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Erelan Black to Rex Mundi - Cardinaris downfall

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Rex Mundi

It pleases me that your spirit has returned to us and that you have rejoined our ranks.  As is fitting of one of your stature the information you passed to us in relation to the movement of the Aldonar totems was invaluable and allowed Stealth Nighthawk and his team to recover the items returning them to their rightful master.

Now that you have left Fortunes Keep you can once again serve your true master and assist in the retribution and downfall of the Great Betrayer.

You are to travel to the area identified near the Ikarthian Triangle with a small force taking with you the totems and the notes of Otion Wraithchild supplied by Mian Gravestealer.  It has been confirmed by our brethren from Dark Pass that they will also be present for when Cardinaris arrives and will aid you and Mian in your task.

Set up your mirror ritual and time it for the completion on All Hallows Eve with each totem linked to the corresponding Dymwan point, it should focus the Plane of Shadows and allow you to summon forth the Darkness.

To enact your barrier once Cardinaris steps through he will become imprisoned within this area unable to roam and spread this malign influence.  Here he will remain at least for a few days giving Mian and our Dark Pass brethren the opportunity to strike at him and banish Cardinaris as planned.

Unfortunately you will also become trapped and should be careful not to become further embroiled in assaults against Cardinaris; I have other plans for you.

Let no one interfere and beware the shadowing of our Concillium brothers.

Erelan Black
The One True King

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