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Saldorian Information on the Forgotten

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After numerous incursions into our lands by the Forgotten it was decided by Pradot Mar to send troops to intercept these raids on our sovereignty and also scouting parties to seek out the whereabouts of the Forgotten Nation.
Below are the reports gathered and my own conclusion as to where we currently stand and action that we can take which I believe will be successful.
It has been commanded that this information be disseminated to all Virconium units being deployed to the borders. The forgotten must be stopped from penetrating the borders and reaching the temples at all costs.
The Path is Long,

Master Thurlode Lur
Brotherhood of Strength and Steel

Summary on the History of the Saldorian Enclaves contact with the nation known as the Forgotten

Harvest Moon -The Cataclysm
The Court of a Thousand Swords has fallen and rumours Calex Wraithspawn now holds power over its people.

Cold Moon PC1 -North West of the Saldorian Enclave. 
Report by Jainia Bur, Virconium Wizard.

A force of just over twenty humanoids wearing the colours of the former Court of a Thousand Swords and bearing black marks under their eyes were identified by patrols on the North West edge of our proclaimed land.
Our scouts returned and I was quick to mobilise nearly twenty men, being well supplied from a nearby camp.
After intercepting these humanoids battle immediately broke out, however our numbers added no obvious advantage as we struggled to keep pace healing our injured in the face of significant Evil Sphere wounding enhanced blows. Indeed our most skilled warriors who were able to kill some of these men were astonished to see spirits rise up from the fallen bodies and attack with continued ferocity and baneful damage.
With too many unknowns to contend with I ordered a retreat. I alone remained within a suitable distance to ascertain the enemies direction.
After one more night in our lands the enemy turned towards the west and left into the Summer Meadows.
I lost seventeen men and I believe I reduced the enemies number by eight. However it is with shame and disbelief that I must report that three of my fallen appear to have been turned in some way by this foe and have deserted and joined with them.

Wind Moon PC1
Reader arriving from East Waite and also the Dai-fah-Dyne from Halfway House Waystation have reported that the people known as The Forgotten are roaming the Southwest of Orin Rakatha and attacking whoever they encounter, somehow possessing the weak or those that have fallen in battle and are near death.

Fools Moon PC1
Pradot Mar himself attended the Time of Reckoning and witnessed the presence of Calex Wraithspawn and a Large delegation wearing the now defunct colours of The Court of a Thousand Swords.
Calex announced his group and declared themselves The Forgotten. Furthermore he revealed The Forgottens intention to be recognised as a Nation. He announced that the Forgotten nation will be ruled not by himself but by the Black Queen, who was also in their group and would formally attend the Time of Reckoning.
No formal introduction or diplomacy took place between The Nation of Saldor and Calex Wraithspawn.

Planting Moon PC1 -South of Bremmin Plain
The Halls of Asgard people have told us of their troubles with the Forgotten and more importantly the location of the Forgotten nation land.
They have fought many groups of Forgotten towards the West but have difficulty defeating larger groups specifically when a Quell is present. It impedes the use of power around itself and also had the ability to stop the Halls of Asgard calling upon their spiritual totems.
We are travelling immediately to confirm the Forgottens location.

Planting Moon PC1 -Mount Grimm
After setting off from Ritons Reward Waystation we have moved directly West to reach the northern edge of what is reportedly the Forgotten Nation.
We have so far not encountered any ill effects or in fact any Forgotten. Although there is a strange feeling we are being followed.

Planting Moon PC1 -Coast to the North of the Fair Isles
There was still no sign of any Forgotten so we decided to turn back. Almost immediately we changed direction we were assailed by over forty Forgotten. There appeared some possessed with marks we had not seen before. The fight did not go well and only the three of us survived. Forced to leave our Virconium charges behind we were pushed back towards the coast.
Master Wurdun Oll proved to be invaluable against a Forgotten possessing spirit that had cursed us all during the battle. We were unable to heal the baneful wounds that were inflicted upon us unless we removed the curse first. Master Vormeek Nef was close to death but he refused to die in these lands for fear his spirit would be truly lost.

