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Quality Control

Heroquest is one of the few professional clubs that employ permanent staff to ensure the smooth running of each event. We pride ourselves on quality control and have thousands of different costumes, masks and props. We use a number of quality sites that have some excellent support (kitchen/washroom) facilities. One of our strengths is our detailed campaign which spans over 24 years and provides consistency to each event.


We are a fun and inclusive club that actively encourages new players, and allows for everybody to get stuck in regardless of LARP experience or ability. Our events are structured to ensure that people regardless of rank and ability can equally contribute and take part in every event.

High Combat

We use a high combat system, rather than a low-hit system. This enables LARP combat to last longer and be more enjoyable; and has proven to be one of the highlights of the club and differences from other systems. Our characters can have some truly epic battles. This style of combat also benefits those people who perhaps are not as skillful with weapons as others and would normally fare badly during LARP combat in a low-hit system.

High Fantasy

Heroquest larp events are set in a high fantasy world. We use our own detailed magic and power (spiritual/faith) system which has a wide variety of spells and invocations. This provides plenty of options for each character and ensures that everybody can be unique in some way. There is also a wide array of skills available for all characters to use, enabling you to create the ideal character to suit your playing style.

Overland Adventures

Unlike most other clubs, Heroquest adventures involve overland adventures (4 – 8 hours, covering short distances) as part of each event. We ensure that there is always plenty for your character to do, and do not leave players alone at base camp to occupy themselves.


We do not allow a Player versus Player (PVP) system, instead we encourage teamwork and a united party against a dedicated monster crew. We also have smaller groups of adventurers (8 – 16) to enable everybody to be able to take part in an event.


Players get to have a real impact on the course of future events by their actions.


The main strength of Heroquest is its longevity; because we've been running for over 20 years continuously we have built up tens of thousands of pounds-worth of costumes, props, masks, weapons, armour, scrolls, potions, etc. We've also had twenty years to take on feedback from our players to continuously improve the system so that people want to carry on coming.

Heroquest has over 20 experienced Referees, all of whom have unique styles and cover varying themes and types of role-playing to cater for every type of role-player. The variety of refs means that adventures are always full of new ideas.

Every event is set in the same campaign that started back in 1986, so players can easily interact with everyone they meet: ally and enemy alike.

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