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A History of King Michel and his People

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I Quillin Berriadot of Rol-Farintar squire of Sir Leon have prepared this text at my Lord's behest and for my own instruction, in the ways of our order, as a record of the life and times of Saint Michel, lest we forget the inspiration and dedication that we all own to his cause. - Transcribed by Sir Zilvan Taranthson, Knight of King Michel.

To The Kingdoms

Long years ago in that age that is now called the time of legends, there was a green and fertile land which was itself one of many lands that together were called Murandir.

Over all of Murandir ruled a High King, Blaise D'Avendure, but his realm was wide and divided into a number of smaller kingdoms and dukedoms. The Kings and Dukes were each members of the King's Imperial Order of knights, presided over by the High King. Each kingdom too had its own order of knights presided over by their king or duke.

Of all the kingdoms and dukedoms of that time records remain to us of just five;

Mas-Prime ruled by King Anton Mas-Moridore

Sullan-Thraine ruled by King Oriadar Sullan-Thoe

Rol-Farintar ruled by King Michel Rol-Dantigh

Marl-Dingus ruled by Duke Shalitia

Shol-Rhingus ruled by Duke Barreme Desought.

On Murandir when kingdoms failed, and a royal line ended with no heir, a dukedom replaced a kingdom. Only the High King could Elevate a person to the status of a king, should he do desire, and those who expanded their domain, and who were seen to wield significant power in their own right. could be elevated to a kingship. But a duke was never truly revered as a king unless they were acknowledged by the favour of the spheres. Then the people would swear fealty to the new king, and receive the favour of the spheres in return. For it was said:

"When the king has the favour of the spheres then those that have the favour of the king have the favour of the spheres also"

Many disagreements arose between neighbouring kingdoms, often resulting in conflict, and sometimes even wars. Such disagreements were regularly settled by honour combat between champions of the relevant Kingdoms or by tournaments, presided over by the High King.

To the coming of Chaos

However, High King Blaise D'Avendure came to the throne at an early age, and was unable to command the necessary respect from a number of the Imperial knights to enforce the traditional methods of settling disputes.

Therefore over a number of years, a war arose between the kingdoms, primarily between King Anton of Mas-Prime and his allies and Duke Barreme of Shol-Rhingus and his allies initiated by a border dispute.

This war became so great that it created a Chaos Vortex through which the armies of Chaos poured. High King Blaise D'Avendure along with many advisors fled overseas from the Chaos armies, which were also assaulting other planes. The Imperial Order banded together with several other knightly orders from these planes to offer a coordinated resistance to the continuing incursions of Chaos.

To The Farintar

The kingdom of Rol-Farintar was a wide realm with many fertile places and ancient forests. At the heart of the kingdom was a great river valley where the King and his Royal Fellowship dwelt in peace and prosperity. The Royal Fellowship comprised his four great councillors and many other countrymen who had grown to prominence in the realm and who enacted the kings commands. The four great councillors were learned scholars of great age, longevity and wisdom, who, like the king, bore the venerated title Rol. Their names were:

Rol-Sireth, High Priest of Good.

Rol-Aucus, High Priest of Balance.

Rol-Ugir, High Priest of Nature.

Rol-Soran, High Priest of Time.

Of the countrymen many names have been lost, but the following are known to have battled against chaos at the side of the king

Duke Beldaine II, Imperial knight and vassal of King Michel

Duke Hanrow, Imperial Knight and vassal of King Michel

Lord Algrin, Squire of the King

Lord Pellanorth, Squire of the King

Lord Sebastian, Squire of the King

Lord Aldane Brightblade, Squire of the King

Helios the Luminary, Sorcerer of Light

Wilfred Waveheart, Sorcerer of Water

William Waveheart, Sorcerer of Water

Tyam, Sorcerer of Air

Aeriandor, Sorcerer of Steel

Berrick the swift, Master Scout

Taraman, Master Scout

Telmaranion Gold, Master Scout

Sir Viringol De Gris, High Priest of Law

Yethris, High Priest of Law


Parrion of Chorran

Under the rule of King Michel Rol-Dantigh, Rol-Farintar was a land of law and harmony. Many races lived side by side without strife, and all that were not tainted by chaos were welcome in the land.

