the planes of the sleepless dead and I will never forget the awful place, we first face a skeleton a zombie and a ghoul. No problem you’d think part from most the pirates were too entranced with booty so stayed home. We were paralyzed for a while and then gave them a right good pasting. Went on to kill another 2 skeletons and one zombie. We slotted them and then found the fella we were looking for the lizard man who had tried to poison the fortunes keep druids and green school of magic. So we take him with us been nice and all as they had to return him to his body to make some potions of preservation. We then got ourselves out of that awful place while one of the corsairs was hurt.

We meet up with the low status group and start heading halfway house. We face off a morgothian attack where even heavily outnumbered and been attacked from the rear we formed a formidable defence and blew the devils back to their shrouded eye. We withdrew for the night destroyed the beacons much to my mistake I should of listened to my brethren in the white retreat don’t volunteer, you’ll only get hurt and I got blinded. We then drank and went to bed.

Day 3 The impending Storm

Waking from a cold night and finding myself in breakfast with the remainder of the crew of low status party, high status party we ate and were instructed to hold position till we could transport home. So we held too, much to my displeasure as wave after wave of viscous attacks from the wind foreman came back to haunt us. We fought gallantly and special mention should be given to the following Molly for her quick healing, Colin the brave who revived me. The fool who shot me in the back with cause light wounds I felt it, it hurt. Got to have been…. Obelisk and all the team. In the impending storm I found myself killed. I was revived soon after ripped away from the forests. One of the enemy I noted was using a bow to skilled effect almost getting the healer in the back. I began to fight again as they bombarded us time after time. Eventually after what seemed like forever they stopped attacking after another hour patrols came back and they were gone all of them, it was a miracle. A sword, axe and glaive miracle with some guts behind it. We eventually made the teleport home and received treatment for our wounds.

This report is for the use and recording of the Towers Library issued on the 18th day of Planting moon 2010 and is authored by Leitha Fae Veteran Crusader son of Talid and Earwen.

Leitha Fae

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