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Valley-Patrol to Wraiths-Head look for Drakken-Spirit-Despair

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13th Day, 7th Month VR03.

Shaman Walks-with-Spirits learn how scratch paper-words so him do report for: Lord Mian Gravestealer, Guildleader of Necromancer Guild in Wolfhold*

*want thank scribe for putting in Valley-Speak not want give offence using tribe-speak.

As sure Lord-Shaman knows, but Shaman will put in report in case gets published, Galithial Nomass, Shaman-Assistant-Chief of Humact-Tribe wanted small patrol-tribe gathered to go see Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit-Despair.

Those there (in case need speak to them),

Shaman Walks-with-Spirits, Necromancer-tribe

Shaman-Priest Puke-bite-Chicken, Reaper-tribe


Wicca-Wizard Ansell-fire-wine, Red-School-tribe

Shaman-Priest Piski, Druid-tribe

Shaman-Priest Lupus, Gauntlet-tribe

Shaman Tsika, Gauntlet-tribe

Warrior Taigan-five-Moon, Ranger-tribe

Want-be-Scout Run-with-Wolf, Archer-Guild-tribe


Shaman-Assistant-Chief Galithial Nomass, Humacti-Tribe

Shaman Squeaks-like-Mouse, Humacti-Tribe

Shaman-Priest Luke-of-Cold-Hand, Humacti-Tribe

Shaman-Priest Khortaz, Humacti-tribe

Shaman-Priest Kal-horn-head, Michelene-tribe

Warrior Ozriel-crazy-charge, Crusader-tribe


Before mission start Galithial Nomass Shaman wanted body of Malvinious once of Dymwan-tribe that Valley killed many year ago. Body belong to Lord Mian Gravestealer of Wolfhold and him strike deal that him give body up for good of Valley-tribe for payment, body Otion Child-of-Wraith.

Patrol-tribe a gathered at edge of Icarthian Triangle in tavern called Wraiths-Head. It quiet when got there, too quiet.

Next thing know started seeing visions,

First see Shadowsfall-tribe-Adjudicator speaking to Valdemar-tribe-women. Him make her scratch symbol on paper if wanted keep big key. Think key was too tower-camp or maybe waystation-camp not sure, visions hazy and was trying guard at same time as not know it all vision-dream-sleep, thought could get jumped while looking at vision-quest like clever trap.

Later Kalid-tribe big-wig appear in chair. Four Family-tribe-Chiefs from Valdemar-tribe walk in speak with him one at time. First three say would be Kabbiti-tribe (think that mean Slave-tribe or like apprentice-tribe maybe) and join Kalid-tribe in time come. Last from Gawfus-tribe him say not swear join Kalid then was told him and him-tribe never be True-Kalid-Tribe.

Couple vision happen that think show Otion Child-of-Wraith, in one him talking to other Dymwan-tribe man saying him go look for father while other one promise do task for Child-of-Wraith, in another him telling Drakken-not-yet-ancestor that Drakken not worth one finger of whole hand on Malvinious-Shaman-Priest. Again Shaman guarding for him not learn write ‘til got back tower took lesson.

Crazy-Flame-Wizard appear talking two people that not walk in vision quest. Him not trust one in front but maybe like one next Crazy-Flame-Wizard. Him talk lot about Ritual-Ashes and Light-Foot-Flame who Wicca-Chief at time of Fire-School. Seemed like one in front trying get information from him but Crazy-Flame-Wizard seemed bit odd ‘bout him.

While try work out what all meant group of elves from Pax-Silvani-tribe appear and give Patrol-tribe good kicking. Them Chief say one word and Shaman went sleep, thought to visit ancestor but it all a dream.

Shaman Walks-with-Spirits woke up after bit of sleep where something tried keep ancestors away, think it echoes of word Chief said, bad sleep lonely in darkness, Shaman not been lonely for long time. Turn out that Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass had asked for visions be sent, could have told Patrol-tribe, so get ready and pay attention instead stand guard . . . . but sure him know best, him important Valley Chief.

Turn out Patrol-tribe meant break three thing binding Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit, love one, was be fixed by getting symbol of love between Anya-scout-lady and Malvinious-Shaman-Priest. Run-with-Wolf suggested etchings but Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass say no . . .. but sure him know best, him important Valley Chief. Get symbol of love patrol-tribe had go place where Ancestor-spirits-dwell as Malvinous-Shaman-Priest had walks Orin-Land as Ancestor-Spirit-Fetch for Lord Mian, and done good job at it too.

So patrol-tribe gather in circle and off went, Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass come with but him stand at back did bit of removing paralysis later but not much more.

Appear on Place-where-Ancestors-dwell and were attacked by some Ancestors, some of Patrol-tribe must have offended them somehow. Still they put back sleep quick enough and we carried out, this happen couple of times till got to place where Malvinious-Soul walked.

