Song of the Towers

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In the Forest of Green Heart

The Laire Tinwe live free

Their treasure is knowledge

And always will be

The Fortress of Pentar

Vengeance they seek

Of the darkest of arts

The knowledge they seek

The Labyrinth of Xenos

A unified mind

And they claim ownership

Of all that they find

In the strong Kalid Nation

The fittest survive

With the strength of their arms

In battle they thrive

The Enclave of Saldor

In truth unified

Their belief in themselves

Is the source of their pride

The Halls of Sutekh

With their outdated style

With their keen mind and cunning

They’ll survive every trial

The Wizards’ Concillium

With their arcane arts

They manipulate magic

In all its eight parts

The power-hungry Dymwan

Seek knowledge, it’s said

They plunder the tombs

For the secrets of the dead

The Dai Fah Dyne seek a profit

Their purses to fill

One hand out in friendship

And one with the bill

The wealth of the Reader

Invested in Gests

Personal power

To the one who deals best

The House of the Weaver

Web shrouded it stands

Secrecy and loyalty

Two feet and six hands

Celestial Bureaucracy

Live in good health

Their focus of mind

Brings knowledge, power and wealth

The Heights of Halmadon

They’re good and they’re pure

They’ll gather their men

And they’ll crusade for law

Lizard people, Thissessin

Hear their ancestors’ call

They ways of tradition

Are held above all


Druids tending the land

Caring and sharing

Nuts and berries in hand

With Knowledge and power

The Shadowsfall now are one

Once guided by Mystics

Now beholden to none

The Valley Alliance

Determined they stand

Diverse and united

Exploring the land

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