To The Forbidding Wall

As the Chaos storm raged King Michel Rol-Dantigh saw himself against it becoming the foremost champion of Law in those dark and terrible days. Working together Rol-Sireth and Rol-Soran created invocation that protected the king and his countrymen from the taint of Chaos. Furthermore, Rol-Sireth crafted a barrier, named the Forbidding Wall, that prevented creatures tainted by chaos from entering a chosen part of Michel's kingdom. This area became a sanctuary of law, cantered upon an ancient temple: A tall, white tower in the northern province of Rol-Farintar, known as the Chorran Forest. However the Forbidding Wall could only be maintained by the continuous casting of numerous priests and high priests, working together day and night. Therefore Rol-Soran did a great and noble thing, sacrificing his life to the Forbidding Wall so that the protections might be made permanent, and the priests of Rol-Farintar freed to do battle with the forces of Chaos.

To The Death of the King

Whilst the forbidding wall protected a number of King Michel Rol-Dantighs people, many others were suffering in the Chaos Wars that continues to rage beyond the great barrier. The chief scouts amongst the countrymen brought news of a terrible Hepath of Chaos, the captain of the forces that had overwhelmed the kingdom. However to slay such a creature would only return it to the Abyss, from where it could then return to Rol-Farintar, through the Chaos Vortex that has not yet abated. At the king's command, therefore, Rol-Sireth and Rol-Ugir crafted a gem that would imptoson the Hepath. Then King Michel Rol-Dantigh, his countrymen and the White Wizard Rol-Sireth, taking no heed of their own lives, left the safety of the Forbidding Wall and quested to imprison the Hepath. After a mighty struggle Michel achieved his quest, but near all of his countrymen perished, and he was himself struck down and fatally wounded by the Hepath. The few remaining Kings countrymen carried Michel from the field, but at the point of death he did not end as a mortal man dies, but fell first into a deep slumber from which he could not be roused, and then slowly faded away before the very eyes of those who stood in Vigil around him. Thus was it was seen that Michel was no longer a man but had become a saint in the eyes of the sphere, and had been taken as an everlasting avatar into the celestial realm.

To Rol-Sireth

Rol Sireth returned to the safety of the forbidding wall, bearing with him the gem that contained the vanquished Hepath. But the few countrymen that had survived the great battle did not return, and as to the whole Royal Fellowship only three of the great councillors remained. Now that the king was dead and the Hepath defeated, Rol-Sireth resolved to further strengthen and seal the Forbidding Wall, so that it became an impenetrable barrier to all.

To The Fading Times

With the King and countrymen dead or scattered, the people of Rol-Dantigh dwindled in numbers and knowledge, and became the people as we are today. We are safe within the Forbidding Wall, but also isolated from all other things. Now the centre of the world is the village, and the village is in the valley, and all else is beyond the Wall and Chaos. Much of the old times and old ways are forgotten, and so it has continued for many centuries. Rol-Aucus preaches a time of balance and a more simple existence for the people. He is now the leader of the village, whilst Rol-Ugir dwells in the deepest parts of the forest. Rol-Sireth took up residence within the Temple of Law, now called the White Tower, where he has dedicated himself to Law and maintaining the barrier against Chaos. But unlike the other great councillors he did not forget the king and waited until the time would come when Michel's deeds and memory would be fully honoured once again.

To the Reawakening

Many years later, and perhaps a little less than two centuries ago, the memory of Saint Michel woke again in our people. It was Galdran who rediscovered the life and teachings of Saint Michel, for he was the founder of our order and was inspired by the celestial spheres themselves. Soon the word began to spread amongst the people that a great task lay ahead, and many flocked to his call. Seeing that the time had come Rol-Sireth left the White Tower to make Galdran the first knight of Saint Michel, dedicated to follow the principals by which our ancient king had both lived and died: A struggle to uphold Law against Chaos and of course to banish Evil from the Realm. Seeing the strength and purpose of the new order, Rol-Sireth gave into our hands the gem containing the Hepath imprisoned by Saint Michel and Sir Galdran determined that he and his closest followers would guard the gem for one year each in turn.

