Saldorian Path of Truth Iron Star Letters

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Honoured N’Sago Ryusonama,
I can only assume that Daniel has fallen and that the Iron Star as we knew it is over.  I am packing my remaining articles and along with that chattel which remains under my control, principally through the use of the collars provided by Aljoran Wraithmind, moving the final camp within the Lower Waite.
With Ko’Su’Gara slain along with most of his retinue I suggest we attempt to meet there and pool our resources in a new brotherhood and either attempt to leave this plane behind or find a new home to insinuate ourselves into.  Perhaps the Kalid?

I shall remain in the camp for two moons before I take the remainder of my band, shed our colours and bury the most incriminating items so we can return to them later.

The Star will rise again,


Sale made in Snow Moon by,

N’Sago Ryusonama,

I the undersigned agree that the following commodities are purchased in good faith and the understanding that no recompense may be sought for problems arising in either health or behaviour in the future.
Two Elven druids (Sisters) of little skill or training.  Both most lovely.
A Half Orc warrior of great strength if little finesse.
Human Wizard of advanced age but showing aptitude for Water magic.
Three human children (two girls, one boy).  All virgins of the same parentage.

Agreed and Signed,

Enchanter Lurixinades

 For whosoever may find this,

It appears Ulrik could not keep his meddling companions in order and now I am forced to flee my comfortable life within Barad Tirgul.  While Govik may be bullish in this plan to re-establish the Iron Star in secret within the heart of another Tower I find it unlikely that such a motley crew as we have remaining here at this time will be welcomed into another Tower. 
Should any Brothers of the Iron Star find this the stone within this cache can be used to reach me through the use of the Whispering Wind spell.  Govik is too eager to be on his way and will not wait despite none of the Celestial Bureaucracy arriving and few from the Dymwan so I trust that the messages to them have arrived and this missive will eventually be found.
The Manacles contained in this chest, for they are a little conspicuous for such ‘interplanar travellers’ as we will soon be to be carrying, may prove useful in re-establishing the trade once we are settled.  

While only a prototype it should prove more than sufficient to restrain the most truculent of cattle.  After rendering the intended subject unconscious place the restraints upon them.  This should be followed by the following invocations; Beguilement of ritual rank, an Interrogation and a Cause Pain.  When the final invocation is complete the subject should be incapable of removing them of their own free will.  More importantly however the subject will be unable to resist answering any question posed to them truthfully.  I believe the installation of a number of these in a secure holding facility will be invaluable in rebuilding our intelligence network for the growth of the organisation.


Priest, Wizard, Dispossessed.
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