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A Storm on the Horizon - Dymwan Letter 2

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Priest Geraud,

We have used the cantos to compel the herald.  This has allowed us to locate the shrine.

It is in ruins but stands still atop a nearby wooded hill.

Our investigations suggest that it is also possibly one of the points.

The herald has played his part and may yet prove useful later, but we can proceed regardless.

We have prepared a rite to awaken the blood oracle from his slumber and ensure he succumbs to the condition that our past endeavours have inflicted upon the other Hierarchs we have awakened.

The rite must be performed at the shrine in the hour before midnight.

We will secure the area once the dark of the night is fully upon us.

You will remain at our camp with a token force to ensure we have somewhere to rest once we are done.

Do not fail us.


Archaeologist Durwent

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