Malvinious-Soul pretty important as him served Realm-Chief-Bloodlord, big Ancestor Spirit great power. Blood-Chief have servant-spirits that quite hard, when hurt touched rock and all better. Humact-tribe-Shamans got fed up and Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass tried trade with Blood-Chief but her not interested. Then she spotted Shaman-Walks-with-Spirits and told him him have potential and that him should come up speak her. Shaman went forward as Patrol-tribe needed Malvinious-Soul, him told grab stone and hold on, Shaman felt great pain, almost too much bear, him cry out to ancestors but them no help much, finally Shaman collapse, all went black and ancestors whispered to him once more.

Shaman woke up back at Wraiths-head, him have wound on face that not be cured but otherwise him not bad, not sure if blessed or cursed by Blood-Chief but at least make connection. Turn out Shaman did well and Malvinious-Soul came back with Shaman (in fact carried Shaman). Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass took body into back to restore life to Malvinious-Shaman-Priest.

When morning come Malvinous-Shaman-Priest came with Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass speak with us, Anya-Scout-Lady there too. Turn out that Anya-Scout-Lady and Malvinious-Shaman-Priest join Wolfhold-tribe, that good. Them talk of Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit and how him desire Anya, they go with Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass and make token-two-rose that would use in ritual break first tie. After what seem like hours Patrol-tribe ready move off where Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit chained up.

First thing meet was group Ancestor-Spirits, one was Spirit of Spite that Shaman Walks-with-Spirits capture with necklace form Puke-bites-Chicken. Other Ancestor-Spirits easy get rid of.

Further on had big fight with some of Saldorean-Tribe, quite tough but good touch-of-death Power-Hammer combo from Shaman-Priest-Puke and Shaman Walks-with-Spirits sorted leader while them Healer-Shaman look helpless.

After big fight had bit of sit down and cure. When moved on met Ancestor-Spirit who could take minds of living and order about. Him try take Shaman first but got hold back by big Half-Orc so Ancestor released Shaman. Shaman Walks-with-Spirits then went on bit of trip and Banished three of four Ancestor-spirit-Skeleton with Ancestor-Spirit-Controller, not sure what Humacti-tribe doing at time, they supposed by good fighting Ancestor-Spirits and these doing lot damage for little Ancestors, better put sleep before anyone get hurt.

Later met Husky-Voice-Drow and Patrol-tribe from Kalid-Shadow-Lord-tribe. Valley-Patrol rolled over them in good style, everyone work together behind solid shield-wall, except Ozriel-crazy-charge who as usual was chasing off by self.

Had sit down at this point as most Healer-shamans out of power needed rest. While half group meditated few who left had deal with many Ancestor-Spirits-Spite, Shaman did best could Banished many but got bit keen taken over by Rage-like-Bull and passed out, while him soul walk in place where ancestors dwell felt bit strange, Shaman never want use more power than Ancestors give him ever again. Once all Healer-Shaman recover it time move on Walks-with-Spirits and Lupus-Shaman-Priest not allowed med as not have time.

Patrol-tribe then moved further down path and found chained to floor Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit and large group Ancestor-Spirits including Drool and Spirits-Spite. Long battle with these went on while Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass did ritual to break love tie. When few Ancestor-Spirits put back sleep Drakken-Ancestor-Spirit scream and they wake up and also those near him took nasty effects like evil power getting worse from centre then stopping ‘bout seven people down line. Drakken-Spirit do this couple of time, last one Shaman lost touch with Ancestors and fell into sleep.

Woke up bit later find all group but Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass on floor, no power or weak. Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass manage finish ritual with no guard which seemed make good kicking rest of Patrol-tribe took bit waste of time . . .. but sure him know best, him important Valley Chief.

Once first tie broken Patrol-tribe talked to Drakken-Spirit, he refuse say what last tie as his “loyal to Otion Wraithschild”. So Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass said must break that binding before looking for last. Make sense.

With that Patrol-tribe went back to Wraiths-head for cold drink and sit in sun. As Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass was expecting some guest come speak him. Some Wizard-tribe-Librarian-scholar arrive who used live in Azard-camp but now not. Him expert in Waystation-camp and wanted study key to Wraiths-head. Him chat bit then go home.

Lots of Pax-Silvani-tribe came and Walks-with-Spirit and Puke-bit-Chicken had hide or them would kill us so say Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass . . .. and sure him know best, him important Valley Chief. Managed listen to bit of talk but not much. Them tell tale of Pax-Silvani-tribe. Chief died leaving three-chiefs-sons. Two twins and younger brother. Twins go off one by one (not sure if had guttering candle could not ask) get lost. Younger one study lot and learn summon Hepath-creatures. Him bind some in Rod. Younger one declared Chief but one of Twin come back say “me older me Chief”, look like Tribe going split apart ‘cause can’t have two Chiefs. So elders say “better have Duel see who be Chief”. Younger one uses Rod-Hepath-home which kill brother dead, for good, no coming back. Him upset by this, and upset that Hepath and hepth-tribe-braves freed and running about killing Pax-Silvnai-tribe. After many dead Younger manages trap Hepath in Rod again and dies (think). Now not many Pax-Silvani-tribe left and them need help Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass about some of tribe think maybe them Ancestor-Spirits, could not here as nosey-Silvani came banging upstairs during good bit and Shaman could not hear.

