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Chancellor letter - Otion Wraithchild

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From the Dymwan Wars, extracts from a report by seeker no 15 assigned to the Gilden Hills, who found a letter to the Dymwan Chancellor authored by Otion Wraithchild.




...the Wraiths were still there when I returned later. One had a sword, another wore a ring and a third had a bone necklace. I again gained entry to the ruin by climbing through the trees. This time the campfires were absent and the Chancellor had gone.

There were a couple of sleeping Dymwan whose throats I opened without alerting the Wraiths. Digging through the ashes I was able to retrieve fragments of some reports the Chancellor had been reading.

Without stopping to read them I stuffed them in my pouch and began the long dangerous climb out of the ruins... when I had enough light to read by I searched through the reports. The largest fragment read:




......Blood-Drinker. He has the Skull Rod and after visiting a Druid in Dragur has managed to fix it. I followed him to Maeglor as you asked....

....a shame for such a unique item to.....

.....heading to Starfall Lake to meet with Xulhakuar, I shall follow and continue to report until I receive orders to the contrary.




Otion Wraithchild




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