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Guildleaders of the Kern Valley

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Kern Valley King Paullandiss
White Retreat Sir Clavados
Fortune's Keep
Wolfhold Lord Raven

The White Retreat

Ruling Council: 'The Royal Fellowship'

The Royal Fellowship

Sir Clavados Steward of White Retreat, Micheliners Sect Head (OSM)
Lord Sebastian Marshall of the Order of Saint Michel (OSM)
Sir Vanderloss Crusaders Guildleader (OSM)
Sir Loren De Hal Former Humacti Guildleader
Sir Volminor Assistant Guildleader of the Hospital (OSM)
Dunstan White Path Sect Head
Orlon Tenquil Blue School of Magic Guildleader
Lightfoot Flame Red School of Magic Guildleader
Taraman Seekers Guildleader
Reoff Kyrandor White School Assistant Guildleader
Rachek Drummond Assistant Guildleader of the Crusaders

Non-council Guildleaders

Helios the Luminary White School of Magic Guildleader (OSM)
Gelithian Nommass Humacti Sect Head


Bartomas of Crudath Assistant Head White Path Sect
Sir Arren Hardwicke Adjutant to Lord Sebastion (OSM)
Sir Thorlec Guardian of the Armoury (OSM)
Cerestan Thorne Assistant Guildleader of the Crusaders
Sir Leonidas Assistant Head Micheliner Sect (OSM)
Werdna D'Nall Assistant Guildleader Blue School (OSM)
Galnin Assistant Guildleader of the Seekers Guild
Sir Gilrain Hardwicke Assistant Guildleader Red School (OSM)

Fortune's Keep

Ruling Council: 'The Primus'

The Primus (Senior Council)

Lord Veltyn Head of the Yellow Guild
Sir Faldor Steel Marshall of the Order of Knights Martial
Mathias Cooper
Head of the Grey Path
Rednow Ffuts
Merchants Guildleader
Isabella Guildleader of the Green School of Magic
Lord Creyn Hospitalers Sect Head (White Retreat liaison)
Dark Path Assistant Sect Head (Wolfhold liaison)

Rest of the Congress

Lazarus Steel Pathfinders Guildleader
Avalon Grey Gauntlet Sect Head
Benson Sure Assistant Sect Head Grey Wardens
Tarn Gurrack Temple of Earth Magic Guildleader
Grandmaster Ushiro Monastery Grand Master (Order of the Middle Way)
Martha Holmworth Head of Domestic Affairs
Carras Lark Farmers Guildleader

Non-council Guildleaders

Gilliard Greyarm Grey School of Magic Guildleader
Njord Forgeson Rangers Guildleader & Armoury Head
Galadrin Grey Wardens Sect Head
Arbor Druid Sect Head
Gorlan Barbarians Guildleader
Thorn Oakenshaft Archers Guildleader


Derlin Assistant Head Grey Path Sect
Hallen Longstride Rangers Assistant Guildleader
Tierson Assistant Head of the Yellow Guild
Kettler von Harzon Assistant Head of the Yellow Guild
Lord Snargle Bartybarge Goblin Kings Assistant
Selena Assistant Guildleader of Pathfinders
Ringwood Stark Assistant Head Grey Gauntlet Sect
Ilithan Greenheart Assistant Druid Sect Head
Tav Cashback Valley Merchants Assistant Guildleader
Mertran Assistant Guildleader Temple of Earth
Master Kuasowa Assistant to Ushiro
Giles Assistant Guildleader Grey School of Magic


Ruling Council: 'The Council of Lords'

Lord Raven Tower Leader
Dreadlord Araikas Steward of Woldhold, Head of the Dark Path Sect
Bael Iron Guard Guildleader
Dalvain Spellsword Patriarch of House Tumdurgul
Anonymous Patriarch of House Drannath
Eremor Shaderiver Guildleader Black School of Magic
Sir Termigan Marshal of the Order of Fell Knights of Ushaz
The Commander
Dark Brethren Sect Head
Dominion Reapers Sect Head
Attalus Assassins Guild Leader
Carrion Guildleader Wolfhold Scouts
Snarlow Dark Seers Sect Head
Vetzlar Master Alchemist
T'an Yreth Issa Belloch Redoth Eymeric Dean of Grey College, Wizard's Concillium


Malrin Thornblade Assistant Guildleader Black School of Magic
Darkheart Assistant Controller Dark Camp Ambassadors
Number 3 Assistant Sect Head of the Seers
The Hand
Assistant Sect Head Reapers Sect
BoShek Assistant Head of the Brethren
Bullripper Iron Guard Champion (& Assistant Leader )
Thoran Adjutant of the Fell Knights of Ushaz
Atalante Darkstar Assistant Guildleader Wolfhold Scouts
Jihad Reim-Kennar Assistant Guildleader Wolfhold Scouts
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