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Mission Reports

booksListed here are all the in character larping write-ups and reports that have been submitted to Valley Archives. To read any of the reports just click on one of the links below to expand and contract the yearly listings.

If you wish to send in any larping reports for publication, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

There will be an in character reward of 20 gests for each larping mission article submitted.

Even if a report has been written by another larp character please still feel free to send in your own report as well as not every character sees things from the same perspective and other players can benefit from the information you put into your report on their future larp events.


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201 The Free Towers Pact Meeting Feb 2009
202 Further Travels with the Dymwan Feb 2009
203 Children of the Brood Mission Feb 2009
204 Players in a Game Feb 2009
205 The Penultimate Seal Feb 2009
206 The Free Towers Pact Feb 2009
207 The Chosen Mission to Thranduil Feb 2009
208 Let’s hear it for the YMCA Feb 2009
209 All Hallows Eve Feb 2009
210 Against The Cult of Hate Feb 2009
211 A Long Walk Feb 2009
212 A Coward’s Journal: Part One Feb 2009
213 To Find A Grey Magic Node Feb 2009
214 All Hallows Eve - 4th Week of Leaf Fall Moon Feb 2009
215 Dimwan lay down the Law (Celebration Theme Feb 1997) Feb 2009
216 Buried Beneath – By Thralk Feb 2009
217 Beginners Luck Feb 2009
218 A walk in the woods Feb 2009
219 The Vanguard Report received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
220 A Traitor's End Report received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
221 Mystery of the Tangled Web Inn Report received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
222 Summer Meadows Report Received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
223 Events at the Slave Fair Vanguard Report from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
224 Hunting for Wolves Report received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
225 All Hallows Report received from Squire Arithis Feb 2009
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