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Wraithchild letter - Mortifeara

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Their names are as thus

Draal LolthsPawn – Drow Priest of Lolth, of House Tumdurgal of Wolfhold.

Nerak Soulblade – Drow Warrior of House Tumdurgal of Wolfhold.

Araikas – Human Priest of Ushaz of the Ambassadors of Wolfhold, High Prince of the Eternal Flame, Patriarch of House Ashkarevon (Leader of the group).

Scrope – Mistweaver of Wolfhold, Black Sorcerer.

Felix the Bold, Elven Blue Sorcerer of the White Retreat.

Giles, Elven Hero of the Valley, of The Valley Tower (co-leader with Ariakis).

Quicksilver (II), Elven White Wizard of the White Retreat.

Sargon, Human Brown Sorcerer of the Valley Tower.

Melkeron, Human High Priest of the White Path of the White Retreat.

Brains, Half-Orc High Priest of the Grey Gauntlet of the Valley Tower.

Mordar, Human Priest of Humakt of the Valley Tower.

Tarquin (Hack) Human Michelin Warrior of the White Retreat.

Barf, Half Orc Warrior of the Rangers of the Valley Tower.

This is from their archive of records, most of these are now out of circulation. Interestingly Araikas is now Steward of the Wolfhold and my superior. I feel that this now clears our old debt and consider our business now done.


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