Green Growing Moon - PC1 -Temple of Quiet Rebirth 
Revered monks from the temple have reported information revealed by Martak Deadjabba, the Shaman of a group of goblins now taking the path to truth.
His group had been attacked by The Forgotten some months ago. During the fight he was able to recognise the spirits within the host bodies, he squeezed one spirit out of its host cos I wanted to find out why it was hiding in there, and was extremely confused subsequently why the man sitting down blinking in front of him with fighting all around had no idea where the deadhead had gone.
�After and extremely lengthy explanation it was ascertained he used the unshackle spirit invocation on the Forgotten and that banished the spirit. After the spirit left, the host was dazed, frightened and confused.

High Sun PC1 
When seeking rest at the Desolations Edge Waystation our scouting party met a party of people calling themselves the Vagrants of Dionaite. This small group of people appear chaotic and frivolous but after initial difficult interaction they have spoken of a large force of Forgotten led by a malevolent Crypt Fiend encamped within the Dragur Marsh.
On our return journey to Saldor, we utilised the trading routes and upon them met a travelling Kalid group. They spoke openly that Forgotten attacks to the west of Valley were being directed by the Crypt Fiend and the Voices of the Mystics were doing nothing. What the Kalid were doing on this area I have no idea.


The Forgotten generally come in two forms, possessed mortals (formally members of the Court of a Thousand Swords, but can be others), or actual Spirits.
Possessed mortals still maintain a semblance of their former selves, how much depends on the strength of the person being possessed. It appears a few of the stronger humans have willingly entered into a bargain with the Spirit and allow themselves to be used in return for power and perceived influence; they appear as normal humans who can talk and negotiate as before and have full access to their previous skills. The majority of possessed mortals however are just husks of their former selves, do not have access to the majority of their former skills including casting ability and do nothing but attack and follow the will of their masters. All possessed humans have black marks under their eyes.
The Spirits of the Forgotten are generally incorporeal and are rarely seen outside of their host however reported sightings of spirits without hosts would suggest the more unique spirits can sustain themselves. 
When encountered the possessed Forgotten will fight until slain, at which point the incorporeal spirit will take full control of the host and need to be slain as well. Therefore Forgotten will fall over initially once the host is slain and arise about thirty seconds later as a Spirit. 
In order to remove the possession of the Spirit an Unshackle Spirit must be cast on the possessed person. If this happens the possessed person will return to their former selves. They are dazed, frightened and confused. They generally will not remember much or be able to offer much information or intelligence and will normally only remember the emotions of darkness, madness and despair. They will be happy to leave the fight and try to make their way as a Nomad although some may be welcome on the Path if it can be proven that their souls are free of any lingering taint.
Most disturbing for me is the fact they seem to not just possess the weaker but also they seem to actively seek out those near death and possess those that would normally be able to resist. It is unknown what they may be able to do to those awaiting rebirth but we must never allow ourselves to find out.
Listed below are all of the creature types so far encountered and used by the Forgotten. We have seen a mix of these types with the most senior spirit in charge.

Possessing Spirits
Lesser Spirits seem to be the majority of the Forgottens number. The possessed Forgotten cause critical (and sometimes mortal) wounds on top of the damage they inflict with their weapon and can be defeated by normal damage, but once the spirit forms it is only effected by power. The spirit then inflicts damage on its enemy using bane attack.

This is the possession mark of the most often encountered Forgotten

This is a possessing spirit that impedes the ability to access power and has been used during large Forgotten assaults. It has only been encountered rarely. It may be destroyed by the application of spiritual weapons or invocations.

Quell possession mark

Any damage dealt by a Damnations attack once it has cursed you does not heal naturally and resists all healing (potions, scrolls and so on). Before the damage can be healed its curse must first be broken by a relevant remove curse invocation. This creature appears to be damaged by any means in either of its forms

Damnation possession mark
Crypt Fiend

Crypt Fiends are malevolent spirits who are created from the remains of the dead. Archived material describes they seek to turn all of the living to their will. They appear to be trusted lieutenants of the Forgotten and are the active recruiters. One was present with Calex Wraithspawn at the Time of Reckoning. It seems they do not possess mortals and always appear as themselves, accompanied by a number of guards.
One such being has been reportedly sighted camped in the Dragur Marsh directing attacks against the Valley. It has a reputation of extreme brutality

Unknown possession marks
These marks have been reported but no further information is known

All valley information provided below italicised.

Wraith  Power draining creature, also capable of freezing with fear.


Ghoul Causes pain and paralysis.

Spectre Cold magic creature, multiple cone of colds, freezing and cryostatis.

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