Pax-Silvani left so Shaman and Shaman-Priest-Puke could come out have drink. Patrol-tribe (meaning Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass) said had go Shadow-node then Maeglor find Otion Child-Of-Wraith kill him (as plan) break bond and leave. Him not want bring body back but that plan anyway. But have wait ‘til dark for Shadow-node open so sat had drink.

Reader-tribe arrive next and do some trade, take key and leave. Patrol-tribe took ‘nother few hour get ready go till very dark. Went from Wraiths-Head and found really dark place. Shaman Walks-with-Spirits read bit of paper Malvinious-Shaman-Priest give him and Black-Dour-Sentinal arrive show us way. First time got chucked through Shadow by drow on path, then second try find drow and fight. It hard fight, little no magic patrol-tribe have and lots weakness suffer, in end won but everyone badly hurt and Run-with-Wolf and Luke dead. Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass said no time Resurrect them so had bring them along. Stepped out of Shadow into slightly less Shadow and met ‘nother drow. Him say him guide and that patrol-tribe on Maeglor. Say need find place hide or shadow turn all into Black-elf, which not sound good. Nearest place called Hold-of-Ix where Otion Child-of-Wraith was.

Before have chance talk bout plan Patrol-tribe bump into Otion-Child-of-Wraith, still have two body with us but Shaman ask Shaman-Priest Puke go invoke. One of Humact-tribe discern and Otion not have ancestor Spirit in him but have many rank seven Shadow-Wraith with him, so plan was Touch of Death Otion and run back, humacti-tribe could have held off Shadow-wraith. . . but. . Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass him talk to Otion-Child-of-Wraith (with Kal chipping in agree) him agree all sorts thing already reported basically Valley Tribe not go Maeglor three years or him hunt down Patrol-tribe and two times number fingers statusless per person, we have kill Drow-Foe-Shredder and destroy Dour-dark-Sentinel. Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass him agree so rest of Patrol-tribe agree to. . .. but sure him know best, him important Valley Chief and sure if Wolfhold-tribe chief said him agree Shaman would follow lead too. So we pick up dead (still not resurrected) and leave Otion Child-od-Wriath for now. Oh forgot mention got tabard to break second tie on Drakken-Spirit.

At exit we give name to guide, that important there for some reason. Him lead us out calling on “Valinor” guide us home.

End up back at Wraiths-head everyone tired so go bed.

In morning couple of drow turn up either side of better-dressed-drow. She say she One-Who-Shreds-Foes, and thanks Patrol-tribe for killing Shadow-lord-drow-tribe who held her captive on Shadow-node. Before could get too chatty and end up letting her go too Run-with-Wolf let loose and start fight. Not last long as only three, so gave good mugging, looted body (always check pouch for spider), and Shaman went Med.

After Med and big skin from Ansell-Wicca we set off go break second tie. Drakken-Spirit have bigger Ancestor-Spirits with him this time, Banshee, Drhast and Warrior-Zombies. Patrol-tribe give it good fight, Drakken-Spirit not able raise him ancestors with scream but it still hurt. Tsika sadly killed by Banshee as him not have protection from the five Humacti-Shaman with us. Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass do ritual break second tie and Drakken-Spirits chain come up from ground and him start walking, as walk away have chat and him talk about family-tribe and how him despair about. Someone mention Taranor-Ritual-Ancestor and think could use get Drakken-Ancestor back. If Drakken-Spirit now looking in tombs as reported by Seeker think maybe him family dead and lost on Place where Ancestors Dwell.

Other funny think about Wraiths-head was big ward on wall being looked at by Lady-who-Watches from Halmaddon-tribe. It have lots power in middle and lots mana in eight points round middle with little mana spells binding in place. Taigan-five-moon wanted dispel little spell but everyone kept stop him, probably good thing. No-one really spoke ‘bout what behind it lots talk but Lady-who-Watches said sometimes better not know what watch or else will want play with it. . . so think she not know either. If anyone near Wraiths-head find ward not there keep eye out for ten tentacled gribbly-beast.

Otion Child-of-Wraith apparently son of Lord-Cardonaris-Avatar who also called Caranium-Doom-Wraith or something. Would like hear more tales of this, sound like bad thing for Valley, Otion Child-of-Wraith should be sorted out and body given Lord Mian as per deal made by Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass,

Lord-Shaman Mian offer –

“Malvinious has proved to be a most able servant and therefore the loss of this fetch would require compensation. I would like to have a body in return - preferably the body of Otion Wraithchild.”

Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass him say

“If Lord Mian is a man of his word and provides the body of Malvineous to the Hospital I propose that one of our first tasks is to bring him back to life - to this end I have arranged to have his body transported to the Wraith's Head Waystation.”

Think if want accept word of Lord-Shaman Mian should accept all, body Malvinious-Shaman-Priest supply now should get payment. Also many of Patrol-tribe hear Shaman-Assistant-Chief Nomass say Lord-Shaman Mian would get body.

Hope can read Shaman just learned write.


Necromancer-Shaman of Wolfhold

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