To The First Micheliner Council

One hundred years ago the first council of the Knights of Saint Michel was formed, known as the Micheliner Council. At this time there were but four knights of Saint Michel but many warriors and goodly priests as well as those who followed Humakt. Some years later the White Seers were also established, but they were strange and aloof and would not join the council. The knights of those days did greet deeds in identifying those within our people with darkness and chaos in their hearts, who would do our people great harm as they festered within like an unlanced carbuncle. Such as these were driven from the village into the wilderness. The ancient language of Murandir was re-discovered, and once again spoken in our order, as the memory of Saint Michel grew apace in the hearts of those who followed his principals and his cause

To The Forging of The Sword

Over several generations the order grew and prospered. Strengthened by the teachings of Rol-Sireth and the blessings of the Spheres twenty years ago the number of knights had grown greatly, and only the six strongest were granted a seat upon the Micheliner Council. At this time the gem that held the great Hepath was set into the pommel of a sword, and each of the six kept it for a year in turn.

To The First Fellowship

Fifteen years ago the order and it's allies had reached new strengths, and so it was decided that the fellowship of nine would be formed. This comprised the White Wizard Rol-Sireth, the Blue Sorcerer Orlon Tenquil, The North-East Seer Celethon-Tar and the six knights of the Micheliner Council

Sir Nidon, Sir Melanor, Sir Leon, Sir Amlar, Sir Vanderloss, Sir Palanthir.

At this time the threat first became known, for within the wilderness of the land an evil force was growing; The Dark Brotherhood threatened to destroy the village and overwhelm all with their corruption.

To The Testing Times

Over the most recent years we have faced a time of strife and hardship. Firstly Sir Melanor was slain and replaced by Sir Pelinor. Then Sir Amlar fell into discord with the White Wizard and left our order to be replaced by Sir Kelro. Next, and just five years past, the White Seers suddenly disappeared without warning from Murandir, and Celethon-Tor was replaced by Sir Manton.

To The Gems Corruption

Just twelve short months ago we finally became aware of the Hepath's last legacy, when Sir Pelinor in a noble and courageous attempt to prevent the gem from corrupting other members of the order, purposefully kept it from his fellow knights, and was in turn destroyed by the Chaos that still lurks within that jewel.

Cranium Doomwraith took the gem from Sir Pelinor, and gifted it to the Anti-Paladin. Our revered lord Sir Pelinor descended into darkness and was finally laid to rest by the strength and faith of the new High Priest Cringe. Sir Pelinor's place upon the fellowship was taken by Sir Clavados, and we are strengthened by his leadership and wisdom. As for the gem and the Hepath they are lost and their fate unknown.

To The Order Today

Today the order of Saint Michel is emerging from the darkness to a new birth and a new strength. We stand ready to defend the village and innocents from the threat of the brotherhood, and to uphold the memory and tenets of our ancient saintly Lord. Michel is an inspiration to all and we revere his name.


Not one year since my history was completed, and all has gone awry. Four surviving countrymen of Saint Michel are suddenly among us, somehow preserved within the Forbidding Wall. But they are not along in this and many others are appearing within our sheltered land, some to aid the village but many falling prey to the brotherhood whose strength grows daily. And as our enemy is preparing to strike the great knights are unmanned, debating day and knight what is to be done. All in the memory of Michel. I fear that if the brotherhood assails us now we will offer little strength to the village, and little even for our own protection.

The conflict is over and the council of the defeated. But the cost has been great, and the White Wizard Rol-Sireth lies dead. To my shock we did not fight in the battle at the village stockade, and did little to defeat the common foes. Nevertheless by the strength of Rol-Aucus, the brothers Steel and others who stood beside them the brotherhood is vanquished for a time. I fear that they shall rise to trouble us again. The Forbidding Wall has collapsed and all is confusing both within and without. Sir Palanthir has been permanently slain by the brotherhood Baron and his barbarian allies in a cowardly attack. Sir Palanthir was a noble knight, and will be greatly missed.

The fellowship is to be reformed, it seems, but my lord will not be a part of this and we are leaving with Sir Manton. For myself I will not forget the power and inspiration of Saint Michel. The new fellowship is to have 12 members and will be composed as follows;

The new White Wizard, Cringe, Lord Sebastian, Duke Hanrow, Helios the Luminary, Taraman, Sir Vanderloss, Sir Kelro, Sir Clavados, Sir Nidon, Orlon Tenquil, Lord Creyn, Galnin

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